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i love motocross. i have a suzuki dirt bike. i absolutly love it! =] oh im also a cheerleader. people think its wierd that im a cheerleader who is into motocross. wrestling is like my fav. sport to watch and john cena is like the best wrestler EVER! i love raw!
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im going to be a freshman next year. actually school starts in about two weeks but whatever. and im going to a new school and theres a ton of people at my school.
and in middle school i had 2 boyfriends and a lot of friends.
and next year im going to the high school my middle school feeds into so its not like im moving anywhere.
but im worried since im going to a huge school with so many people that im not gonna get a boyfriend or i might loose my friends right now.
am i worrying too much? (link)
I was a freshman last year...i am going to be a sophmore so i know what your feeling. I didnt think that I would get a boyfriend or that many friends, but i was wrong. I had a boyfriend my freshman year, and we are still together. You will definetly make new friends. I lost many friends while switching from middle school to high school but i also made tons of new friends. So dont worry about it. Everything will work out

ok so me and my boyfriend have been goin out for almost 7 months...but until he went out with me he just messed with tons of girls...and when i say messed i mean like did everything but hit home....and all of these girls go to my school and he is SUCH a flirt and i cant stand it...and most of the girls dont like me because i go out with him now so they flaunt their shit right in front of him..and im already a jealous person to begin with so it doesnt exactly help. and i know he is still friends with some of these girls and he hangs out with them and other friends on weekends and i wonder what they do..anyways i talked to him about it and its been ok but i think once school starts again it will start up i dont know what to do? (link)
This guy seems like a scum bag. You shouldn't be with a guy who would do that to you. He is not worth it. You deserve a guy that would be very devoted to you and wouldn't "mess" around with other girls.

I am sixteen years old and I am competing in my first Miss Teen Delaware pageant. I believe I will do well because I'm very mature for my age, and I'm polite, sweet, outgoing, etc. However, I'm kind of nervous. If anyone has ANY advice for me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
Or if you or someone you know is competing in the Miss Teen Delaware pageant, let me know =]

Thanks! (link)

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