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well, the girlfriend and i were havin sex last night...i came in the condom i was wearing, then pulled out....but she kept things goin till i got erect again about 15 minutes later...still wearing that same condom with the cum in it, we started having sex again...the condom then broke a few minutes later...i pulled out as soon as i noticed...but im worried that the cum already in the condom could still possibly get her pregnant?? really appreciate an answer. Thanks ppl.

first off, she totally has a chance of getting pregnant. HOWEVER, I'll be hopeful. It depends on where the condom broke. Did the semen literally spill out? or was it just a slit in the side. Also, they say that sperm dies when it reaches air, blah blah blah, so there's that SMALL chance, but when sperm is in a warm moist place, aka the vagina, it's the perfect place to be. not good. and lastly, it depends on her cycle. ask her if she was ovulating, or if she was just a couple days after her period. the chances of getting pregnant are higher when ovulating. what does your girlfriend think of all this? get back to me please!


Hey, ok well ok im 14, and i recently lost my virginity a few days ago. I didnt use a condom, and im scared. Do you think i could be pregnant? But we probably only had sex for a minute. Please help im wooooried!!

It really depends on your cycle. If you were during or a few days after your period you most likely wont get pregnant. But if you are ovulating, the chances are significantly higher. Also, sperm can live inside of you for up to 5 days, searching for an egg.


i just had sex for the first time last night, and now i have a clear, odorless, jelly-like discharge comming out. is this normal?

Yes it is very normal and healthy. It's acutally "female cum" in a way.


is it possible to be addicted to once a day. 7 times a week.

It's not addicting until it gets in the way of your school work and social life. If you pick masturbating over plans you had that day, you have a problem. However, it is completely healthy to masturbate everday!



so last night before getting into the shower I look and my left breast has what looks to be stretch marks almost all over it [exaggeration]. My right one is perfectly normal.
I thought it was growing or something?
Is it normal?

It's pretty much normal for the left breast to be larger than the right. Stretch marks appear ANYWHERE because whatever is growing too fast for the skin to stretch. It's normal, and I have them too. So do my friends. Don't worry!


can you get pregnet from cum? im not sure! please help and ill rate high if its atleast half decent!

yes, cum contains the sperm which makes you conceive when it comes in contact with a female egg. You only get pregnant when it comes in contact with your vagina, NOT by swallowing. If you are going to have sex, use a condom.


Is it abnormal that i am extremly turned on by watching a guy jerk off? It's gotten to the point where i constantly encourage my boyfriend to jack off just so i can ask him about it? anyone else share this same interest?

I know for a fact that it turns a lot of girls on. A lot of times, girls are interested and curious about jerking off, like it feels and stuff. Nothing is wrong with you at all. It's normal to be curious and turned on.


there was this time that my boyfriend masturbated and semen did came of.. then he wiped his hands with his handkerchief.. then he fingered me.. do you think i could get pregnant with what happened? even if he wiped off the semen on his hands after masturbating? i need advice badly..

Sperm dies about 30 seconds after it hits air. The reason why we get pregnant during intercourse is that when the male cums, he SHOOTS the sperm all the way up. Now, if there even was any alive sperm on his hand which I doubt, it will just be lingering on the outside of your vagina, most likely.


this is probably not under the right catagory, but latley like this clear stuff has been comming out of me and it makes my underwear went and sometimes is so much it feels like i peed my pants.i am 13/f and have been on my period for like 2 years.i am scared to tell you kno what it is?

No don't worry! Every girl has it. It's just discharge of dead cells. If it's clear that means it's healty. If it's yellow and smells bad, then you have an infection. Don't worry!


...What do people think about a teenage pregnancy? Is it bad i mean If a person thinks they are lonley an are scared to be alone while their boyfriend leaves for awhile for the military..would it be okay to have a baby?

It's nice that you want to have a baby for him but I think you should wait until you are positive that you two will spend the rest of your lives together and get married. You need to have your own house, car, and a lot of extra money to support the baby for clothes, diapers, insurance, doctors appointments, etc. Basically you need to have your own house and not live in your parents basement in order to do it right. He also has to support the baby and YOU mostly as well. I personally don't think anything is wrong with teen pregnancy cause they did it back in the 1940's and everything worked out fine. Nowadays it's hard and almost impossible to raise one on your own. I think you guys should get married, so that way you can have 2 incomes going toward a house and baby.


well me and my boyfriend had sex and that night i was bleeding really bad and it wouldnt stop. i had to tell my dad i had my period because the blood got all in my sheets. is that normal because i dont think it is because it didnt happen to any of my friends. what happened. why did that happen?

You just ruptured your hymen which causes it to bleed a little, but if it's gushing and oozing blood constantly and gets everywhere, then that's a little too much. Apply pressure to the area to make the bleeding stop and make sure you wash it thoroughly to avoid infection, because once you get an infection you'll have to go to the doctor and explain! :( be careful, just make sure you stop the bleeding. And yes it is normal.


Hey all, i have a few quesions... So, me and my boyfriend want to have sex. Hes 15, and i am 14, and please, dont say we are too young. I am a gymnast and have gymnastics every wednesday. We are going to use a condom and even doing gymnastics, could I still get pregnant? I do every event plus conditioning. Is it possible? I am getting the condom. I dont want a box, just one or two. Where can i buy them and do you have to be a certain age? Where could I hide them so my mom would not fine them? Any help is GREATLY appreciated... has a video showing how to put on a condom. Look at that, it's very helpful. You can get them at a gas station or planned parenthood, but it would be nice if your boyfriend went out and bought the condoms, but if not, hey thats cool too. I hide my personal things in a diary that has a lock on it, haha so yeah condoms would fit in there. You can still get pregnant no matter what you do, but they say highly active women have a different cycle but don't count on it. take ncblondie's advice... she's very helpful!


My fiancee wants to have sex, and the bad thing is, IM SCARED OF SEX. I am almost positive my hymen is intact, because I don't masturbate, im a virgin,and I detest tampons. Any suggestions?? And since I know were getting married in August, don't tell me to wait, because he's talking about sex on our wedding night, and since I've already told him Im scared, he still wants it, wich I don't blame him, were both virgins, we both dont have diseases of any kind, and after all, IT IS OUR WEDDING NIGHT, so its not furnication (since were both Christians) so please help me, because I'm scared of the blood and the pain. Btw, is it true that when you pee after sex it hurts? My mother said it hurts the first couple times you have sex, and that you bleed, and it hurts, and it burns when you pee for weeks. Is any of this true? Plz help me.

Not all women feel pain during their first time, but most women also masturbate with object or use tampons. Alot of times, when a man knows his partner is a virgin, he'll penetrate her using his fingers. It loosens you up so it doesn't hurt as bad as the penis. You most likely won't BLEED, it could just stretch and not tear. You could use an object to stick up there a few times a week so youre not as tight during your first experience. Good luck and God bless!


ok so i have a boyfriend and i honestly cant see myself having sex with him, i like get weirded out, but like other guys too. See i have a type of guy i go for and i like, then like i cant ever see my self doing anything with them. But some bad crazy wild guy, i can see my self enjoying it? what the heck is wrong with me? will i get over it? I've never done anything besides making out with a guy, so i have this feeling im just nervous for when my first time comes.

anyone have any clue?

Haha yeah. I see what you mean. Some guys you can picture yourself in bed with and others its like...ehhh. I guess it's kind of good that you think of these things because you NEED to be 110% comfortable with the person you lose your virginity to. If you dont feel that way around your boyfriend it might not be a good idea to have sex with him. But its normal to have those thoughts about random guys. Im sure all of us girls think about it in same way or another.


K. i'm 13 yeah yeah so what. kk. :). i like this guy lets say Bob? i've liked bob for about 5 years. and well he wanted to have sex with me one time but i said no because he was only using me which was fucked up.buuttt what if later in the future we have sex ? Like. if i gave him a bj. like. i'm not experieced.Like ahh your probabaly wondering this is gross coming from a 13 year old butt..WHen you give a bj. do you masage your tongue on his penis also ? and when he fingers you does it hurt ? I've also heard the first time you have sex its possible of him popping your cherry. [sorry if i keep asking questions]. what if you give a blowjob and the cum goes in your mouth.. Do you just swallow it or spit it out?

well i need to know quick before me and him mess around. cause lately he's been telling my frined that he reslly does like me..

thnx a shitload

When you give a bj, you just suck on it kind of, but don't drag your teeth cause that'll hurt him. Yes it does hurt getting fingered if he uses two fingers and you might bleed, which is popping your cherry. If he comes in your mouth you can either spit or swallow, its your choice. Its a good idea to use a condom when you are giving head so that doesnt happen. good luck


I am 13 and I have already had sex twice with my bf who is 15....people always say I am a huge slut and whore...stuff like that...but i dont think I am that much...i meen i thought I was ready so I had sex...what do you think?

Youre not a whore or slut. But people wouldnt call you those names if they didnt know you had sex. It would have been better if you and your boyfriend kept it between yourself.


ok me andmyb/f were in his pool and he stuck it in me for like 3 min but ti kept comin out(in those 3 min) and he said nothing came out of him ....we didnt use protection, wat is the chance of me gettin pregnamt???????

There's still a risk. Any discharge coming out of him could still have sperm in it. Plus the precum.


I kind of itch, and ache in my vaginal area. I dont know what it is. I dont think its an STD because Ive been checked and I havent slept with anyone else, and neither has he. Theres no odor or anything else coming from it, it just itches a lot. Can anyone tell me what this might be?

Thanks a lot

It could mean that you have an infection. Not an STD, just maybe a yeast infection. Itching could mean anything though. It could mean you are washing your vagina too hard, or not enough. If you shave way down that can cause itching and discomfort. If there's no odor or weird discharge, then it's probably nothing. Wait awhile to let it pass.


does size matter or is that just some shit ppl say cause mine is 6 inches long and girls tell me that is small but does it really matter

once girls mature and are old enough to start having sex, it won't matter. and if you ask me, 6 inches is actually long in my book.



i masturbate daily once or twice and im trying to stop. any ideas on "ways to refrain"? i really need to stop this bad habit.

well, I've had this problem with one of my friends. He couldn't stop. first, try not to have any sexual thoughts. that's the part that leads to it. don't think of any girls constantly, try to keep your head and mind clear. take up a hobby. don't watch the porn channel as much. usually guys will do it when they're bored. they start thinking or they see something. if youre single, you most likely are doing it because youre not having sex. try to get a girlfriend... NOT to have sex with, but she'll keep your mind off of masturbating.


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