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So I have sweaty palms all the time, no matter how cold it is. Now, I was going to put deoderant on my hands, but on the instruction label, it says "underarms only". Am I going to get a rash or something if I put deoderant on my hands? Or is there some other (inexpensive) product I should be buying?

5's for all


buy it at a drugstore

its about 7 dollars : )

its for palms AND underarms


I just started my period and i have a very difficult guesion to ask every1....

i rate high

because when I use pads without wings, it bunches together and you bleed off the pad and onto the edges of your underwear. Not a good thing! the brand Always makes good ones in my opinion.


okay.. well i think i started my peroid lol.. okay well .. i had this reddish brown discharge since saturday and now today and yesterday its been pure red.. did i start ? and its only noticable when i wipe and theres alot on the tp.. but none comes out in to the toilet .. can you explain that?

Yep, thats almost defintely your period. It starts out light flow and is usually red/brown. It won't pour or gush into the toilet. You'll only see it when you wipe. Don't worry!


i have a big problem... i sweat A LOT!!! well, not an exceptional amount its just whenever im doing sports or like at a school dance where its really hot and stuff i sweat like on my back A LOT and then you can see it through my shirt which is really embarrasing.. and im jw wut i shuld do!! i mean i dont want a guy to ask me to dance and im sweating like so bad my shirt is all wet- thats just gross!!!

I know exactly what to do! I had the same problem. Go to your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and buy a product called "Certain-Dri" in the deoderoant section. It's a roll-on antiperspirant that you apply at NIGHT only, the day before you know you're going to sweat, so the next day you'll be completely dry. It's really strong and works well! Or you can go to your doctor and get a perscription for "Drysol" but Certain-Dri is the same thing and it costs about $7 at your drug store or department store. TRUST ME, it works!


Can girls get orgasm's without having sex?

yes, from masturbating.


i just asked the lemon juice ?

so now i have a follow-up. . .

1. how long does it take for results?

2. how long till u can swim again or does it not matter?

The results will happen almost instantly. Like if your hair is damp, you apply lemon juice in the morning and go out in the sun all day, by nighttime you will see it being lightened. You can still swim with it in your hair! And I actually SUGGEST putting your hair in a bun and spray the top of your head with the lemon juice, that way when your hair is down, all the front peices will be lightened! good luck.


I'm working out more, and I'm off sodas and sugar, but I want to know, what are some good or okay foods to eat for like, lunch, dinner that I could actually convince my mom to make for dinner or lunch? Also, what are some good or okay foods I can prepare and actually like for lunch? *btw, I get sick when I eat seafood, so I can't eat any type of fish.* I'Ll rate HigH!

when dieting, lots of people eat lowfat cottage cheese and fruit. it might sound gross, but it fills you up and its VERY low in calories and carbs. in the morning, eat lots of protien (like meat) to keep you full during the day. make sure you eat a healthy dinner to avoid getting the munchies late at night


I get sick very often. If something is "going around" i KNOW i will catch it. Is there anything i can do or take (like maybe vitamins or something) to help my imune system so i wont get sick so often?

take a multi-vitamin everyday
and vitamin C is best for fighting off diseases
and i know this might sound weird...but fish oil is a VERY VERY good way to build your immune system. lots of people in my family use it


I am 15 and 5'3 and 142 pounds..I used to be 112 when I was 12..I had gained 30 pounds :-x..I can't do sit ups for some reason or anything like that, I need to use my elbow to help me up. I have a breathing problem and I can't really run w/o having to stop and catch my breath every few yards. Is there anyways I can get to about 120 by summer?

this is what i did, and i lost like 10 pounds last year! start out really slow, like powerwalking. even if you cant jog/run fast, the key is = stay moving for 30-60 minutes, dont stop! even if youre just walking. you burn calorlies that way. so set out a goal to walk say 1-2 miles every OTHER day... and keep up a constant pace. then you'll get better at it.


I'm on my peroid, and it's suddenly (within the last two days) become very, very painful to pee.

It's fine until I have to stop peeing, at which it feels like everything is pinched down there. I thought it might just be something because I'm using regular flow tampons right now, instead of just light, however when I try to pee even without a tampon it's still painful.

I know I don't have an STD--I'm a total virgin, and I don't have any other symptoms of any other common infections, such as a yeast or bacterial infection.

Does anyone know why I could suddenly be having so much pain? I'd appericate it.

you could have something called a UTI (urinary tract infection.) you get them from bacteria from your vagina going into your urinary tract. it happens from wiping back to front, instead of front to back. or you could get UTI from unsterile maturbating. thats the worst case senario though. if it makes you feel any better, i always get pain while peeing when im on my period. my bladder always hurts and its such a pain to pee! so wait til your period is over, if not, see a doctor.


1. I was wondering if it was normal for a 15 year old(3 months away form being 16) not to have her period?

2. Is it possible for someone not to get their period at all in a a lifetime?

Yes its normal to not have your period. You're just one of the few who haven't gotten it yet. Don't think that it's genetic, and don't think theres something wrong, because my mom got her period when she was 16, and I got mine when I was 11 (big difference). As long as your body is developing, you're fine. As for not getting your period in a lifetime, I know there's certain cancers and disorders that can cause that, but women don't not get their period for no reason.


so i`ve heard that in order to loose weight, you have to burn off more carbs than you take in. Is this true? And if it is, then how do you know how many carbs your burning off? Like if you do 50 sit ups..then how many carbs do you burn doing that?

when you talk about burning carbs, it's easier to do aerobics, such as running for a specific time. here, go to this site. type in your weight, and whatever activity you did, type in the amount of mintutes and it will calulate how many calories you burned!


im a 14 female. and i have big boobs, and all the signs of my period.but i haven't gotten it yet. what the eff IS WRONG WITH ME GOSH.heheh

i know tons of people who are developedd with really big boobs who still don't have their period. and then i know really skinny underdeveloped people who had their period for years. theres nothing wrong with any of these people. but im thinking, if you have the signs then you'll most likely get it this year.


I don't know why, but my stomach always hurts. It hurts at LEAST once a week. And it's not cramps, it's just like a stomach ache. But I get them all the time! I hate it, and I don't know what to do. The other day I got one in school and I had to go to my next class and I was afraid I'd get sick. I mean, I never do, but it feels like it. Does anybody know what this is, and what I can do?

it COULD be gas pains, like gas built up or whatever. i suggest drinking alot of water to clear you up. if you have diarreah or vomiting, then you could have a virus, but if its just sharp pains, then eat healty and drink water!


after you get your period, does the discharge stop or continue?

it continues, but you can get more or less discharge at certain points of your cycle.


should i lose weight to make a guy like me? i mean i AM little overweight and my parents think so too and ive gained like 10 pounds, so im like 15 pound overweight! so i am wondering because i think guys havent asked me out yet is becuase of this! i know 2 guys who already liked me but they thought i was funny and nice and everything.. im not wow fat, but should i lose weight now? because is this the last straw?

i say go for it, if you think that loosing 15 pounds will boost your confidence, try it. go on a healthy diet and exercise. theres nothing wrong with being healthy


sometimes, my armpits sweat for no apparent reason. I dont even have to run around..and they start to leaves these horrible sweat marks underneath my armpits and i dont even want to raise my aroms up...does any one have any ideas on how to stop this??? Oh yeah, and they even sweat when it is cold out!!!

yeah theres stuff you can buy for that. either 1 you can go to your doctor and get perscription anti persperant, OR you can go to your local drug store and purchase "certain-dri" you put it on at night and you don't sweat the next day. its only like 6-7 dollars.


I have heard about the 5 small meals a day diet. I'm not sure about what would be good to eat for it. I really only want to do this to stay healthy. I am also trying to be more healthy by stretching, walking for about 30 minutes a day, and doing other exercises. Do you think I should do any of this? I am 13, 5'2 and 115 lbs.

i say go for it. there's nothing wrong with exercising every day. and studies have shown that eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large, keeps your metabolism moving a lot faster and constantly keeps food in your stomach as fuel.


im 13/f and ive had my period since january. im a 34a cup and my boobs are kinda pointy, like underneath theyrnt rounded yet cuz im still growing and i may not be fully developed until im 17 because my whole family has really big boobs. my question is, will guys be weirded out if they see ur boobs an they rnt fully developed yet, or should i wait to show anyone them until im fully developed? d guys still think they're hot, or wil they only be sexy if theyre rounded?


no guys won't really think it's weird, INFACT guys say that big boobs get in the way and they are a turn off.


Lately I have been hanging around a new group of people and these people do drugs and they got me started on them too. and to tell ya the truth i love them. I like the feeling i get and i relly like it but i'm loseing a lot of friends because of it. I know my friends wanna help but i like the feeling. How can i not lose my friends but still do what i wanna do ?

at this point of your life you are going to start making serious decicions on where your life is going. some people make all the right choices and they excell in life. others do drugs and over time watch their life slowly go downhill until they have NO FRIENDS. which is what will happen to YOU. you can honestly get help and change things but it's up to you to decide. God will always guide you to do the right thing, but that will only happen if you put 100% of your faith and trust in him. but if doing drugs and loosing friends is where you want to be in life, maybe that's where you should be...


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