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Where could i buy a treadmill? and approximately how much do they cost?

catalogs have them
a decent one would be over 1,000 bucks.


I forgot to get something for my mom because i didnt know it was mothers day - what should i do!? I cant make her anything special or buy anything.

you could say she has a "SURPRISE" coming up within the week and she'll have to wait. then you'll have time to save up money or think of something.


Ok this guy really likes me. He asked me out today. I didnt want to hurt his feelings by sayin no so I said I dont know. And he started crying. I felt soo bad. What should i do?? He's 15/m and im 13/f. Please help. I rate high.

I would get one of your friends to talk to him. Have him/her try to make him feel better and explain so he won't have to hear it from you.


well i did community service last week with my friend and a bunch of kids from my school, and we had to serve food and stuff to the senior citizens. i got assigned table 1 and so did josh

he might not necessarily LIKE you, but there probably is some attraction with the smiling and talking. your best bet isn't to call him out of the blue, cause that'll look like youre going out of you way. I suggest saying hi to him in school and striking up a conversation. it all depends how he acts in school... you know? but if you feel comfortable calling him, you should! I hope it works out


I have an appointment tomorrow to get a tooth extracted. I'm a little nervous about the whole process because of course, the doctor told me "It's not going to hurt at all." Lets be honest, don't all doctors say that about EVERYTHING? For those of you who have gotten that procedure done, about how long did it take? How much did it hurt after the novicane wore off? How long does the pain last after the surgery? And does any one have any tips on making it not hurt as bad? Thanks so much!

to be honest, it never "hurt" me at all. after the surgery, it was bloody, i had gauz in my mouth, but thats it. it just felt weird but i didnt feel pain. plus they give you special pain killers. it wasnt that bad. the only pain you MIGHT get is if you have that dry socket thing or whatever, but that comes later. my jaw was bruised, but it didnt hurt at all! good luck


16/f--I don't have BAD acne, but I have little red bumps on my face (I wash my face twice a day, but I just somehow still get little pimples). As I said, its not that bad and its nothing makeup can't fix. I've been using two different kinds of face makeup (liquid stuff and powder stuff), but I just ran out. I don't want to use the same stuff, but I'm not sure what to use. I'm not that experienced with types of makeup and what they do. Whats the difference between concealer, foundation, compact, and any other face makeup, and what exactly do they do?

Thank you.

i use the wet n wild consealer stick. its made for covering up blemishes, so it wont clog your pores and it doenst make you break out more. you can get them at like cvs, wallgreens, walmart, target... etc. they look like lipstick, made by wet n wild. it works so well.


I am 15 and 5'3 and 142 pounds..I used to be 112 when I was 12..I had gained 30 pounds :-x..I can't do sit ups for some reason or anything like that, I need to use my elbow to help me up. I have a breathing problem and I can't really run w/o having to stop and catch my breath every few yards. Is there anyways I can get to about 120 by summer?

this is what i did, and i lost like 10 pounds last year! start out really slow, like powerwalking. even if you cant jog/run fast, the key is = stay moving for 30-60 minutes, dont stop! even if youre just walking. you burn calorlies that way. so set out a goal to walk say 1-2 miles every OTHER day... and keep up a constant pace. then you'll get better at it.


Tryouts for cheerleading at on April 29th and i need help!!!
What are some good stunts? I can do the following..
Front walkover
Heel Streach..

Is it better if i did a front walk over than if i did a cartweal roundoff jump?

I was thinking...
Roundoff Frontwalkover Split????

Thanks again,
I rate high for anything!!!

ive been a cheerleader for 10 years, and i dont suggest doing a roundoff frontwalkover, because its like... made up, its not really a tumble. Just to a plain roundoff, because if you can't do any tumbling, then they usually don't care what else you do. notice they dont put front walkovers or splits in a routine. And no, a cartwheel is NOT better than a roundoff or jump, cause a roundoff/jump is whatyou'll need.


ok im thinkin of having my boyfriend and 2 other friends who are also a couple, come over to watch a movie or 2 tomorrow. i think we wanna do a comedy and then romance. any ideas? 14/f

meet the fockers / the notebook


i have 2 questions The first one is for prom i think most people get like long dresses and stuff but im not sure is itok to get like a knee- ancle length one ?
and 2 of my good friends already got pink dresses ..thers some pink dresses i realli like but now im thinkin i should get a different color cuz i dont want all of us to have pink what do u think?

i agree with you, I HATE LONG DRESSES. i bought a knee length one at DEB for a formal. I dont know if a knee length dress would appropriate for the prom, however you could do it because you would be different from everyone else. i dont suggest wearing pink if all of your friends are. i dont see alot of people wearing red, purple, orange, yellow...etc. but if you do get pink, make sure you get a print or pattern so you're not the exact same as your friends! knee length dresses are so cute! just make sure its really formal looking if thats your choice. good luck and have fun at prom!


where can i find slightly fitted band or vintage T's i cant seam to find them anywhere, if you could a website would be nice our the store name thanks -XXOO

ahh good question! (i live in pennsylvania) and theres a store in my malls called "Good Times" and it sells all kind of band t's and old fashion t's... for vintage go to the salvation army, they have great stuff! AND theres a store called "Urban outfitters" that sells the type of clothes you are looking for, not band t's, but vintage style. its a great store! sorry if they are not in your area tho!


im like so worried u no evryone nows like you have to be naked when you do it.. but i hate my bodie. i dont want to have sex then evryone runs away!!!!! k i need help does anyone no of ways to have sex without being naked?!?!? sry if this is uncomforible but hey i cant ask my freinds. they'll think im a freak! k im so enbarressed so plz help! before i make a bigger fool of myself!

well you of course have to take your pants off, but if you dont want to leave your whole shirt on, underneath just wear a bra and a skimpy tank top over it... that way youre not completely covered but he still wont see your boobs!


Since last night I have had a pain in my chest. It hurts just as and after I swallow, and whenever I take deep breaths. Sometimes I just feel the pain when I change posture or even move. It feels as though there is something there. The pain comes from right in the centre of my chest.
Does anybody have any idea what this could be?
If it helps I'm 14 and female!
All help appreciated!

asthma could be a possibility, because you can aquire it at any time of your life. also, do you smoke? or do people in your house smoke? because my boyfriend NEVER smoked, and 3 people in his family smokes, and he suffers the same thing you're going through. you may need to take an inhaler... so ask your family and get checked out. If its none of these, you could be getting sick, like an upper respiratory disease (bronchitis, or something) which i had in the winte and it was really bad. i went to the doctor and got antibiotics, and 2 inhalers. either way, get checked out. IF YOU'RE WEEZING, IT'S MOST LIKELY THAT YOU ARE SICK.


A few days ago this guy (guy A I think...) called me and asked me out. I said yes and I knew he'd liked me for ages. But I haven't told that many people about me and this guy. But I have this male friend (Guy B!!) and his sister says he really likes me. I was at his house the other day and she was making jokes, so I very quietly told her about me and guy A and asked her to stop with the jokes. She was really shocked and kept saying "But 'B' really likes you!" and everything. Now she is accusing me of leading him on because I haven't told him about guy A. I don't want to lose any of their friendship, and I don't want to lose my boyfriend!
What should I do?

you should stay with your boyfriend! you wont lose a friendship with the other guy if you stay in touch with him, hang out, and stay cool with his sister. no guy deserves to be dumped for another guy! i wouldn't consider you leading him on, unless you told him you liked him or something. he might be upset for now, but everything with him will pass, and just focus on your new relationship for now.


I'm on my peroid, and it's suddenly (within the last two days) become very, very painful to pee.

It's fine until I have to stop peeing, at which it feels like everything is pinched down there. I thought it might just be something because I'm using regular flow tampons right now, instead of just light, however when I try to pee even without a tampon it's still painful.

I know I don't have an STD--I'm a total virgin, and I don't have any other symptoms of any other common infections, such as a yeast or bacterial infection.

Does anyone know why I could suddenly be having so much pain? I'd appericate it.

you could have something called a UTI (urinary tract infection.) you get them from bacteria from your vagina going into your urinary tract. it happens from wiping back to front, instead of front to back. or you could get UTI from unsterile maturbating. thats the worst case senario though. if it makes you feel any better, i always get pain while peeing when im on my period. my bladder always hurts and its such a pain to pee! so wait til your period is over, if not, see a doctor.


ok im really hungry and im home alone. there really isnt alot of food in the house but we have tostito corn chips and i wanna make some kind of dip with them. if you have any easy dip recipes for tostitos with stuff that can be easily found in the house please give me one!! i have alot of mexican shredded cheese but thats really not enough to make a good dip. i have some more stuff on hand..just any dip recipe for tortillas would work. thanks!

mixing velveta cheese w/ salsa
and cream cheese w/ salsa


I'm very shy and quiet, and I not a geek or anything but I'm not exactly popular either. There's this guy that I think might like me.. but he is really popular and outgoing, so I'm not sure if he really does like me or if it's just my imagination. Is it possible for a popular, outgoing guy to like a shy, not-so-popular girl? What are the chances? I don't know what to do because of my uncertainty.. should I flirt back or not?? Thanks in advance!! :-)

yes its very possible, there are ALWAYS those few popular guys who like the nonpopular girl, and same with girls liking guys. it happens all the time in high school. i think you should flirt back or make it known that you like him, because you DO have a chance! good luck


ok im going to a new school monday how do i make freinds? like i dont want to sit alone @ lunch or sit by the rong person. iv decided that guys are more easy to make freinds with than girl i mean some girls are really nice but you have to addmit guys are easier to make freinds with what if they think im a slut then if i try to make freinds with the guys? help!!!!

they wont think youre a slut for making friends with the guys. i suggest talking to people in class and start up conversations. find out whos in your lunch period, and if you stike up conversations with people someone WILL ask you to sit with them at lunch. i guarentee everyone is nice to the new girl! plus, it wont be hard making friends with the guys, cause you know how it is, guys are always happy theres a new girl, and they'll want to get to know you. its alot easier being the new girl in the middle of the year, rather than the first day of school because everyone is nervous and confused. but in the middle of the year everyone is welcoming, you know? good luck!


i have this problem, i wont sleep for days and when i do sleep its for a very short time. i also really like to play supersmash bros and other assorted videogames and they keep me up often, and when im not playing them im dreaming about them and wanting to play them. Why cant i sleep is it my videogame habits or am i sick like insomnia? can anyone explain?... IM NOT NORMAL!!!!

yeah, my brother is the same way. whenever he's home hes inside playing videogames and he doesnt move for hours. he plays at night and hardy gets any sleep. he goes to bed at 3am on school nights. the doctor diagnosed him an insomniac, which you most likely could be. so go to your doctor and he can give you pills.


1. I was wondering if it was normal for a 15 year old(3 months away form being 16) not to have her period?

2. Is it possible for someone not to get their period at all in a a lifetime?

Yes its normal to not have your period. You're just one of the few who haven't gotten it yet. Don't think that it's genetic, and don't think theres something wrong, because my mom got her period when she was 16, and I got mine when I was 11 (big difference). As long as your body is developing, you're fine. As for not getting your period in a lifetime, I know there's certain cancers and disorders that can cause that, but women don't not get their period for no reason.


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