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Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost three months. He lives a town away from me, but we still barely ever see each other, and for some reason he barely calls anymore. What do i do to make myself feel better about the relationship?

Its best if you can get a ride to his house to have a serious talk with him about why he hasn't been calling and why you havent been hanging out. If not, call him. When you go and talk to him, be straight with him, and ask everything that's on your mind. A relationship works both ways so you have to give a little to get a little.


Sep. 11th, wil be my bf's and my one year anneversary and i want to make it really special, but i have no ideas about what to do. Im going to be 16 before that time, but i dont know if i will have my license yet or not, anyways, i dont want to have sex, and nothing sexual, but i do want to make it romantic and something will that will we will remember forever, we live in saint louis, MO please i realy need some sweet ideas, thanks in advance, i rate high!!

I don't think you should do an ordinary date like the movies. What my boyfriend and I did was go to a really nice restaraunt, I mean REALLY nice, like dress up. Then we went to the park with a blanket and looked up at the stars.


can you get pregnet from cum? im not sure! please help and ill rate high if its atleast half decent!

yes, cum contains the sperm which makes you conceive when it comes in contact with a female egg. You only get pregnant when it comes in contact with your vagina, NOT by swallowing. If you are going to have sex, use a condom.


is love spell body splash smell good from victoria secret

Haha yeah. Just about every girl in the gym locker room has it! : )


About three weeks ago i started taking diet pills without my parents knowing. After i took them i started feeling really nervous. My heart feels like it's beating really hard and fast. I'm breathing really weird and it takes me forever to go to sleep cuz i'm soo wired. I stopped the pills shortly after taking them but i'm still messed up. Does anybody know what's wrong and how i could fix it???

The reason you are shaking and feeling sick is because the diet pills are unsafe and have an ingredient called "ephedrin" (sp?) which causes the racing heart beat and complications that can potentially lead to a heart attack. Just wait it out for about a week to see if it continues, but I highly suggest telling your parents or a doctor.


does anyone know any good kinds of eyeliner for like oily eyes because when i put on eyeliner, it usually comes off

ps no liquid eyeliner, not very expensive and an eyeliner that i can get basically anywhere! thanks

there's a brand called "Jordana" that you can get at CVS or any drugstore. It's only 99 cents and it stays on great!


Is it abnormal that i am extremly turned on by watching a guy jerk off? It's gotten to the point where i constantly encourage my boyfriend to jack off just so i can ask him about it? anyone else share this same interest?

I know for a fact that it turns a lot of girls on. A lot of times, girls are interested and curious about jerking off, like it feels and stuff. Nothing is wrong with you at all. It's normal to be curious and turned on.


Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 years..we have been recently getting in arguments about stupid stuff really..but he said hes starting to think that i dont care about him.. i really do care about him alot..How do i prove to him that i havent lost my love for him?

Whenever you two begin to argue, just stop and say, "What's the point of arguing if we're going to make up anyway?" Learn to get over your difference of opinions, especially if it's over stupid stuff. There are lots of ways you can prove you care about him. Make him something hand-made and give it to him at a random time, not just an anniversary or holiday. Show up sporatically at his football/soccer/whatever practice to give him a present or something. Most of all, I suggest having a serious talk with eachother. Nothing is better than spilling out your guts, because it feels better once it's off your chest.


there was this time that my boyfriend masturbated and semen did came of.. then he wiped his hands with his handkerchief.. then he fingered me.. do you think i could get pregnant with what happened? even if he wiped off the semen on his hands after masturbating? i need advice badly..

Sperm dies about 30 seconds after it hits air. The reason why we get pregnant during intercourse is that when the male cums, he SHOOTS the sperm all the way up. Now, if there even was any alive sperm on his hand which I doubt, it will just be lingering on the outside of your vagina, most likely.


I'm 14 and a girl. Last year i started thinking i was bi. Recently i've changed though because i believed it was wrong. School is starting soon and i'm afraid i'll end up looking at girls again and thinking the same stuff. I WANT to be straight but sometimes it gets soo hard!!!! And i haven't exactly had a good relationship with a guy for a while so that makes it even harder. Any tips on staying straight???

You probably aren't bi. You're probably just scared. I felt the same way at your age. I was scared that I'd turn bi just because I looked at girls. But everyone looks at girls really and theres nothing wrong with it. Just because you havent had a good relationship with a guy doesn't mean you are bi. Try to keep your mind off of it and let it pass. It was just a phase for me!


this is probably not under the right catagory, but latley like this clear stuff has been comming out of me and it makes my underwear went and sometimes is so much it feels like i peed my pants.i am 13/f and have been on my period for like 2 years.i am scared to tell you kno what it is?

No don't worry! Every girl has it. It's just discharge of dead cells. If it's clear that means it's healty. If it's yellow and smells bad, then you have an infection. Don't worry!


okay im 13 and i weigh 103 or 104 soo is that good for a 13 year old?? does any1 know the average weight for a 13 year old??? well i rate high for good answers!! muahh!

Yes it is very good. I weighed 115 when I was 13 and I was really skinny! Trust me, you are at a good HEALTHY weight to be at.


okay i've cheered 2 seasons already, but i was wondering how to get my jumps higher & better for this season(starts in 2 weeks)..and if any cheerleaders on here have any tips for doing better on anything else?..mainly i need to know how to better my jumps and higher them

Yes! I know exactly how to get your jumps higher. Try this exercise.

Sit in a strattle as if you are stretching. Put your hands on the floor in front of you (kind of in front of your crotch) and lift your right leg as HIGH as you can up and down ten times (stay in the strattle). Then do your left leg. Then do both at the same time. It's hard but it really works. Then try with ankle weights!


...What do people think about a teenage pregnancy? Is it bad i mean If a person thinks they are lonley an are scared to be alone while their boyfriend leaves for awhile for the military..would it be okay to have a baby?

It's nice that you want to have a baby for him but I think you should wait until you are positive that you two will spend the rest of your lives together and get married. You need to have your own house, car, and a lot of extra money to support the baby for clothes, diapers, insurance, doctors appointments, etc. Basically you need to have your own house and not live in your parents basement in order to do it right. He also has to support the baby and YOU mostly as well. I personally don't think anything is wrong with teen pregnancy cause they did it back in the 1940's and everything worked out fine. Nowadays it's hard and almost impossible to raise one on your own. I think you guys should get married, so that way you can have 2 incomes going toward a house and baby.


Okay so i have been talking to this girl for a really long time and she wanted to hangout really bad so she came over one night. I flirted with her a lot and we had sex. And i know this girl likes me A LOTT. but the thing is i dont like her at all and i tottaly led her on by having sex with her so how do i make it as easy as i can on her without dating her?

Tell her that you regret having sex. Or if you don't regret the sex, explain that you weren't doing it out of love; it just "happened." If you want to stay close friends with her (which I suggest, because you shouldn't just throw her out of your life) then say "I care about you as a friend, I just don't have those kinds of feelings for you and what happened the other night can stay between us, but just don't get the wrong idea." Either way, she's going to be crushed but hey. Just talk to her about it and keep your distance from her for awhile. She'll need time to cool off and get over it cause she's gonna think this is a tragic break up. Best of luck!


hey i need some good eyeliner
please name brands...regular or liquid is fine


Estee Lauder has the best solid eye - liner! It goes on smooth and stays on all day and doesn't smear


hey... i have heard that there was MAJOR problems with the Pontiac Azteks.... does anybody know any kind of car that kind of looks like them. Rate high!

We once had a pontiac grand prix GT (I forget what year but pretty recent) and it was a WONDEFUL car. It ran well and looks great. It had good ratings, however almost failed the crash test. So I don't know if pontiacs are the best car, especially the azteks.


okay if you are on brown(heroin) is there a way you could get off it but not with proffesionall help like ya can do it by ya self.

i dont inject just smoke it but i dont want to do it no more so can anyone help any tips but please dont say go to meetings cus i dont wanna do that

Heroin is highly addictive and very hard to get off of by yourself. I suggest weening yourself off of it slowly once you decide to quit so you wont get into this serious of an addiction.


well me and my boyfriend had sex and that night i was bleeding really bad and it wouldnt stop. i had to tell my dad i had my period because the blood got all in my sheets. is that normal because i dont think it is because it didnt happen to any of my friends. what happened. why did that happen?

You just ruptured your hymen which causes it to bleed a little, but if it's gushing and oozing blood constantly and gets everywhere, then that's a little too much. Apply pressure to the area to make the bleeding stop and make sure you wash it thoroughly to avoid infection, because once you get an infection you'll have to go to the doctor and explain! :( be careful, just make sure you stop the bleeding. And yes it is normal.


i want to get a digital camera. Im 14 and I dont need it for taking pics. of the world or anything like that. Just of my friends, vacations etc. What number of mega pixels should i get? Anyone have a good digital camera they really like? let me know. thanks!

FUJI FILM cameras are very nice and have good quality. I have one. It's small, easy to use, and clear.


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