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One of my best guy friends, that Ive been friends with for about 4 months now, is the sweetest, nicest, most gernerous, giving guy i know. After all that being said and done, i plan on having only a freind-relationship with him. He has the biggest crush one me and i dont know what to do. I want to tell him how i feel about our relationship but i dontknwo how to say it without him feeling uncomfortable around me when we hang out again. pleas help.

well do you want only a friendly relationship with him because you think it's the right thing to do? because if you like him more than a friend, you should let him know. most people will probably tell you "don't go out with him because it will ruin your friendship"... I'm not saying that you DO like him, but he sounds like the kind of guy you SHOULD date.

I don't know why people think it's so bad to go out with one of your best friends, because it could turn out for the better... well from my p.o.v. anyways.

Sorry if I didn't answer your question, but I hope I helped you see it in a different way!


He just admitted that he likes me, and I sort of like him.. But he has a girlfriend. Ever since he started dating "Ashley", he's been acting really sad & distant. He used to come over to my house all the time & hang out, but now I'm lucky if I SEE him once a week! I've asked him why he's so sad, but he says that nothing's wrong. I know something's up, but I just don't know what. Any advice?

he's confused between you and this other girl he's dating. if he's dating her and he likes you, he's not being loyal to her. I don't think its a good idea to keep asking him what's wrong. just give it time. he might be depressed about something totally different. like there could be some family problems or something. just let him know that you are by his side and always avalible to talk... and when he's ready he'll come to you!


ok this might be long. i went out with this boy a while back probably a year ago and we broke up because he kissed a girl. but he told me..and then like about a month ago his brother and my sister started going out. and they want to get married. ahh and this boy and me started talking again and i love him so much but he has a girlfriend. and i was going to go out with him but he said i showed no intrest in him. so last night i was talkin to my sisters bf and hes tryin to hard to keep me away from his brother hes sayin hes a player and hes going to hurt me. and all this shit. and i told him whatever i dont care i love your brother and he said you dont know what love is your a child. and im 16 and this boys 16. and i dont know it pisses me off so much because everytime i talk to the boy i love it reminds me how much i love him and i cant have him. and im trying SO hard to keep his brother from marrying my sister. what do i do? sorry if this doesnt make any sense. his brother is 18 and my sister 17 turnin 18 september 30. ( And if they get married then i wont be able to date his brother cuz we'll be inlaws. ) and my sister is considering NOT marrying him cause of me. please helP!!

Wow. This is definitly a rough situation. I would absolutely try to convince your sister to not get married, but NOT FOR YOUR OWN REASONS. if she's considering not marrying this guy because YOU like his brother, then your sister and her relationship with this guy isn't strong enough and she can get hurt. but I really suggest trying your hardest not to try to win this guy back, especially if you are told he's a player. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's for the better!


How do you make a xanga? I have no clue how but they look cool and I want to start one! It would be great if someone would start me out with step by step instructions! THANX!

IM me at xheslooking4sx... I'll help you... since I'm awesome like that.


i really love my hair being long but i sort of wanna cut it up to my shoulders so it looks thicker and just i think it'd look cute! but im scared that i'll hate it. should i play it safe and keep my hair long? my hair takes forever to grow.

I think you should cut it, because change is nice. If you don't like it short, you can always pull it up until it grows. I personally think that you can do alot more with short hair!


How do you put a music video on xanga? wiff music

you can't unless you have xanga premium


me and my bestfriend seat with our friends at lunch but we found out they r the most boring people! what can we do to get away form them w/o hurting there feelings?

that's really nice of you that you don't want to hurt their feelings. I think you should tell your friends that you have other friends that want you to sit with them at lunch, but still talk to them in the halls and in the classroom. I don't think they'll take it the wrong way.


ok now i wear thongs and i am kinda the one in skool that no one reallys notices. this is my last year of junor high and i want to be noticed. i want to sit down and have my thong hang out but then i have second thoughts bout it and chicken out. wheat can i do and is it ok if i do this?? plz help me


if you are skinny i guess its ok but if you are fat people dont wanna see that. but why would you want to show your thong to be noticed? thats stupid. it makes you look like a slut.


You see, whenever I fly on airplanes, I usually get airsick, and I begin to throw up. But just a few months ago, I didn't throw up, so I was pretty happy. But last week, I just found out that my bf's mom invited me to Las Vegas, so we're taking a plane. I'm really scared that I'll throw up. AND I don't wanna be ashamed. What should I do to keep me from puiking? It seems so uncool typing this on an advice column but no one knows who I am anyways.

if you DO feel like youre gonna throw up, go into the bathroom and do it. and bring some gum or mouthwash with you so he doesn't know! ;)


i have thin/medium thick hair and i have no idea what to do with it! its naturally curly but it turns out frizzy so i usually end up straightening it and that takes a while.. can anyone IM me on AIM/AOL with any suggestions on what to do, then explain how to do them? i'm on all AIM the time so dont worry about me not being on.. my sn is xXxHaRtBrOkN5xXx thanks!! (it would be easier to IM me and tell me the hairstyles, but if you dont have AIM/AOL just leave it on here! thanks!)

Once a week, you should leave conditioner in your hair for a half hour before you wash it out. It WILL help. My hair dresser told me that (but I don't have frizzy hair, she suggested it for everyone) but yeah it will tone down your hair. Wash it out with cold water too. It will make is shinier! Try a hair serum as well. Straightening it after will probably totally de-friz it. Or you can crunch your hair when it's curly. Hope I helped.


I want to start wearing eye-liner and I don't know exactly where on my eye I put it - and what are the good brands. Pencil/Liquid? I'll rate you!

I use pencil. I never tried liquid, but I think I might. Anyway, don't go out and buy the cheapest ones because they dont last long. Find out which ones glide on easily and don't run. Good eyeliner can start at about $6. I would use a dark brown for you.


Hey there everyone! I'm a 16 yr old female and I am a virgin. I am in no way thinking of having sex or asking if i'm too young to or anything, this has to deal more with the future. I am going to wait to have sex until I find a special person, it doesn't really matter if I am married or not. But, I'm afraid that the longer I hold out, it's going to be harder and harder to find a guy that's a virgin also, because it seems like there are none left. So I was wondering if it's silly of me to think that there is a guy out there that is a virgin that I will find somewhere down the road as I get older. Or stop being silly about it and not care?

no, there will still be guys out there. you can find guys like that at church camps and stuff. and you're not the only one!


i threw up the other day like 9 times and maybe ate 3 little things like half a slice of turkey, a little piece of chicken from a salad, and a bannanna. i wuz sick that day cuz i had sumthing really bad to eat the day before. well the next day i had a bowl of ceral {{wif milk}} for breakfeast/lunch. then i had black beans and rice for dinner and sum plantanes and like two pieces of a slice of pork. today i had nothing at all to eat. im waiting for my bgi brother to come home with food. we have no food at home. its 12:30 and im really hungry. ive been missing meals etc. lately and getting really hungry. can this turn into belemia or inerexia? it been like maybe 3 days can i get that in just 3 days? help me out im scared.

No. If you're sick, thats your excuse for throwing up or not eating, since youre not doing it on purpose. Once you feel better, eat. but eat lightly, nothing to upset your stomach. you might have had food poisoning


me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 months.... and we met at church camp where i asked jesus into my heart for the first time.. and that totally changed my life.. but then when we got home all reality came back.. i had used to be really bad.. such as have sex and drink... and well now i stopped all that and my boyfriend is really religious... and he found out about all that and he told me that when you ask jesus into your heart the first time all your sins from that past are forgiven... and he told me he loves me for who i am now and my past doesnt matter to him.... but now.... we were like in my pool and he get touchy feely.. and im not like that anymore.. we still didnt do anything or anthing. .but it scares me cuz i think that he might try to do something i dont want to.... and also... people sign his buddy profile guest boook telling him lies about me haveing sex with a 21 year old and stuff like that... and he still worries.. and ill tel lhim they arnt true.. but it still bothers him.. i dont know what to do... and my parents are leaving for a week and ofcourse me n him are ganna hang out... i just dont wanna do anything that we will regret... and i dont know how to tell him that without embarrasing him.... please help me!!!!!

Well if your boyfriend is concerned about all the things you've done in the past, I doubt he's gonna come on to you like that. Why would he be all touchy feely? I don't understand. But he's being a good guy since he loves you for who you are. Don't have sex with him or anything, because that's a really indepth thing to get into and should be talked about first. Tell him that you're not into that stuff! Talk to him online if it's really that hard. Hope I helped! PS - real men love Jesus. God bless dude!


Me: I really wonder why guys have been hittin on me lately lol
Him: u realli wanna know that
Him: cuz i'll tell u
Me: ok lol
Him: cuz
Him: ur
Him: HOTT!!!!
Him: duh
Me: aww lol
Me: why cant guys go for my personality? its alright if they wanna go for my looks but then they could playas
Him: I'd go for both
Me: lol

Is he flirtin or just talkin? There's more convos where he says sweet things like that but I just chose this one.

He Thinks You're Hawt.


I really want to be popular. Not popular as in "hello, im stuck up and im better than everybody." I wanna be popular as in BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE! i dont know how to start a conversation with strangers. any suggestions on how i can achieve this?

Be nice to EVERYONE. Even the people you can't stand. Offer things to people, and show them that you're welcoming. Like if someone says "oh shit I forgot my pencil!" be like, "Here, I have an extra one. Keep it!"... do things like that, but not to the extent where people will take advantage of you. everyone likes people who are nice!


okay i have 2 best friends and i have a extra ticket to go too carowinds and i dont know who too take!! one is a girl ive had for 3 years and one is a boy ive had for a year and i love them too death

either or, neither nor. think about it.


you're a wonderful person. I'm happy we're friends.

just a post for ya..

thank you! but whom art thou?


does anyone know any good places that hire 14 year olds? i really need a job! lol

get a job at an ice cream place. they usually hire. my friend was THIRTEEN when she was hired at this one icecream place.


how do you fingure someone?

its pretty much self explanatory...


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