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What is your input on tipping at restaraunts? I tip when I eat out but I also feel 'why tip when they are paid by the hour?' I understand that waiters/waitress make little but when one pays for their meal I do get why it is expected.

Example: Why tip a pizza boy when they are paid minimum wage hourly? Why tip a barista?

I am looking for inputs on how people feel, I feel both ways. We shouldnt have to tip... We pay for our food and we pay for good services.

You answered your question yourself- they make hardly any money (in some states, it's legal for them to get paid under minimum wage), and so they are pretty dependent on tips rather than a paycheck. It's also a hard job that requires a lot of patience, I know I couldn't do it (just working in retail is bad enough!). If a waiter is rude and doesn't do a great job, I wouldn't tip very much, but if they do a good job, why not? Being rewarded keeps them motivated to keep working hard, which is good for everyone.
I work at a regular per-hour job, and it can be very frustrating and demotivating knowing that no matter how great or bad I do I still get paid the same. If I was allowed to be tipped (in fact, I can get fired for accepting one) I think it might make a big difference.

-Krista, 21/f


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