I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


alright so... i don't have the best skin. it's oily as hell. and the pimple... i'm not worried about that it's the blackheads. the makeup i use doesn't cover them nor the bumps they have NOR the holes they leave when i pull them out. and i'm not sure what to try now. i mean i'm cheap so i use drugstore, walmart type store makeup like maybelliene and covergirl... but i've been looking at MUFE, MAC, Smashbox, and other stuff...
but before i buy them i want to be sure they'll work because they are so expensive. so if you know any makeup good for covering blackheads or can find out some.. or even can find me a good article on this or a internet makeup tutorial please tell me.
and don't give me a lecture on how makeup won't help it, i'm not a retard i know that. but i would appreciate the help, not a LECTURE.

I wouldn't recommend MAC, their foundation tends to clog pores and it would probably make your problem worse. MUFE Mat Velvet+ really changed my life (as much as makeup can, anyway haha). It does a great job of controlling oily skin and gives awesome coverage. Definitely worth a try (and Sephora will let you return it if you don't like it).


(Rating: 5) thank you =) i was honestly looking at their stuff. and even though it was pricey it did peak my interest

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