I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


Is it true that this Saturday (June, 28) that Old Navy's flip flops are only going to be $1?? Cause some lady that my mom works with told her she saw a commercial that said that, but my mom wanted me to make sure it was for sure Old Navy. I looked on the website, but it didn't say anything. So if anyone knows could you fill me in please! haha, thanks bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saw the commercial. Yeah, it's true. Might wanna get there early, though.


(Rating: 5) thank you soooo much!

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