I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


I'm 15 and female...Ok, so out of all the guys I've met at my school, almost ALL are perverted. There are about 2 that i've met that are actually decent (atleast around me) and 1 has recently changed that virtue. I'm tired of it and I dont want to hear about who got laid last night, or who wants to get laid, or who did what in a school bathroom!!!! are ALL GUYS LIKE THIS??? or is it just a phase right now?

In some ways, yeah, it's a phase. As they get older, they'll grow out of it a little or at least learn to hide it better. Some will grow up, some won't.


(Rating: 5) thank you so much everything is so complicated LOL!

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