Hello! I am studying esthetics at an Aveda Institute after spending years in retail. I am proof that nothing turns out how you think it will, and that's a good thing. When you think you've got it figured out, you don't. Life would be boring otherwise, right?
Makeup, skincare, and psychology are my passions and I'm also happy to give advice on relationships, particularly for teenagers (so many things I wish I could have told myself a decade ago!) I'm happy to help fellow abuse survivors as well.
I'm a diehard SF Giants fan and also enjoy watching the Sharks and Niners. Addicted to music, especially The Gaslight Anthem. Oh, and my name is Krista. :)


Ok well I'm in high school and like ALL the girls have bigger boobs than me! And I mean i dont want to go to school wearing a padded bra one day and having everyone notice me like a sore thumb! But I've heard if you messeged your boobs or whatever that they will grow. Is there anyway that I can make them get bigger without wearing a padded bra or anything :-/ I'm really self concious and I dont want to be anymore!
THANKS a bunch

Don't worry about it. Massaging does not help, but you're still going through puberty and you still may grow. Check out Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty Guide for more advice.
Good luck!


I usually have pretty clear skin with some occasional acne, but yesterday I broke out pretty bad. I really have no idea what caused it. Do you know anyway I can get rid of it quickly?

The brand I always recommend is Clean and Clear, available at Walmart. Some products that would work for you:
- Cleansing Cloths can be used instead of cleanser. Wash your fash before bed and in the morning with these.
- Oil Blotting Cloths are 99 cents, and they work to remove oil from problem areas. These are great for purses.
- If parts of your skin are dry, I recommend Morning Glow Moisturizer. It also has sunscreen.
- Their new on-the-spot acne treatment has been proven to work 100% of the time.
- Their Clear Powder actually has a slight bluish tint, but works best on Caucasian skin to cover blemishes and remove oil.
- Finally, C&C's concealer comes in several different shades. It has acne medication, but does not dry out your skin. It is also very compact, and works under eyes, too.

Some other tips:
- Does your mom buy department store makeup (i.e. Clinique) a lot? Ask her for the miniature toner bottles that usually come with free gifts. Apply this after cleaning (and moisturizing, if you need to) in the morning and at night. It evens out your skin and removes oil.
- If you want to splurge, there is a great product by Clinique that works very well. It is called Deep Cleaning (it may say Cleansing, my bottle's a little worn out :( ) Emergency Mask. Do not follow the instructions, though! Instead, apply this white mask to your pimples and let it dry for around 5 minutes, right before bed. THen go to bed with it on. By the next morning it will has flaked off a lot and your acne will be shrunken, if not totally gone. Rinse it off and continue your morning routine.
- The Body Shop sells a great product to keep in your purse. Their Tea Tree Oil Stick looks a lot like a lip gloss, and even has a wand! Apply this clear liquid to a pimple and it will be much less noticeable soon. You can reapply it in public, because it's clear, and it smells great! Some other good tea tree oil products they sell are foundation and powder (to cover up and heal) and tea tree oil blotters. THey also have some nice cleanser, toner, etc.

I hope this helped. Good luck!


im 15 and my penis is about 5 inches long is that about average?

Well, it really depends on your height and weight, but yes, pretty much average.


Ok heres the story,
I lived with my dad untill i was 121/2 .... But know i live with my mom and i am 15 .... when i lived with my dad he used to give me a suit case and tell me to move in with my mom when he was drunk or mad and now my mom does it only she doesnt give me a suit case cause i have one in my room .... When i first moved in with her she used to allways takl to me and i could tell her any thing but over time we drifted and thats normal i know for going into teens and stuff but know she loves my step dad more then she loves me .... i know she does becuase if my step dad is off some where else for work then she cant stand not talking to him at least 3 times a day even if hes only gone for 2 days and when i go to visit my dad for a weekend or for a couple of weeks she doesnt call me or anything and when i come home shes like i missed you but then goes back to talking to her husband errrr

AND THEN my brother wont even talk tod me becuase him and my dad got into a fight and he doesnt want anything to do with someone who is related to my father ....... and my family (like aunts etc..) on my dads side hates me becuase i "left" my dad and moved to my moms

Sry for sounding like a complaining person but i wanted to know why does family treat me like this? it makes me really depressed

I know exactly how you feel. You need to talk to someone you trust, preferably an adult. No parent should tell to go to someone else's house when they're "drunk or mad"- that's not right. You're probably upset about this too. Your parents need help, perhaps AA? As for your brother, tell him you aren't big on your dad either and that YOU didn't do anything and that HE is related to your dad too. And your dads family...try to talk to them about the truth. If that doesn't work, just know that you are right and they are wrong. Good luck!


Im a 15yr old girl and when I was younger my brother used to pull down my trousers and hold my bum , it seems a bit silly really but it used to terrify me, he did it a few times and when i tried to run away he grabbed me. The more i think about it the more wierd it is, can you tell me if this is sexual abuse or not and what to do about it please, thanks!

You need to talk to someone, whether it is a counselor, parent, relation, etc. This is abuse since you tried to run away. First, you need to confront him. Let him know that wasn't right. If he says something like, "I know, I'm sorry", forgive and forget. If he says, "Oh, big deal" talk to someone! If whoever you talk to tries to tell you it's not a big deal, find some one else. You say you were terrified! Something's wrong with that, or rathe, your brother. Good luck!


Well, me and this guy blaine have been best friends since the seventh grade. I mean best friends, i know everything about him, and he knows everything about me. I also have this best friend named Tanisha and she was the first person i told when i started having feelings for blaine. I never said anything to blaine, but in the eighth grade Tanisha told me she liked blaine. Blaine said that he only likes her for her body, and now they're together. I still like him, but i feel like neither of them cares about me any more. Everyone keeps saying just find sum1 else but its not that easy. What should i do?

Girl, you gotta give up Blaine. He is a perv and a user- not worth your attention. You'll need some time to get over him, but eventually you will. As for Tanisha...don't bother too much with her. She backstabbed you! And also, no offense, but she must be pretty deperate to go out with a jerk like Blaine. Good luck!


I've always been really bad at finding things to say to people when they're upset. I mean, I know that usually what they need is just for their friend to be there for them, but I can't just stand there while they cry...for instance, one of my friends has been having a lot of problems lately: she fights with her mother often and recently her grandfather was taken to the hospital and they think he might have cancer. She gets upset often and i never know what to say or do! I feel horrible...i need some advice on what to say when she's going through hard times or crying on the phone or whatever because I always feel that I'll sound stupid and not good enough of a friend. when someone has cancer you can;'t tell the person 'oh, it'll be okay' because it won't! so please, if you have any advice i'd be glad to hear it

Just say something, "I wish I could say something but sorry sounds so inadequate. I feel bad you have to go through this. Is there anything I can do?". Honestly, the little things help. Good luck!


I'm fifteen years old and completely in love with a twenty-one year old guy. We have both liked each other for about 2 years now. However, the guy I like has never acted upon his feelings because of my age. He respects me, which isn't a bad thing. But how can I make him see that I'm mature enough to be his girlfriend? How could I coax him to get into a relationship with me?

Don't! Until you're 18, it is AGAINST THE LAW and he could be arrested! Wait til you're 18.


female/15 ok this guy that i have been going out with for almost a year really wants to have sex, so do i though. I just am not quite sure if i should be having sex yet...what do you think? i really want to and i love him SOOOOO much! yes or no

If you want to and use protection, go for it. (And even with a condom you can still get pregnant!) While you're at it, go to teenorg.com and click on Articles to learn how to give him a great blowjob. Good luck!


I wrote the poem which is in one of the previous posts entitled "Everytime" . I was feeling rather depressed today , and so i wrote another poem . Tell me what you think about it ....
Bt\ , to all those who asked ,
i'm 13 going on 14 .


I thought that I was contented
I thought I knew you
But that was just an illusion
You took me for a fool

All this pain that I went through
Did I ever mean anything to you ?
All those times I cried
Why weren’t you by my side?

So many nights I spent ,
Sitting by the phone
Just hoping you would call
I was so alone

You told me that you loved me
But why couldn't you look me in the eye ?
I guess this was what made me see
That i was living a lie ..

That's really good. Keep on writing!


hopefully i can make this as short as possible, so here we go (by the way i am a male and am 15 years old, going to be a sophmore next year); the person i like to portray myself to be is a really nice and caring guy who is what some people would call not as much a guy as guys are, but anyways, there is this girl who is really really nice, and really really fun and energetic, she is always "bouncing off the walls" and also has a great sense of humor and is really fun to be around, i really enjoy being around her. here is some more information: i didnt know how to let her know how i felt about her, because i look up to her as a rolemodel as the person i want to be like, funny, smart, and just plain fun and not perverted or anything, like she never curses or says sick jokes or anything like that, so anyways, one day after school i stopped her and told her that i thought she was really cool and she in turn said the same thing to me, and i told her that i never thought i would meet anyone else like her. to finish off the information- i am moving in about 3 weeks, leaving state going off to somewhere else because of parent complications and what not, and now i just want to get to know her better; she did give me her email, but knowing her she doesnt check it except every month or so, so that it does not get deleted, because it is a hotmail account, so if i am lucky she will see the email i sent to her asking her if she would want to go for a walk and talk sometime so we can get to know each other better, but i dont think that will work. so anyways, here is my question- i want to find a way to ask her to do something with me (and by the way she doesn't want to date anyone or get into a relationship, that is why i want to ask her on a walk), but i dont know what to ask her to do, i thought of asking her for i walk, so we can talk more, because i want to get to know her better, so i dont know what to ask her, and second of all i dont know how to contact her, so far i have just been waiting to see if she will reply to my email, but i dont think she will, so i want another way to ask her, and i am not so sure about calling her house or knocking on her door and asking her that way, i only have 3 weeks left before i am gone and will not be able to see her again, so i just want some advice (and by the way she doesnt use chats either), so i would really appreciate it if someone could send me some advice, thanks a whole bunch if you do!

Go for it! Even if you are moving, you can still go out for a bit. Invite her somewhere fun, maybe even something like DIscovery Zone just for kicks? Good luck.


okay i am an 12 year old male. and i like this girl at school and i keep on having sexual fantasies about her am i to young is this normal

Don't worry- you're normal. Guys especially do that sort of thing when they start puberty, it's just a phase.


ive been crushing on this guy for a while and so i told my best friend. Her bf and the guy i like are good friends so i had him to talk to the guy. He said that he liked me but wasnt looking for a relationship right now. Its summer break so when school starts back up again should i go for it?? of move on.

Ask him when school starts. Say something like, "I know you said you weren't interested in a relationship, but I still like you. Do you think you're ready yet?" If he says no, get over it (not to be harsh, lol). Good luck!


There is this guy who I can't stop thinking about and my BFF told me that he like me and was going to ask me out. I didn't believe her until one of his best buds told me the same thing. I was going to ask him myself but I really don't like asking guys out. So my friend told me not to cause he was going to ask me out at the end of the week. Well really I thought it was impossible for he to like me but he started talking to me more. Well the week passed and he didn't ask me out. now it summer break and I won't see him until August 4. I have his Phone# cause he told me to call him in my year book. I've tried but I didn't get an answer. What should I do. P.S. I'm 14 soon to be 15.

Why, ask him out of course! LOL. He must like you- almost no guys put their phone number in someone's yearbook "just cuz" like girls do. Call him and ask him to the movies with some of your friends and some of his friends. From there, move on to you and one or two couples...then just you! Good luck and make the most of your summer!



Go to freewebs.com. It's free and they have a very easy editing tool that works like Microsoft Word. To get your own free .tk domain name, go to dot.tk. Good luck!


i can't kiss my boyfriend. i said i wanted to and he said he wanted to and we do but we're both too shy. what do i do????

Talk about it again. Sya something like, "I know we both mentioned before that we watned to kiss each other, but I'm too shy to make the first move." Maybe he will! GOod luck!


My legs aren't actually fat , they are just normal,maybe slightly bigger than usual . I used to love wearing skirts , especially mini skirts , until this guy told me that i had "fat legs " . How can i slim my legs down ? I have heard that doing squats and lifting your heels off of the ground help , so do they ? What excercises can help me tone my legs down without them getting more muscular ?
Thanks for your time =)

Don't! The guy who told you that obviously has low self-esteem and feels he must put you down to feel better. It is fine to work out a little though, check out magazines like YM and GL for easy workouts that don't take up too much time. Good luck!


COULD BORING GET ANY MORE BORING!!! I'm stuck in the house with my little sister and it's sooo boring. The computer and tv and playstation are losing there fun...so any creative ideas on what i could do to when stuck in the house?? I'm 14 and a girl.

Here's a list of ideas:
- Start a decoupage project. Decoupage is the art of basically pasting bits of magazines, etc. onto boxes. It's easy and looks really cool.
- Make your own website by going to freewebs.com
- Visit spacefem.com and read some articles
- Bored.com!
- Write a story, song, or poem
- Invent a game
- Cook something

Good luck!


wow! this friday i lost my cell phone..and i went a lil crazi..i was at a teennight place (which is a place where u met ppl and dance and shyt like that) and i was askin every1 if they saw my phone and i asked this one realli hot guy and i was like heyyy do u have my phone..and he was like no and i was like are u sure???...and he was like u can check me and i was like ok so i lifted up his shirt..OMG He has a 6pac..

It's okay- calm down. Everyone does something like that every once in a while, heaven knows I have too. Just put it behind you. No good relationship starts like that. Everyone makes mistakes. Good luck!


im 15... i have noticed that there is cloudy substance on my thong constantly.. it is embrassing and sometimes smells... what is it what can i do am i normal?

yes, this is normal. it is, to put it scientifically, vaginal fluid. There's no way to stop it as far as I know...wear light colored undies though! And ask your doctor.


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