Hello! I am studying esthetics at an Aveda Institute after spending years in retail. I am proof that nothing turns out how you think it will, and that's a good thing. When you think you've got it figured out, you don't. Life would be boring otherwise, right?
Makeup, skincare, and psychology are my passions and I'm also happy to give advice on relationships, particularly for teenagers (so many things I wish I could have told myself a decade ago!) I'm happy to help fellow abuse survivors as well.
I'm a diehard SF Giants fan and also enjoy watching the Sharks and Niners. Addicted to music, especially The Gaslight Anthem. Oh, and my name is Krista. :)


well to make it kinda short i do drungs. not all the time but i do get high. Well. it seems like thast the only time i can get horny. i mean i know what i'm doing but thats the only time i get "in the mood" and when i'm not i still like making out with my bf. but i'm not horny. and it seems like i dont want ot do anything.. is this normal..

That sounds perfectly normal, when you're high you're more relaxed. It really depends on what you use. Continue as long as you don't get addicted. It's normal. Good luck!


how far do ya'll think is the best to go in a relationship of 5 months.

It really depends on if you're ready or not and how old you are. I'd have to say if you are 16 or older and you know the person will stay with you even if you get pregnant, go for it. Good luck!


ok i had sex, ok well i tryed to have sex with my boyfriend and i love him so much and he loves me, i mean he said he wasnt mad or anything but it hurt! so i had to make him stop, how many times is this goin to hurt?! kuz i really wana do it with him. he said it wasnt my fault and it was ok but still! i mean come on ,so how long do u think it will hurt before we can do it? plz help lol* thanks

This is quite common, it usually hurts the first time because your vagina is being "stretched" however it usually doesn't hurt after the first time. Good luck!


what is an orgasm i really want to have one please help

The definition clitical.com gives is:
"Orgasm - The end-pleasure or climax"
It is basically a very pleasing sensation when a male is inside you and touches a pleasure spot. You can also get one by touching your "pleasure spots" while masturbating, check out Clitical for several great guides.Good luck!


hi, my best friend wants to be a singer when she grows up and lately all she's been doing is singing and its driving me crazy the other day i told her to stop singing and she said so make me. i told her its driving me crazy she just said to bad what do i *Do do not rate this question!!!*

Say something like, "I know you love singing and all, and you sound great. But lately it's been a little annoying. I'm not telling you to stop, but it's kind of annoying when I'm trying to talk and all you do is sing. Is that okay?" I know you mean well, but it sounds like you approached her very rudely about it, that would insult anyone- no wonder she was mad. Approach her politely, and it should work. Good luck!


how do you know when your having an orgasum?

Well...you just do. It is the most incredible feeling, trust me you'll know. ;)


what does an orgasum feel like i really want to have one how do i?

What it feels like differs for many people. Masturbation is the best method, go to clitical.com for a great guide. Good luck!


how do you use a vibrator? i have one with me rite now but i dont know if there is a spacific way you are supose to use it or not? please help i want some pleasure

Well, there's no exactly specific way. Just experiment with rubbing it "down there" until you find something that feels good. If you need more help, clitical.com has a great guide to masturbation. Good luck!


My and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 15 months and we have come close to have sex sooo many times... the only thing stopping us is that he doesnt have condoms. We both know that if he did, that we would probably end up doing something if we had the chance, but we are also both worried about pregnancy! Thats why we are hesitant about buying condoms.
I am 16 and he is 17.
What should i do?

Well, first of all, you can get condoms for free online or from a place like Planned Parenthood. But...you don't sound ready. I think you're using the chance of getting pregnant as an excuse. You're not ready, so don't push it. If you were ready, you'd be saying "I know i might get pregnant, but I care about him and I'm willing to take the chance." I would say hold off. You obviously don't trust your b.f., so wait. Good luck!


well i'm getting bored with my usual masterbating so has anyone got any tips? im kinda too young to use vibraters. i'm a girl.

Go to clitical.com, they have a great guide. And actually it's not an inappropriate quesiton because it's under the Sex category and they allow that, it just won't be a featured question. So don't worry.


Help please the last time I wrote to you people was in about March in Oregon... I had run away and was heading for Canada and asked what I should do and most of you said go back but I didn't listen... I'm from California and ive ridden my bike all the way to washington... i'm badly fucked up... I feel really sick... what should I do... I don't want to go back... but I want to feel good again... i've had to steal food, steal things to survive.... anyways i'm on a computer in an internet cafe... please help... what should I do?

I'm so sorry, not only about your situation but that you didn't get very good advice, by the sound of it. I need a little more information, but I'll see if I can help you. Do you have any relatives in Washington? If not, you need to call one. If you are or used to be religious, a church can always help you. (And I'm not religious, so no I'm not trying to convert you.) You need to stop this right now. It's gone way too far. Stop stealing. Call information and ask for a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. They can help you there. Also remember you have already started the road to recovery by acknowledging that you "want to feel good again". Also go to the hospital! Like I said, I need more information so feel free to ask me a private question or email me, tinkerbell_7141@msn.com. I know exactly how you feel, I ran away last June. That's all I'm saying though.

Good luck!


Hi. I am obsessed with anime and manga. Is there any way to turn myself into an anime character and jump into an anime?

Yes of course, just take a Magical Anime Transforming Potion. :-)


ok what is the in color for hair? blonde or brown ? i am a blonde right now but it is a died blonde some ppl like it and some dont i think i look a little better as a blonde but i dont know cuz i did have brown hair with blonde highlights but i have blue eyes and i think the blonde brings them out more but i just want to know what is the in color for hair?

Don't worry about the "in" color. Decide what looks best. ( A piccy would help.) Brown will make your eyes stand out, while blonde will go well. Ask a hairstylist, I can't see you so I don't know.


is this anna ballard???

No, this is Kristin Davis. It says it on my column, so read before you ask.


Alright, there's this guy who goes to my friends Church. His name is Collin. Anyway, I've thought Collin was cute for a while and I noticed him looking at me a few times during church and stuff. Well I told my guy friend, Aaron (who's friends with him) about it. Well a few weeks ago at a concert my friend Aaron went up to Collin and asked him what he thought about me (I didn't know what he was doing at the time... All I saw was Aaron talking to him and Collin smiling a lot.) Well Aaron told me that Collin smiled and nodded and said "Nice" (like he thought I looked good or something.) Aaron told me I'd have to start talking to him because he's shy or w/e. Well when I got home he was online and my friend Crystal (whom he barely knows by the way) IMed him...and asked him what he thought about me, again. And he told HER that he wasn't my type. So my friend kind've just left it at that. Well lately I've been noticing him looking at me more and stuff. Like one sunday he turned around and I didn't notice this but my friend Andrew told me Collin was checking me out. So what I want to know is do you think he likes me and... if he does why did he completely turn the tables like he did.. Why did he tell Crystal one thing and Aaron another??

Well, if HIS guy friend asked you what you thought of him, you'd probably deny it, right? That's what most people do. But if a girl asked you, you'd tell her most likely. It's just a weird habit of people. You should ask him instead of relying on other people. Good luck!


i was wondering if anyone here has a theme for their room.. or has i theme in mind for me.. & if you do have any ideas on how i could apply it to my walls and with my furnaiture!

please help! :)

My room is currently denim and hot pink with tinkerbell accents. Yes, sounds weird, but it looks awesome. I got a set from Bed Bath and Beyond and they have tons of stuff to match. Also check out Pottery Barn Teen (pbteen.com)- they have really cool stuff. Good luck!


ok say your in deep love but then you see another guy walk bye and say to ur friends oo hottie what does that mean? does it mean the guy you in love with ur not really in love with or is it just normal for ppl to do that?

No, it's normal. I mean, if I have a boyfriend and I drool over Orlando Bloom or the guy working at Starbucks, that's not "betrayal" unless I do something about it. Good luck!


my friend thinks that she is better than me at evrything and i got so pissed off one night and she pushed me and i pushed her back and then we startd makinout and we did *it* (lol) i dno how to tell my gf... should i?. I NEED HELP

You need to break up with your girlfriend. It's just not fair. Tell her that you like someone else, and that you really like her too but don't wanna hurt both people. Don't tell her who you like. GOod luck!


ok first off, im kind of pale and white and i have ALOT of freckles....is their anyway to like make them go away? or tan fast? bc when i tan i dont really tan i burn n peal and its nasty and all my friends are like wow you need to get a tan..or dang you are so white!! what do i say when they say this and how can i tan to make my freckles like blend in??

First off, sorry hon, no way to get rid of the freckles. Second of all, use self tanning lotion- I recommend Coppertone Endless Summer, available at Walmart. And third...when your "friends" say that...
(a) Ignore them or change the subject
(b) Make a joke of it
(c) Say something like, "I know, but I don't really care. A tan is a sign of skin damage anyway." (cuz it is.)
And don't hate your freckles! Think of the many people...Lindsey Lohan for instance and she is beautiful!
And whatever you do DO NOT go to a tanning salon. It costs hundreds of bucks and causes skin cancer, not to mention wrinkles and aging later on. Just don't!
Good luck!


how can i hide a hickey?

Buy a good concealer and powder, Clean and Clear concealer works for me for some reason- I guess cuz it's formulated to heal acne and remove blemishes. You can get this at Walmart.


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