I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


whats do most guys perfer a shaved or hairy vagina? im 17 very curious

Well, idk about guys but you'll be much more sensitive (in a good way) if you shave and it'll make it easier for oral.


the guy i am interested in told me that the only way he would consider going out with me is if i have sex with him 1st. i like this guy but i am a virgin i just dont know if it is worth it. what shoul i do? :(

This guy is a user and a jerk. Don't even bother with him- he'll probably dump you right after you have sex. You deserve way better than that. Good luck!


ok i just got my hair layered! looks better, now my hair is highlighted but fomr last jan. and i dont hav the money for more its 70 bucks for more!! to much! lol ne1 hav ne tips for makin my hair look better? cuz its dark brown at the top then light brown with blonde highlights... i need help asap!!

Buy your own highlighting kit! It's very easy to do. I recommend L'oreal Feria (around 7 bucks), it's easy to use and not too bright. If they don't have the shade you're looking for, try Herbal Essences. Both are available at Walmart, Feria is about $7 and and Herbal Essences is about $9. Good luck!


List what you think the top five fashion MUSTS to have in your closet will be this fall...I could use some tips on whats gonna be in fashion...!!! Thanks!

1. Ponchos- go with everything, they have all kinds from girly to punk.
2. Skirts- femme is in. Twirly skirts are great for fall!
3. Plaid- Preppy is very trendy, but don't overdo it.
4. Lingerie inspired tops- lacy and girly is tres fashionable.
5. Dressy jeans- the kind with pearls detail or sparkles look great with basic colored tees.
Hope I helped!


my mom's boyfriend slept over the other night and one morning i woke up early to my mom closing my door and then a few minutes later i heard her moaning continuesly. it was so nasty and i knew i couldnt move or else she would know that i heard everything, so i had to sit there and listen. it's so disgusting but i dont know if i should tell her what i heard or just keep it a secret? i have no idea what would be best and what would make me feel better. what should i do?

Well, like everyone's said, it really depends on your relationship with your mom. I think you should let her know by saying something like:
"Mom, it makes me feel uncomfortable when you sleep with [boyfriends name] in our house."
if shes really open you can add:
"Last night I heard you guys having sex and it kind of grossed me out. I know you're an adult, but it kind of grosses me out."
Then ask her to stop. Good luck!


okay heres my story..what should i do?

i have this best friend named Jerra..and last friday we went bowling and met these guys n hooked up with them! and then she promised me that night that me n her would go again this friday with the same group of guys..and that it would be JUST us..no one else! just me n her..and then the guys! well she went to camp for a week and came back today and called me and was like "well i met these girls at camp and they became some of my best friends and they are gonna come with us tonite bowling!" i was soo FURIOUS! i started crying and everything cause i worked so hard to earn the money so i could go bowling tonite..but now my plans are ruined! and i told her that if those girls she met where there that she would ditch me and she was like "i wouldn't ditch you completely" but here's another thing..i like this guy named charlie..and me n him were suppose to hook up tonite and makeout maybe..well guess what..she's bringing his EX girlfriend! and then she told his ex g/f that i liked him and was gonna makeout with him! some best friend huh?! well i don't know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE THIS WHOLE THING IS HAPPENING TONITE! I'LL RATE YOU A 5! thanks!

You need to calm down a little. There was no need for her to invite them, but who knows, her new friends could be really great! Give them a chance and get to know them. Don't worry about his ex, I mean Charlie might be a little annoyed but it won't affect his feelings about you. Good luck!


What does it mean when u wake up and find clear gel stuff on ur underwear (im a girl)

This is discharge, you body's way of cleaning out "down there". It means you'll have your period in around a year.


I need help witht this riddle please try n figure it out fo me ok here it goes....... there is a ,man on trial and a man steps up to the stand and asks to speak, the judge says who are u the man says brother n sisters i have none but the father of this man is my fathers son, how is the man related to the criminal. $M$

the man on trial is the guy's half-brother's son.


hey..im looking for CUTE school clothes..and i wanted to ask from everyone to name off a BUNCH of stores that i can check out!!


*i rate!:)*

Macy's is great (some of their stuff is really expensive but check out their ponchos and amazing sale rack) and TJ Maxx (disount designer clothes) is one of my favorite stores. Also, if money isn't an issue, Wet Seal and Nordstrom BP Juniors both have cute stuff. Good luck!


Can you have sex when you are pregnant??

Yes, although you have to be a lot more gentle.


can you get pregnant 2 weeks before your period?



My friend always says that i am acting differently around these other girls that i act around her. but she cant give me ANY examples of how i am being like that! i just dont understand! she gives me this whole speech about how i should be the same around everyone and be yourself...but i have no clue what she is talkin about!

You need to talk with your friend. Tell her you don't think you act any differently around [names of the girls] and you don't understand why she says you do. Ask her (again) for an example. If she really can't come up with one...tell her you do want to change your behavior, but you can't if you don't know what you're doing. She might actually be jealous, so maybe you should do more stuff with her alone, then gradually start including her when you go places with the three girls. Bonne chance!


hey there, ok my question is im 14 and ive been having my period for 2 years now. thing is that it is very irregular, i can get it today and not get till..october.. you know...like that.. but until im 17 thats supposed to be within the normal. anyway, for 2 weeks now, ive been drastically dirtying my panties..why is that? please explain detailed. thank you!!

Some girls have this due to genetics. You need to talk to your doctor, if it's bad enough you an be prescribed birth control, which will probably stop it or make it more regular. If you're sexually active, though, you should be warned that sinec you don't get your period when you have birth control, you might not know if you are pregnant. Good luck!


My first day of high school is coming up .. what should i wear ??? i wanna look cute n trendy ! for ppl who have already survived there freshman year ... give me a hint on what to wear first day of school =D

Well, it really depends on your style, but here are some general tips.
- Ponchos are really trendy, I like the semi-transperant black knit kind. They have them at Macy's. Buy a bright colored (red, teal, etc.) camisole and wear it underneath with a pair of jeans.
- If you're into Dickies, they have a really cute new kind of dress. It's short-sleeved with a front side and collar, black with a little pocket on the left side.
- If you're preppy, you can't go wrong with a cute t-shirt (like from abercrombie) and jeans.
- One of the biggest trends are the "layered" skirts. Buy one in black and wear it with a cute tee.
Good luck!


Okay, I have a problem with sweaty armpits. I'm sorry if this seems gross, but it's becoming a big issue. I always have to wear black shirts to hide it, but school is starting on Monday, and we have a uniform (a baby blue t-shirt) I don't want to wear a jacket, because I'll get really overheated! I even tried switching to men's deodorant and nothing changes! I'm really embarrassed about this... I don't know what else to do! Someone, please help me! Thanks sooo much, in advance!!

WEll, first let me explain. There are two types of underarm products:
- Deodorant covers up the smell of sweat.
- Antiperspirant eliminates sweat.
Some do both jobs, and I recommend that kind. For mild odor protection try:
Dove rollon- liquidm but feels really cold first thing in the morning.
Secret- kinda weird rollup thing, but comes in several scents and works well.
If these don't work try Adidas (women's kind). It's meant for athletes so it should work for you. Good luck! If none of these work, see your doctor. All products are available at Walmart.


Should i have sex wid my bf for like our 1 year anniversary i mean it would be a nice present!! and i dunno ppl say im to young (i will be 14) but i kno pplz who r younger than me and have already done it i mean its not like he iz juss some guy he iz the love of my life and he means the world to me and i feel that im comfortable to have sex wid him but should i wait till im like 16 or juss do wat i feel iz right?!?!? thanx

-x- unknown -x-

If you want to and you are comfortable with the idea (you sound like it) then go ahead, WITH PROTECTION. It wouldn't be a very nice gift if you got pregnant. Good luck!


Alright. I'm fourteen-years-old and I'm a Freshman, this year, in High School; just to give you an idea of where I am, as far as maturing goes.

No one has ever really spoken to me about health and growing. And I suppose I'll end up learning about this in Sex Ed. but I figured I would get advice, now, anyways.

This afternoon, I started noticing a soreness on the sides and tops of my breasts. I'm not entirely sure what this soreness means or whether or not it's a good thing so that's where I need help.

Is it normal to have sore breasts? Do you get 'growing pains' as you mature, on your chest?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Yes, it's just because you're growing. You may also get stretch marks (red lines around your nipples) if you grow fast enough, but these will fade in time. Also, many girls have pains like that before their period, so I think you're perfectly normal.


Does anyone know a site where I can ask a question on sex. I believe my question would be too graphic for this site because of how young most of the people here seem to be. :\ Or maybe a girl that would be old enough to answer my question (im 16)

Here is fine. It just won't be a featured question. Actually if you look around most people I've met are 15-16 so it should be okay.


Well their is this guy that I have know since I was like 6 or older. we have always seen each other and I have always had a crush on him. he is like 20 turning 21 in feburary. I am only like 15 turning 16 in october. Is it bad for having a crush or like maybe a thing wit him even if he is a lil older then me? I like him so much but I don't know if my parents would like that he is older and I am so young for him. When we see each other too. we have so much stuff to talk about together and we are happy when we see each other and It hurts me when other girls hurt him. I don't want to do. well thank you Jenny,16,female

Well...I think maybe you should discuss it with your parents, but if you're not comfortable with that, think it over for a little bit and if you're abosolutely sure, go for it. You should know, though, that it's illegal for you guys to have sex and if you did then he could go to jail. Good luck!


im not sure if this is the rite category but im a 14 year old male and i wanna run away. i dont like tthe way im being treated at home my parents r taking away my comps cuz they saw somethin on this site that they didnt like and they think i had somthin 2do w/ it. my mom is always yelling 4 no reason she thinx im always doin somthin rong my dad gives me no privacy and tries 2 read my messages. i hate having my life consumed by them. i want a life of my own.so should i stay or should i go?

Don't leave yet. You need to work this out. It may sound stupid but you need to talk with them and to a counselor, maybe even family counseling because it sounds like they have a huge distrust of you. First you need to discuss it, though. You need to inform your mom that you're not responsible for the content of advicenators because anyone can post on it, and you need to let your dad know that you don't think you've done anything to make him mistrust you. Do NOT run away, the situation isn't serious enough for that. Run away only as a last resort, like if they abuse you. GOod luck and hang in there!


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