I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


Ok well, I am 12 years old...and I don't know if I know what love is yet. But I think I am feeling it. See theres this guy (his name is Kevin) we went out on and off for a long time and he was my first makeout...now he claims that he hates me, but I still like him a ton! SHould I just leave him alone, or keep trying...?
Broken hearted

Honey, you don't deserve an immature jerk like that. Believe me, boys are really immature at your age, so I wouldn't even bother with Kevin. He has no reason to hate you and probably actually doesn't, but why waste your energy on an on-again off-again guy? I'm sure you'll find someone great who doesn't change his mind every 2 seconds.

Good luck! I hope I helped. If you think I gave you good advice, then feel free to rate me!


what is the best conditioning treatment or product or whatever for dyed hair? thanx

I like Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner for Color Treated Hair. It's available at Walmart and works very well.


I want to dye my hair a crazy color like blue or purple, and I want to know some good hair products that work for *ahem* ethnic hair ( I'm Black if you haven't figured that out yet) I want something that will be semi-permanent. I also don't want to bleach my hair, I don't want to put too many chemicals in it. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

I'm not sure if there are any specific hair dyes for African-American hair (all I've heard of is shampoo) but if you just want a few streaks (or you could do your whole head) try Hot Head Streakin', available at Walmart and drugstores. It comes in colors like blue and red and uses a comb to get the color into your hair. Hope I helped!


hey i think i might be overweight. i'm 5'7 and weigh 105 lbs. my bff said i'm a beanpole. but i think i culd lose weight. help.

Honey, there is no WAY you are overweight. My god, my cousin's 5'7, slightly overweight and she weighs 130! If you want to look good, try focusing on exercise so you'll be strong in addition to thin.


Do you all know any acne face washes that work really well? (I don't really have sensitive skin)
- Flawed Face

Clean and Clear, available at Walmart, works really well.


Do women find a guy with a hairy chest attractive? I'm 24, hairy, but not out of control hairy. I'm not overtly self-conscious, but I get the feeling that body hair is considered unattractive. ???
Don't hold back. I want real answers. Hopefully, from real women. Thanks.

Well, I personally think that really hairy chests are gross, but a little bit is fine.


hi sweetie!:) sep 3rd is my bfs 17th birthday and our 6 month ann. any ideas for gifts?


I don't know your bf so I can't tell you exactly what to get him, but here are a few ideas.
- Take him out to dinner, somewhere nice.
- Have a stay-at-home night, cook dinner for him and "serve" him (you could even set the table up fancy like a restaraunt), and rent a dvd that you think he'd like, complete with popcorn and candy.
-If he's the adventurous type, why not go hiking or rock-climbing? Most towns have one of those and you could have a picnic at the top of the hill. Or try scuba diving if you live near a lake or ocean.
- If he likes sports, try your very hardest to get tickets for his favorite team. (This is expensive tho!)

Basically anything relating to his interests. Most of these aren't very expensive but mean a lot. Congrats and good luck!


Does anyone know a good place to get your own website on the net....FOR FREE? Please help me! :)

www.freewebs.com is incredibly easy to use and looks very professional. For a free domain name go to www.dot.tk.
You could also try Angelfire or Geocities but I like freewebs much better.


is it tru that if your Pg n u drink vodka will it kill the baby???

Yeah, any kind of alcohol (or smoking or drugs) will severely damage the baby and/or kill it.


My mom actually needs help with this one, but I'll explain.

Last night my neighbors who are around my age (I'm 14) came over. My mom rented 3 movies (even though we really couldn't afford it) but being the whiners they are, they didn't want to see any of them, so we let them bring their own movie over, for my and my 11-year old bro to watch with them. They chose Scary Movie and I have no idea why their mom let me! It was really inappropriate for my brother, who's going in to sixth grade. I mean, people were giving each other bjs and hjs, a girl got stuck to the ceiling by cum, etc. It was really digusting. The worst part is that they thought it was hilarious, Nick (older one, around my age) in particular kept going, "Noelle, come here" (my mom's name) at the grossest parts. Their mom is normally a pretty good mom but I just don't understand how on earth she could think it was appropriate for my brother. Obviously her boys were too immature for it too. My mom is going to call their Mom, Denise, whom we've been friends with for many years. Denise can get offended and mad very easily, so what should my mom say? And what should she say next time the boys want to bring over a movie?

Sorry about the long question. I rate!

Wow...Here's what to say to denise. (For your mom). "I don't know if you know this, but last night your boys brought over Scary Movie and I don't believe it was appropriate for [brothers name]. Can you please make sure they bring over PG13 or lower-rated movies next time?".
Also, next time, go to www.kidsinmind.com and search for the movie. It will rate it in terms of profanity, sex, and violence and also give details, which you can let your mom (and Denise) read.


okay, i am a 17 yr old girl, and i have only ever ahd oen alcoholic drink in my life. Mike's Hard Lemonade . but ever sicne i had it, i have wanted more like all the time. and i have wnated to try many other types of alcoholic drinks. i have never been drunk or high in my life, but i really wnat to at least once. is that a bad thign and when are you supossed to draw the line and say "i've had enough" and when does that turn into an addiction?

Actually, Mike's Hard Lemonade is the only alcoholic drink I know of that tastes good! Actually, there's Smiroff's Twisted II but it's bitter. There's really nothing else good out there. You're only a few years away from being able to drink, so don't worry about it.


hey does anyone know where i can get backgrounds for my website if u do please tell me some websites thanks

Soup-faerie.com has a lot (2000, in fact) if you want the largest selection possible, but soupkitchen.tk has better bgs. Hope I helped!


ok..im trying to help a friend out..and help him w/ his best man speech but what do u talk about when ur writing a best man speech?..id love it if people could help n fast! thanks!

i rate!

KiLeE kAe!

Here's a basic format.

- How you met the groom.
- When you met the bride.
- Why they're great together.
- Funny story about marriage.
- How happy you are for them and how you wish them lots of luck. A joke can fit in the very end, too.

Here's an example:
I've known Bob since I was a little kid, and we've have lots of fun over the years. I am so happy to be here at another happy event in Bob's life. Cindy's been an aqquantince of mine for a few years, and she's a great girl. They're such a great couple because they have things in common but are seperate people. I knew a couple once who were exactly alike...sounds like a great thing, right? But it was really scary. (FUNNY STORY ABOUT IT GOES HERE). I'm thrilled for you guys and wish you loads of luck. And remember, (TIE IN WITH STORY)!

Good luck!


I need to look good for my new school which starts tomorrow! I need help on the following things:

-I have a little acne! Is there anything to remove them before school?

-I have hair on my arms/legs! Are there any home remedies to lighten them coz i cant go to the store?

-A new hairdo! I have long brown hair, and it's not layered. I have never dyed/frosted it, and I want to have nice hair without putting harsh chemicals to my hair.

For your acne, try Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment: http://www.cleanandclear.com/products/acne_treat/acne_spottreat.shtml. It's available at Walmart or you can order it online. To hide your current pimples, try their medicated concealer (http://www.cleanandclear.com/products/acne_treat/conceal_sticks.shtml). One of their very best products is the Overnight Acne Patches (http://www.cleanandclear.com/products/acne_treat/overnight_patches.shtml). Also, you need to cleanse, moisturize, and use toner. For moisturizer I recommend their Shine Control Moisturizer (http://www.cleanandclear.com/products/facial_moist/shine_control.shtml). You need to do this because pimples are caused by your skin being dry and producing oil to compensate.
You don't have to get all of these, just pick one or two.

For the leg and arm hair, you can try two parts water and one part lemon juice to lighten it a little but I recommend shaving using the Venus Divine. For information on it go here : http://www.gillettegirls.com/compare/compare.asp. To buy it, go here: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=87301&catid=1312&trx=PLST-0-SRCH&trxp1=1312&trxp2=87301&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SRCH. You'll also need to buy refills, I use up about 1 blade a month. The refills come in packs of 4: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=88136&catid=1312&trx=PLST-0-SRCH&trxp1=1312&trxp2=88136&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SRCH. Finally, I recommend using shaving cream. I like Skintimate Raspberry Rain because it lathers well and smells great: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=45767&catid=33695&brand=8400&trx=BS-8400&trxp1=HPFP&trxp2=0&trxp3=45767&btrx=BS-8400.

As for your hair, next time you get a hair cut, ask for long layers- they look really cute and older in a good way. This style works on all face shapes. If you want a change, try L'Oreal Feria Highlights in Chestnut Changes (http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=77328&catid=28903&brand=7939&trx=BS-7939&trxp1=CPFP%2D18782&trxp2=0&trxp3=77328&btrx=BS-7939). It's very easy to use and comes with a special conditioner so your hair doesn't get damaged. I split a box between me (dark brown hair) and my cousin (medium brown hair) and it worked very well.

Remember, you don't have to buy all these products- I'm just giving you some options. All are available at Walmart if you don't want to order online.

Good luck!


My sister always likes going swimming with me and my dad. I find it fun too! But the thing is she's been planning it since last Sunday for her me and my dad to go Swimming today. But when I went to the bathroom this morning, I found out that I have my period. So I told my mom that I couldn't go swimming. But then when we were driving home from Church today, my sister brought up the subject, and my mom said that I couldn't go. She kept on asking and asking why I couldn't go and we told her because I can't. So now she's really mad at me. She's only 9 and doesn't know about periods and stuff so she's really mad at me. I feel really bad. I wish she was a little older so that she could know. So now I feel really guilty. What should I do?

Well, next time, use a tampon so you CAN swim. But for now, you need to explain to your sister that you were sick but will be able to swim next time. Good luck!


whats a wigger?

It's a white person who wants to be or acts like they're black. It's really rude if you think about it though, cuz it's a combo of "white" and the n-word. I wouldn't call anyone that unless they want you to, like my bro's weird friend Wiggy.


ok..well me and my bf have been going out for 5 months and we want to take it further..we have made out and felt eachother up..but he wants to finger me and i want to give him a hand job..i'm a little nervous about it though and i was wondering if anyone had any advice??

Check out clitical.com for some tips.


OK im 18 years old, and ive never had a girl friend before. Is there something wrong with me that girls wouldn't approach me or is it something that i have to do. My pics are at www.faceparty.com/dozzer check it out and tell me what you think please. It really sucks being alone.

No! There's nothing wrong with you. You seem like a great guy and I think most girls would agree, but you've got to make the first move. I would be very flattered if you asked me out, and I think most girls would too! Good luck!


my friend told me somethin....but its not a secret unless she tells me not to say nething. so she told me that she had sex and is afraid of gettin pregnant(she neva said it was a secret and shes done worse stuff wit a guy that shes proud of) so i told her boyfriend,kory's best friend Amy exactly what my friend said to me........now amy told kory that im goin around tellin everyone that they had sex witout a condom....my friend is pissed at me bc she thinks i told EVERYBODY EVERYTHING..now she wont let me tell her the truth and she told me neva to talk to her again.......shes my best friend and i luv her but how can i say sry and tell her the truth when she wont talk to me?

Even if she didn't tell you not to tell anyone, that's still a secret. Common sense. You shouldn't have told anyone and a sincere apology is in order. What I did for my friend when I blabbed a secret once was make a cake and write "sorry" in frosting with a picture of a lock and a picture of open lips with a no sign. If you're not great at cooking, buy a cake mix and decorator icing, available at grocery stores. Bake it as instructed and write Sorry! in frosting. Bring it over to her house when you're sure she's home. Good luck!


A little less then two months ago I found out my cousin was raped and i've been having some trouble dealing with it.I'm really close to this cousin , she's liek my best friend.when i first found out i just started crying , i couldnt even look at anyone for a copuple days.That i had to cry myself to sleep.i used to live in a house with her in when i was younger,i lived on the bottom and she lived on the top.Whenever i think about her and her baby i cant help but cry and its so hard for me to look at her without crying.I cant help but think maybe if i hadnt moved away i would have been with her and i could have stopped the jerk who did this to her.I seem to be the only person in my family who thinks she can finish high school and still take care of her baby.i mean its her family thier supose to be supportive of her.She was raped when she was 14 and had her baby when she was 15.She was born about 3weeks ago.I still cant help but worry about her and feel like i could have done something and i should tell my parents to be more supportive of her and stop thinking so negative.I couldnt even talk to my best friend about this w/o feeling stupid so if anyone has any advice for me, please send it.

I'm sorry your cousin has to go through this. There's nothing you could have done to stop it from happening, who knows, you could have been raped too. You should talk with your cousin a little bit, though. I've read a magazine article about high schools made especially for girls with babies (they have day care and everything) so maybe you could research it on the internet. Let her know that you think she can make it- be supportive and positive! As for everyone else, you can't change what they think, but if they really start to rag on her, stand up for her since she can't be there to do it herself. Good luck!


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