I'm a psych major at a community college, getting my degree before I attend the Make Up Designory school. Makeup is my passion and my biggest inspiration is Kandee Johnson. I'm also addicted to music and kind of in love with Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem :)


If you've never gotten your period and you have sex, then you can't get pregnant, am I correct?

Oh, and I'm not that young, so don't be like if you haven't gotten your period, then your not old enough, lets just say I'm in High school

You're right (and lucky). However you CAN still get an STD.


I have 2 change schools in 2 weeks and i wont no any1 @ my new school and + ive never been 2 a public school before. What should i do?

Just be friendly and be yourself and people will like you. A lot of times you'll have to say hi first, take the initiative. Bonne chance!


I know that I might sound a little jealous or over protective but just put yourself in my shoes for a minute.... Ok my boyfriend cheated on me a couple weeks ago and I gave him another chance, but I can't trust him anymore, Well tonite he is goin over to his ex-girlfriends house to help her with her "homework", i am really worried and I am also scared.. I was messing around and asked him if I said it was ok if he would do something with his ex and he said hell ya and I said well im not giving you permission. But do you really think that is going to stop him? Any ways i am really confused.. if you help me I will definetly rate you!! thanks

You need to confront him and let him know you're uncomfortable with the situation. He sounds like a jerk, to tell you the truth, and he might brush you of. If he does this, I'd recommend breaking up with him. You deserve a better guy than that. Bonne chance!


I might fail one of my classes because my teacher doesn't explain the work or go over it. The class i'm in is so behind on work what can i do.

Ask your parents about hiring a tutor, or ask your teacher for some after-school help. Bonne chance!


ok well i got my first period almost 2 years ago and i had it some what regular for the first 6 monthes or so, but ive only had it twice in the past year and a half. what should i do?

Actually, your period can be irregular for the first couple of years. All girls are different though; you could just be lucky and not get it very often. If it keeps up, I'd recommend seeing your doctor. Bonne chance!


can girls call boys their "baby" like they call us that?? what other names o you call them besides .. 'babe...ect..'

Okay here are some ideas:
~ Babe/Babes
~ Handsome
~ Cutie
~ Sweetie
~ Hottie


If your a virgin (( girl )) then how can you get pregnant?

You can't.


im 15 year old male.

okay i got a prob. I like this one gurl and she asked me to go to the movies with her. When i went to her housr to pick her up her friends were wit her. i kinda wanted to be alone wit her. well in the movies we were about to kiss wen her friend intterupted. 2 weeks later we go alone i try to kiss her but she shyly pulls away saying not here. I no she lkes me.

Wat do i do? WAt do u think hapened in between those times.

She sounds really shy. I think you guys need to go on a date alone. Mention to her that you'd like to go to the movies, just the two of you, and try to be as gentle and understanding as you can. Good lucK!


I don't know where to put this. Anyway, when I wash my hair I just use normal shampoo, whatever is in the shower. But my hair is sensitive, I have this scalp...thing and it makes my hair look really dirty really easily. If I use too much moose, gel, or spray, it looks oily and dirty and makes my scalp flake. Nasty, I know. But I was wondering if there are any shampoos or products I could use that aren't that strong, but would give my hair a really straight, sleek, shiny look without making my hair look greasy? Thanks for any help.

Try Suave Clarifying Shampoo, which you can probably find at your local drugstore- it's only a buck and works really well. If that doesn't do it, try looking for shampoos that clarify. Good luck!


Ok.. Im 14.. and I really love my boyfriend.. well.. last night.. we were talkin for a REALLY long time on the phone.. and he proposed to me. Its was really cute the way he did it. I of course said yes cause im so much in love with him.

What im wondering tho is: Do u think it can work out.. hes 16 and im 14... and also... do u think im too young to be engaged?

Congrats! I do think you're a little too young though. Not to sound cliche, but if he really loves you he'll wait. I think 16 is a better age for you (if you can't wait until you're 18). You'll need your parents input on this, however. Good lucK!


I have a bunch of new stuff on my computer but im scared to open it up because last time i did it, it messed my computer up lol. Do any of you know what Perfectexpert or wordperfect is and does? thanks!

I don't know about perfectexpert but wordperfect is Corel Word Perfect, which is a word processing program like Microsoft Word, but better. Good lucK!


Okay, so I only just turned 13, and I want to become a professional singer.

I've always wanted to be one. Now I want to be one so bad I'll do anything. After seeing JoJo become a singer and she's only 13, I think I could do it too.

What I need to know is where I can go to shove my singing career off the ground. I've had private lessons on singing, and the only problem is I have stage fright of singing infront of people.

I just need to know 2 things. Places I can take my singing career further, and how to overcome my fear.


Well, first of all, you're definetly going to need to invest some money in this, so maybe you sohuld talk to your parents. First of all, look for some books about singing at your local library or bookstore, I recommend:
Singing Like The Stars
This is a very through complete guide that will really help.

If you really want to make it, you should probably write some songs. Here are some guidebooks for that:
Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft
The Craft of Lyric Writing
Songwriting for Dummies
If you don't get the others, definetely get this one.

As much as I'd like to tell you exactly what to do next, there isn't enough room, so I recommend that you read this guide from SoYouWanna.com.
So You Wanna...
Get signed to a record label? http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/recordlabel/recordlabel.html.

I hope I helped!



Okay, im thirteen and i have a boyfriend who is the greatest thing in my life right now, hes so suportive towards me..and i really would like to spend the rest of my life with him and i know alot of people are gunna tell me that im 13 and alot of things are gunna go on in my life that might change and i dont even know what love is, but trust me i do i know exactly what it is thanks too him, but anyways...we both wanna go further..cause we both have the same feelings for eachother, and i wanna go further but i dont know how far..i mean we have made out alot...and like fingered..whats next? help me and ill rate you

I really don't think you go further than oral if since you're 13. (I'm not berating you; I just turned 14.) It really depends on how long you've been going out, I think 6 months to a year is ideal. I don't know your boyfriend, so I can't decide for you, but I really think you should wait a while for the real thing. Good luck!


okayy i usually wearr likee a shirrtt with my boobs hanging out and my stomach showing.. or a shorrt skirt with a shirt that pretty much coverrs my stomach with my boobs poping out .. is that wrong should i lett guyss havee to wonderr and like wunt to find out whats under it all .. or is it better to keep dressing like ido

Sweetie, you need to stop dressing like that! Guys don't like girls who show it all, plus, do you really want a reputation as a slut? (I'm sure you're not, but people will think you are if you dress like that.) Stop with the low-cut shirts so much, the occassional v-neck is fine but that's it. Of course if you want to wear a shirt that shows a little stomach that's okay, but with a neutral pair of jeans. Likewise, a plain t-shirt would look better with a short skirt. The key is moderation.

I hope I helped! If you want more suggestions, just drop one in my box.



I need help. I need to look for an article about something that's going on in the world (the war in iraq, etc) So I can write a summary and present it to my class. Thing is I just dont know what article to use. I was going to do Iraq, but I already know thats what everyone's gonna do. Do you guys know any good online articles maybe from CNN.com or something else that are intresting and have to do with a country besides the U.S.? Thanks! (oo and articles can be up to 3 months old) I rate:)

Try msnbc.com, if I were you I'd do it on the school in Russia where 400 students are being held hostage. Good luck!


okay i like this guy and he likes me. well the other day he asked me out and i said yes but 2 days after, were already broken up ! he said he needs to get to know me better and i totally agree no hard feelings there but what i dont get is why cant we get to know each other by going out? i asked him why he asked me out and then broke up but he said "i jus dont think i really know u well enough" or does he not want to go out and thats why he said that, but like after that hes like i still like u but i jus wanna get to know u better maybe wen school starts. and the day after i seen him at the movies and i waved and smiled--so did he and i knew i liked him alot. do you think we eventually will go back out ? or do you think he jus doesnt like me even though he said he did ..

I think that he's afraid of a relationship or commitment, and it sounds like he's still making excuses. Honey, you deserve a much better guy than this. If he asks you out, go for it, but otherwise don't bother.

I hope I helped! If you think I gave you good advice, feel free to rate me. Thanks!


the past year me and my mom have been fighting a lot and im sick of it! i always think that things will get better but they dont. yesterday she was supposed to go on a couple of erins but before me and my sister were fighting (which is normal i mean we were just getting annoyed by each other) so then she just stays home and a little later says that she wants us to come w/ her. so rite when we're about to leave my friend calls and asks if i can go swimming w/ her and i asked my mom and she said ok. then like 5 seconds after i hung up i asked her where my swim suit was and she starts screaming at me that i cant go and that shes late for what she wanted to do today so she was gonna leave me and my sister alone while she goes out and said i have to call my friend back up and say i cant go. i said that i couldnt do that cuz i just told her i could go so i started screaming to her how i hate the way shes always screaming at me and how she always changes her mind and that i hated my life. then she told me that i needed to go to a doctor but what i need is for her to stop all of this (which is never going to happen). then she starts watching tv and i said how come you aren't leaving and she said that she couldnt leave me alone the way i was acting and i told her that its not me or my sister's fault that she didnt go before cuz we told her that it was fine and we wouldnt fight before, but she just keeps saying how its our fault because we were fighting. finally she says that i can go so she wouldnt have to deal w/ me so as i was putting my swim suit on she starts screaming at me that i have to get downstairs in 10 seconds so when i was goin out the door she starts really really screaming at me w/ a mean glare that im grounded for everything. that nite when i got home she was a little bit better so i wanted to walk my dog but she wanted to come on a walk to so she was there but when we were on the driveway i asked if she was mad at me and she said yes so i went inside and didnt go on the walk. also that nite at dinner i asked if she hated me and she didnt answer. i really dont like her but i just wish she would stop all of this. this kind of thing happens like every day and i hate it! sorry this is so long, but id appreciate any advice.

I'm sorry you have to go through this. My mom acted like that during her hellish divorce, it's just stress. You need to explain to our mom (during a quiet, non-fighting time) that you feel like she's taking things out on you. Ask if anything's wrong. Maybe she's under stress about your dad (are they still married?) or her work. If talking doesn't help, then you probably both need to see a counselor.

I hope I helped! If you think I gave you good advice, feel free to rate me. Thanks!



Ok HeReS HoW It StArTeD:

I WaS OvEr At My FrIeNdS HoUsE(aka person) AnD ThIs iS OuR CoNvO.

Person: Ummm I need To Tell you Sumin Serious But you Cant Tell AnYbOdY!!!
Me: Ok You Can TrUsT Me
Person: I think I mite Be bi
Me: Bi as in Bisexual
Person: Duh
Me: Wow
PersOn: I kno
Me: So r you atrracted to any of our friends?
Person: yea
ME: Are you attracted to me?
Person: Maybe

So Thats It. So Im confused cuz it kinda grosses me out cuz what if she invites me to sleepover and since i cant tell anybody about it she'll get invited to sleepoers nd stuff so she could try to make a move on me nd my friends i need help
ill rate!!

You need to support your friend during this difficult time. She won't try to make a move on you and your friends- she respects you and knows you're not bi. Bisexual actually mean that you're attracted to both girls and boys. Many people, including celebrities like Angelina Jolie, are like this- it's perfectly normal! Your friend is exactly the same still- think of it as if she likes a different kind of guy (like preppy instead of skater) than you do.

I hope I helped! If you think I did a good job please feel free to rate me.


What does it mean when your breasts are sore around your nipple area?! Does it mean they are growing? I'm 13, female. My breasts are already a C! So I thought I'd ask about this. Please help

Well, sometimes that can happen before your period, you'll be more sensitive. But usually it means your breasts are growing.

Hope I helped! If you think I gave you good advice, feel free to rate me. Thanks!


Well let me say i am over 21 i have a real problem my boyfriend and i are together for three yrs i was married before this for fourteen yrs and now i live with my boyfriend we have never had sexual intercourse in 3 yrs. i am so bitchy because of it i have done everything to try to get him interested in sex. i have talked to him i have emailed him and once i even was gonna hook up with this guy in the area but he found out about it. and put an end to it. i do all the house work and more i wait on him basically hand and foot. nothing seems to work i am basically killing myself around the house to please him. but i do have to admit for the past few months i have been really bitchy. i do not wanna end this relationship although i do not know why except i have spent alot of money and time in this relationship for it to end. i have tried being nice i have tried everything i am at my wits end over this i no sex is not everything maybe that is what i am holding on to. in a way i feel he is driving me to another man's bed and if that is what he wants i will be happy to oblige. i dont think this is what he wants cause i no he is gonna dump me if he finds out i would love just to have sex for an entire day i think it would do alot for myself. yes if u have not guessed already i have a high sex drive and it is like a drug addict being cut off only worse like 5000 times worse we sleep in the same bed he tells me he loves me and i do love him. i have talked to drs like i said i have done everything. he lays cuddled up to me in the bed. which is hard. i cry alot over this. i have asked him what turns him on when i ask him there is no reply. i would be willing to do just about anything please help no i am not gonna go to a sex therapist cause he wont go but basically anything else

You need to talk to him. Here's what to say, just adjust it to sound a little more like you:
"Please don't ignore me, because this is really important to me. I'm just wondering why we haven't had sex, even though we've been going out for three years. I know sex isn't everything, but I feel like you're rejecting my body, and that hurts. Is there a particular reason?" and take it from there. Maybe he's been hurt in the past or has an STD or some sort of "male problem".

Good luck and hang in there. I hope I helped! If you think I gave you good advice, then feel free to rate him. Thanks!


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