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I have been doing advice column's for almost a year. I love giving advice and I'm always on so drop one in my inbox anytime!! I'll be sure to answer your quesions asap!

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Gender: Female
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i have fallen in love with my best guy friend, and i told him that i love him he said that he loves me back, but says that i just cant be. we hug, kiss and are all over eachother, but we're not dating, and everytime i bring it up to him he just says " it just cant be right now". i feel hurt but yet i cant stop thinking of him. what should i do? am i obsessed? ( i am 13/female )

you gotta just respect his feelings too right now. you might be ready but he's not. just give him some time. when he see's that you are respecting his space, he might feel more comfortable around you.


A lot of people on here have like a new look to their columns!!! Like i dont know a different format and borders around things and stuff!! How do you do that?! I LOVE IT and wanna do it too!!

Go to Column Settings and look under Approved Public Styles and they have different looks under there and you just click 'use' and it will be your new "look"!!


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