This Is Me. Take it - Or Leave it
I'm Emily
I'm 18 years young
I can be a bit straight forward but it comes from the heart
I'm moving to Florida next week!
I have a Jeep and it is very sexy.
I'm a little short for my liking
I am an aspiring model
I'm going to college for massage therapy, but am hoping to get into the entertainment business.
I used to be on my highschool's fencing team, and I miss it a whole lot ::sigh::
I used to fence with a sabre.
Art is my life
Andy Warhol is AMAZING!
I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
I am a guitarist, a photographer, a painter, and an artist.
I'm a loner, I'm a loser but I like it that way.
My friends and family mean the world to me.
I have 3 dogs.
I've been through more than I should.
I've been told I'm too adult for my age.
I'll answer your questions if you need it [=

Words of advice on love:
- Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not in love.
- If you say that you THINK you're in love, then you aren't. If you really feel it, then you are.
- Never let someone judge your relationship unless they know FACTS.
- To me, age is not an issue. If you are 13 and dating a 30 year old, then it's a big deal. If it's 5 or 6 years, not a big deal.
- If you are being abused mentally/physically GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! Don't give the excuse that he apologized. If he loves you he wouldn't do that to you.

I'm not a fan of answering questions that are listed in the FAQ. If it's a question you can look up on Google then please, look it up on google. Don't be lazy.

I do not like when people have issues with typing.

iif u typ3 liik3 thiiz iit piissesz m3 0ff. Alot.


Hey, I've been using tampons for a little while now and it's kind of weird! Are you supposed to feel a little uncomfortable wearing them if there still new to you? Do you think they feel that way because it's not up far enough or something? I know I put it in right, but I still feel a little discomfort when there in! What's wrong?

it all really depends on what kind of tampon you use... and how heavy your flow is... do not use a thick tampon if your flow isn't that heavy... my prefrance of tampons is tampax pearl... they are the best... so if you havent' used them then give 'em a shot


im 13 and a girl and i want to do alot of things like make out with guys and maybe in a year or so have sex with a guy. but 1. im scared im a bad kisser. 2. i dont wanna get pregnant and 3. i havent found the right guy to do any thing with...what should i do?

sweetie.... if you haven't found the right guy to KISS then i don't think you should he having sex at 13... you're wayyyy too young and there are so many risks to having sex... there is disease... and then the biggest thing that your parents could disown you for... getting pregnant. i feel that if you TRULY love a guy and you want to be with him in that way and you are sure that he loves you too then maybe, just maybe you could consider going all the way with him... but if you've never kissed a guy before please don't consider having sex with a guy yet for your own safety... and if you do find the right guy to kiss here are a couple of tips: make sure your faces are close enough so that you know where your lips are aiming and THEN close your eyes, do not open your mouth that wide because you might like eat his face, when you kiss a guy just like massage his tounge with yours... if you want to be a little kinky... try to nibble on his lip but not that hard because a guy tried to do that to me once and he bit my lip really hard and it started bleeding so if you do that PLEASE be careful and my boyfriend said it's called NIBBLING for a reason... so nibble do not bite!


my friend Jay invited me to this party saturday night then a few mins later he said that I might not be able to go bc this girl that I don't along with will be there. But if i did wanna go I will have to ask this other kid. But me and this other kid aren't really friends. he's just planning it and the party is at jay's. So should I go?? Jay is afraid the girl will start stuff with me and there will be a huge fight. sry if this is confusing but thanx for the help

if you want to go to the party then just go! no one is stopping you... just avoid the girl for the night and if she starts anything just walk away. if she continues to say things to you then just tell her to leave you alone and if she doesn't then just leave. but really no one should stop you from having a good time... so i say go and have fun


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