This Is Me. Take it - Or Leave it
I'm Emily
I'm 18 years young
I can be a bit straight forward but it comes from the heart
I'm moving to Florida next week!
I have a Jeep and it is very sexy.
I'm a little short for my liking
I am an aspiring model
I'm going to college for massage therapy, but am hoping to get into the entertainment business.
I used to be on my highschool's fencing team, and I miss it a whole lot ::sigh::
I used to fence with a sabre.
Art is my life
Andy Warhol is AMAZING!
I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
I am a guitarist, a photographer, a painter, and an artist.
I'm a loner, I'm a loser but I like it that way.
My friends and family mean the world to me.
I have 3 dogs.
I've been through more than I should.
I've been told I'm too adult for my age.
I'll answer your questions if you need it [=

Words of advice on love:
- Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not in love.
- If you say that you THINK you're in love, then you aren't. If you really feel it, then you are.
- Never let someone judge your relationship unless they know FACTS.
- To me, age is not an issue. If you are 13 and dating a 30 year old, then it's a big deal. If it's 5 or 6 years, not a big deal.
- If you are being abused mentally/physically GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! Don't give the excuse that he apologized. If he loves you he wouldn't do that to you.

I'm not a fan of answering questions that are listed in the FAQ. If it's a question you can look up on Google then please, look it up on google. Don't be lazy.

I do not like when people have issues with typing.

iif u typ3 liik3 thiiz iit piissesz m3 0ff. Alot.


My boyfriend wants to have sex. I don't want to lose him. What should I do?

Plain and simple, if your boyfriend TRUELY loves you he's not going to pressure you into sex and he will wait until YOU are ready. If he says well if you don't have sex with me then you don't love me DON'T YOU DARE FALL FOR THAT SHIT! It's allll bullshit.

If he loves you, he will wait for you and not pressure you. If he does, you know he's just in it for the sex, and I can bet you if he's in it just for that he will dump you. It's happened to me plenty of times.

But please, do not let him force you or guilt you in anyway into having sex with him.


hey im 16/f. I have my first interview on monday. Im kinda nervous. Those of you who had an interview before. Can you tell me what kinda question i'll be asked. By the way im applying for a housekeeping/front desk position. Like i said im pretty nervous and i dont know what to say to the questions they ask me. please help!

It's not anything to be worried about. They'll ask you simple questions like your past job experiences, where you go to school, your experience with this type of work, stuff like that.

Some companies have you fill out forms that ask you the questions and they just review it.

Seriously, don't be nervous. They will understand if you're nervous because, hey, it's your first job!

I promise you, you will be fine. Best thing to do is to stay professional and whoever is interviewing you, shake their hand and introduce yourself and ask them how they are.

You'll do fine. Just remember to breathe [=


My friend sleeps around. Now people think I do. How do I fix my reputation and help my friend?

You might not like my answer... But here we go..

If you had given an age this would help alot more, but from what it sounds like you are probably a young girl in high school.

Let me tell you something: Kids in high school are CRUEL and they do and say things intensionally to hurt you. No matter what you say or do people are going to say what they want to say, and believe what they want to believe. I know I was the same way, I used to spread rumors about people just for spite, and I'm sure you may have done the same even if it was something little and stupid. Everyone has done it.

You know the truth about yourself. You know that you don't sleep around. And if it's going to affecet a relationship that you have with someone like a boy or even just a friend, then they weren't your friend to begin with. Because a TRUE friend would believe your word over rumors and if a person truely liked you they would do the same.

It's ignorance, and people are immature. They're too wrapped up in gossip and drama to give a shit about something that matters.

I had people say the same things about me just because they were cruel. But what I say to that is "Yeah, I know I'm a slut. I can't even tell you how many guys I've fucked. Man, this one 42 year old that I slept with, he told me that he had herpes and now I might have it and I'm really super bummed... His poor wife I wonder if she has it too... I feel just horrible I wonder how he's going to tell her that I'm pregnant with his baby! Well, at least i THINK it's his baby...."

They look at you like you're crazy and leave you alone about it. Then they'll just start spreading that rumor about you. And once that gets around, they figure it's too stupid to even believe and they just drop it. Guarenteed they'll find someone in a few weeks to say is a slut.

I promise you, it will stop. At one point or another it will stop.

Best of luck to you and your friend.


Isn't annoying when people type in run-on sentences and don't punctuate? It makes the question/statement difficult to understand and read. I can understand when people sometimes misspell words; but I hate when people don't even attempt at making themselves seem somewhat intelligent. It is bothersome when people type a response or question like its a text message. No, I'm not an English teacher if you're wondering. I am a sixteen year old female that is in high school.

This site is made up of mostly 13-15 year old girls. They don't know how to type. They're too stupid.


can someone tell me what 'kk' means? When I chat to some of my friends on msn they say kk, or like if i write them an email. can you please tell me what this means?? thanx

It just means okay... Instead of writing out "Okay" or "ok" or "kay" They put either K or KK. I put kk alot too...


i'm ordering jeans from abercrombie and fitch and i can't figure out my size. i'm an xs in the a&f clothes and i think i'd be a 0 or a double zero in their jeans. i'm ordering off the website and i can't figure out what the 'L' and the 'R' next to teh sizes are. can anyone help?

L- Long
R- Regular
S- Short


what is ADD attention defesit dissorder

All it is, you have trouble focusing on one thing and your mind is constantly racing and switching back and forth from one subject to the next. You can't stay focused on one thing alone and it's very hard to have while you are learning in school.


my boyfriend and i had a fight last night- i was mad at him and this morning i got a text asking: is this it? is this over? wat should i say? i dunno if he wants to im so confuzed plz help!

If he's asking it like that odds are he's just scared that it's going to be over. If you want it to be over then obviously you say yes. If not, then tell him no and you guys just need to talk things out.


I have cystic pimple on my chin, its been there for almost two days. I've had these before, but they take almost a week to two weeks to clear up! I'm going to a photoshoot in four days and I really want to make the bump go down so I don't risk the shoot.

Does anyone know anything I could do?
Pleaseeee :)

Try putting caladryl or toothpaste on it to dry it out. Or you can put any acne spot treatment on it.

If you are going for a photoshoot they edit the pictures so they'll touch it up for you and odds are the bump won't be there.


have asked this question,but a bit differently.anyways,i've already decided to get a lip ring,so I wanna ask do girls perfer lip rings on
1)the middle
2)the side,if so,which side?

and is there like a meaning if you pierce on the right side?cause my friend said that it is for gays...

and besides that ,could you girls help with suggesting other places beside the lips that you find attractive,and how many a guy should have.

thanks a lot,really appreciate you guys.

Oof I love lip rings =]

I prefer the side. Doesn't matter which side.

Snake bites are hot too. My ex had snake bites.

The whole myth about getting a certain side pierced means you're gay is bullshit. Who the hell cares.

Personally I like eyebrow piercings. But you have to wait a while after you get it pierced to kiss and stuff. Cause all girls play with lip rings when they kiss. So if it's not healed it would definately hurt.


I'm going in for a job interview for the new Abercrombie chain, Ruehl. I'm not sure how to pronounce it though, or even how many sylables it has.
Is it, 'Rule'

I'm just not sure. This is the first one in the area so nobody knows.

It's pronounced Rule. My extremely metrosexual friend Jeff doesn't shut the hell up about that store.


does anybody have the LG VX9800 ? is it any good, in your opinion? i'm gonna get a new cell phone soon and that one is interesting to me. if that one's bad lol, what are some other (Verizon wireless) cell phones that are good? thankss!!

Yep that's the one I have =] It's pretty cool it has really cool features and great sound quality. The only thing I don't like is that you can't view the text messages from the front. I like it so I'd say it's a good phone.


Hey, can anyone give me some good brands that makes basses. Something realatively cheap though. Like from 200-300



i know it is in the bibble that you are not suposse to date someone of a diffrent race.well my boy-friend is afro-american and im cacassion.is that a sin and if you love that person should it really matter about race??

13/f & my boyfriend is 15/m
ps. do you think that is to much of an age diffrence??

Okay, where in the HELL in the bible does it say that you can't mix races?

First of all, who the fuck cares what color he is and what color you are? I wouldn't give a fuck if you were purple with pink polka dots and if he was a damn oompa loompa. If you love him you love him. You can't change that. You can't help who you love.

And 2 years is not a big age difference. All of my ex's were at LEAST a year and a half to two years older than me.


I have bean accepted to join the Royal Marines in July 2007 but i am not sure if i sould go, i fell in love with an amazing girl and i dont know if i can leave her. she always cries whenever i bring up the subject and she is begging me not to go. I have wanted to join for my entire life but now i am not so sure because i am scared she will not be there for me when i come back.
Please help give me your opinions.

If it has been your dream all of your life, then do it. You shouldn't let anyone hold you back from your dreams. If she loves you and cares about you then she WILL be there for you and support you 100%. Sure, she's going to be upset. If I had a boyfriend doing it I would 100% support him. Of COURSE I'd be devastated that he was leaving but if I knew it's what he really wanted then I'd support his decision 100% all the way through. Don't let anyone hold you back. If it's what you want then DO IT.


I'm 16, and some of my friends from our school football team go out drinking after the games and stuff. What could happen to them if they get caught?

If they get caught they could be arrested and charged with underaged drinking and get a huge fine. Depending where you live the fine can varry.


I have a bad vaginal odor ..i've already been to a doctor and they said I do not have any infections, and to just continue to wash properly and yada yada yada...however, I wash myself daily and have no idea what is causing this. Does anyone know of any way to get rid of this horrible odor???

This may sound strange but you can bring bring baby wipes with you and whenever you use the bathroom you can freshen up.

They actually make a line of women's products called Elexa. They have freshening cloths that you could use.


how do you reduce/eliminate the apperance of scars and/or stretch marks? any kinds of lotions or something?

Use lotions with cocoa butter.

It helps minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


okay im listening to a song and i want to kno the name of it and the dude its from so heres wat im hearing

So take me back,back to better days becasue the time between is wasting day...?

somthing like that and teres one more


until the day i die i spill my heart for you for you until thed ay i die ill spill my heart for you

and somthing about if u die i die too

help me plz

Until the day I die - Story of the Year.


heyyy on myspace how do you skip a space?? like on the about me section?

instead of
just like

how do i

skip a space

like this??

only remove the *

Or you can do the same thing but instead of the br, put a p.


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