This Is Me. Take it - Or Leave it
I'm Emily
I'm 18 years young
I can be a bit straight forward but it comes from the heart
I'm moving to Florida next week!
I have a Jeep and it is very sexy.
I'm a little short for my liking
I am an aspiring model
I'm going to college for massage therapy, but am hoping to get into the entertainment business.
I used to be on my highschool's fencing team, and I miss it a whole lot ::sigh::
I used to fence with a sabre.
Art is my life
Andy Warhol is AMAZING!
I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
I am a guitarist, a photographer, a painter, and an artist.
I'm a loner, I'm a loser but I like it that way.
My friends and family mean the world to me.
I have 3 dogs.
I've been through more than I should.
I've been told I'm too adult for my age.
I'll answer your questions if you need it [=

Words of advice on love:
- Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not in love.
- If you say that you THINK you're in love, then you aren't. If you really feel it, then you are.
- Never let someone judge your relationship unless they know FACTS.
- To me, age is not an issue. If you are 13 and dating a 30 year old, then it's a big deal. If it's 5 or 6 years, not a big deal.
- If you are being abused mentally/physically GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! Don't give the excuse that he apologized. If he loves you he wouldn't do that to you.

I'm not a fan of answering questions that are listed in the FAQ. If it's a question you can look up on Google then please, look it up on google. Don't be lazy.

I do not like when people have issues with typing.

iif u typ3 liik3 thiiz iit piissesz m3 0ff. Alot.


Im on the swim team at my school
and we have some really cute boys on my team and i almost dated one but it got to weird cuz we saw eachother ALL the time
do you think its ok to date someone on your team??

It's really up to you, I see nothing wrong with it however dating someone that you see all the time like at work or that is on the same school team as you can be a problem because if you two happen to break up then it will just be awkward in the end. I dated a guy from work and when we broke up it was the weirdest thing seeing him almost every day.

Me personally would never really date someone I work with or someone that is in the same school as me just for the simple fact that I WILL see them everywhere I go. I like not seeing someone for a few days because then you cherish your relationship that much more and it's more meaningful when you see them and you learn what it's like to miss someone.

But honestly it's all up to you, you just have to think of the pros and cons of dating him or not dating him.


please help-

my weight was 124 (5'3, 14 yrs old) in the begining of the year. by april i got to 115 with healthy eating and running/exercising. then it was 110 in june for my physical. now my scale shows me between 100-105 though my scale is off a little. i don't feel like i do, but my friend who was annorexic and knows alot about it tells me she thinks i have an eating disorder. alot of people tell me im skinny and look real thin. my friends mom tells me i need to eat im getting to thin, and a few other people too. i dont think i do really. i eat good in my opinion. i eat portion sizes, like with my cereal and meats and stuff. i eat alot of fruits and veggies. i haven't had a candy bar in months, and on speical occasions i have cake for parties, or desserts but never over my limit. i do exercise.. cheerleading, bike riding alot, running sometimes, i exercise with crunches in my room all the time. when i wake up and push my stomach out it doesn't even go very far. but still i haven't had my period since the begining of april and it was really light for like 3 days. i get really dizy when i get up from laying down (my mom says i might need more iron). i dont know if i have manutrition because i do eat alot of good food. i still want to be thinner sorta, but mainly i just have this biggest fear of gaining weight. i have a weird issue with looking at every food (wheather at parties, houses, my kitchen, stores) and seeing the labels and deciding what i can and can't have. i dont know if i should tell my mom to take me to the doctor or not, i dont know how to tell her. also at times i have zero energy like im so tired i can't move around or whatever. im not sure. someone please help.. anything is appericated.

I don't think that you have an eating disorder if you are in fact eating food and exercising.

I'm 5'3" and I weigh 111 and I just have a very small frame and that is the right weight for me.

Obviously I cannot diagnose you being that I am 18 years old and still a student in highschool, but it does sound to me that you could be getting sick.

Your issue with looking at every food and not wanting to eat it CAN be the start of a future eating disorder, which you need to stop yourself from doing. Also, there could be something wrong with your blood, so I do suggest that you go to the doctor.

I am anemic, which just means I have very low iron in my blood and that can make you lose weight and feel very tired.

You really should tell your mom to take you to the doctor, because you never know, you could be sick. I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but I told my mom to take me to the doctor and I had my blood tested and found out I was anemic. It could also be lymes disease or something, but again I am not diagnosing you.

If you want to tell your mom to take you to the doctor just tell her that you want to go! It's not a huge deal, at least she'll know that you care enough about yourself that you want to make sure there is nothing wrong. And when you do go to the doctor tell him/her that you want to get your blood tested to be sure you're healthy. Your doctor will just do a full physical on you and any question they ask you answer TRUTHFULLY!

I wish you luck.


i want to turn part of my hair that platinum blonde. i hear you can only do it by bleaching.
how do you bleach it? im not going to buy a kit or dye so dont tell me that its safer or whatever.
my hair is dark brown right now.
please know what your talking about.

Well if you're not going to buy a kit then you obviously can't bleach your hair. Because you have to buy a bleaching kit for your hair cause that is really the only way. I mean, you can't stick your head in clorox bleach cause that's not going to do anything so you have to get hair bleach.

And I really hope you don't say I don't know what I'm talking about, because I have platinum blonde on my bottom layer of hair.


ohkay well i lovee the really funny youtube videos.
ive watched most of the fred ones,
anddlike the charliee, and the shoes one.
is their any otherr funny oness?
like stupid kind of funny ones haha.
link them for me =]]

Youtube= amazing. Yes I know.

Search for annoying devil and watch those and look for david blaine spoof videos. Those are really funny too. There are quite a few annoying devil ones tho.


i wore a tampon for the first time today. when i took it out it really hurt. like not really bad. but it hurt. today is one of my heavier days. will it always hurt? whats wrong? it hurt more then when i put it in.

It's because it was your first time wearing a tampon. If you had a heavier flow today, the tampon absorbed enough so that it made it slightly thicker so it hurt when you pulled it out. That happens to me alot if I don't change my tampons every 3-4 hours like you should, or if my flow is really heavy. It should stop hurting after a few times of using it, but be sure to put in a new one every 2-3 or 3-4 hours depending on your flow and what size tampon you use.


im 14, and i want to buy my own cellphone and i have the money for everything; cellphone, plan, etc

however my parents are very strongly against cellphones and although they will drive me to the verizon store to buy a cellphone, they refuse to sign anything

will everything be okay or will i need their signatures for anything there?

Technically since you are not 18 you cannot get a cell phone plan without a parent.

However you can get a pre-paid plan which you could inquire the verizon people about. I've never had a pre-paid plan so I couldn't tell you anything about it.


what does it mean when someone says "kudos to you" or "kudos to them"? i know it's kinda like they did something good but what's kudos mean?

"Kudos" is like "good job" "props" or "well done".

If you said to me I just got 100 on my Lit mid term I could say "Kudos!" Just like saying Good job, or well done or something like that.


What does a bamf look like? is it a moose?

BAMF stands for Bad Ass Mother Fucker.


I have two friends who have decided to become vegans/vegetarian. Please tell me if theres a difference. I've heard there is but I'm not very educated on this type of stuff. Also, thay keep telling me that being a vegetarian is way more healthy. I don't think thats true because they don't get protein from meat. I respect they're lifestyle choice and I'm not trying to say that they're wrong or anything like that but is it really healthier or what?
kthnx for the help,

Vegans do not eat any animal products. Meaning: Milk, came out of a cow. They will not drink milk because it's from an animal. Eggs come from chickens and they will not eat that.

They do not eat meat, seafood, or any animal products which is mainly dairy products.

Some vegetarians are different. Some will not eat only RED meat, but will eat poultry (chicken). and fish. Some will not eat poultry or red meat but will eat fish. And then some will not eat any of those 3.

Either way, it's really not healthy. Everything they are eating to get protien and calcium is synthetic. Which is just gross. God put them on the planet for a reason! It's called the food chain.


is it bad to have just met a guy, and it was the second time we hung out at his house, and he fingered me and i gave him a hj? does that make me seem easy or slutty?
thanks for any help!=)

It depends on who you're asking. Me, I think it might have been a little soon to go that far, but I'm not going to say OH MY GOD YOU'RE SUCH A SLUT! Cause, you're not.

Kids get horny, and those things feel fantastic. We all need a little sexual satisfaction.

Don't go out there and tell the world that you guys did that, because then you'd get the reputation that you are that way.


I'm 17/f

Ok, this is kinda gross... but for the past two days I've been having this weird, brown discharge. It wasn't much at first but last night I put on a pad and it almost looks like I'm having my period. And that's what I thought at first - it kind of looked like the brown, not-quite-bloody discharge I get RIGHT before my period starts (like, within an hour or two). But so far, I haven't started my period and I'm still getting this brown discharge.

I don't have any other symtoms. It doesn't hurt or itch or burn or anything like that. I looked all over the place (including webmd) but couldn't find anything that matched my symptom.

So does anyone know what it could be? This has never happened to me and I don't know what's going on. Could it possibly be my period? Is it related to sexual contact? I'm a virgin, but last week my boyfriend and I did a lot of sexual stuff I've never done before, so could something like that have caused it?

I know I should go to a gynocologist but I'm way scared and I just wanted to ask here before I do that, just in case someone knows something about it and it's not serious.

Thanks in advance!

It's not anything bad. It's perfectly normal, it happens out of nowhere for alot of girls. It could have been from the things that you and your boyfriend did but really, it's nothing to be worried about. It's called 'spotting' or breakthrough bleeding.

If it continues to happen whenever you get your period, it might be a good idea to see the gynocologist. And that, you shouldn't be scared about either. You'd be more comfortable with a female doctor since it's your first time going. Your doctor can probably suggest a birth control pill or patch you can go on that can prevent this, however with some birth controls, this breakthrough bleeding is also a side affect.

As long as your boyfriend and you didn't have sex, you should be fine.


15/M There is this girl who i know used to like me a lot. Im not sure if she still does. I never thought i had feelings for her before, but now i realize i do... a lot. I was annoying when i talked to her a couple days ago, and now she wont pick up when i call her. Do you think i still have a chance with her or shld i give it up?i havnt called/txtd/ or IMed her for like 2 days now, when would be the right time to approach her and how shld i do it.

Right now if you want to.

Leave her a voice mail or a text that says something like "Hey listen [insert name here] I'm really sorry I was pushy the last couple days, I guess it's just because I've been kinda nervous and I don't know how to act around you cause I really do like you. I'd love for us to hang sometime, I'll take you out to dinner and a movie or something if you'd like! I really hope to hear back from you give me a call when you get the chance.

If she doesn't respond, then hell it's her loss! Just keep your head up she should come around.


is there anyway to make it go away or less red?

It will fade on it's own and turn into a tan. But! You have to keep your skin moisturized. I suggest getting aloe it's green or blue and it looks like hair gel. You can probably find it where then sunscreen is. Also, put palmers coco butter formula on it because it will smooth out your skin and prevent it from peeling.


Somebody once told me that when you're pregnant, and if you go over due and you just want to have the baby but its just not comming, if you eat something thats sure to give you diarrhea, then it'll induce labor, but while delivering wouldnt that kinda be gross? for that matter, is it something regular for a woman to like fart or pee or something while giving birth? I know its kinda gross, im just curious.

The whole diarrhea thing I have never heard, and I highly doubt that considering I have a million and a half baby cousins, 2 nieces and a nephew and 3 friends with kids.

But yes, it is a normal thing for a woman to fart pee or even poop while giving birth. And I'm sure the doctors are used to it, but it does happen. Putting that much pressure down in that direction it can most definately happen.


My sister and I were messing around with a light bulb and crayons and we put the crayon on the light bulb and it burnt of course and I wanted to know if the light bulb might have caught on fire or if the fumes from the crayon would have made us high or something. Basically what happens when you use a light bulb to burn a crayon?

Crayons are made of wax. All that happens is the wax melts and if it gets too hot it burns. You're not going to get "high" off of a burning crayon. It's like a candel only it doesn't smell or look as nice.


i know this is a weird question to ask, but how do you know if a guy is using you?

like what are some signs to know?

guys/girls can answer, but i really would like some help! thanks! anything is appreciated!=)

Oh this is a good one!!! Cause I just got rid of the guy that was using me!

-They will only call/text you the day before or the day that they want to hang out.
-When you make out/have sex/ do whatever it is that you do he seems to ignore you after that.
-They generally won't call for a few days.
-You find that you are always the person to start conversations with them.
-They give you one word answers when you talk.
-They start to "drift away".

Honey if you feel like you are being used END IT RIGHT NOW! Because things will just get worse in the end.


What are good colors to wear if you have blonde hair and fair/medium skin? What colors should be avoided?

Any color really.

Orange in small amounts

I think the only color that might not look right is yellow. Yellow tends to wash you out a bit.


ok im 15/m and im 5'4 all my freinds are taller than me even though i used to be taller than them, is there anyway i can grow taller eating stretching if so what kind of foods or stretchings or whatever i can do, oh and dont recommend those grow taller pills or suplements, it dont matter if what the foods are i wont get fat i have a great metabolisim, thanks

You'll get there honey, I promise. Boys have their growth spurts around 16 and they don't stop growing until they are 21. Girls stop growing at 16, so me, I'm stuck at 5'3" ::sigh::. This kid I went to school with since grade school was ALWAYS the smallest kid. In 7th grade I was around 5'1" and he was 4'11"... Senior year in highschool he's 6'0" and still growing.

For now, all you need to do is just keep eating healthy, cut down on the coffee if you drink any and soda. Soda is SO bad for you. But honestly, eat your veggies and fruits and drink milk! I'm sure I sound like your mother, but really, milk will help you and it will make your bones stronger.

But you will grow, all your friends that are taller, it just means they had their spurts sooner than you did. Who knows you might end up being taller than them someday [=


Can you take too many vitamins and what happens if your do?

It depends on the vitamin. If it is a water soluble vitamin it will just come out when you pee. If it is a fat soluble vitamin it can be potentially harmful to your body.

Your body only requires small amounts of Vitamins A D E and K. These vitamins are fat soluble, which will stay in your body which is why you only need a small amount daily.

Water soluble vitamins will come out when you pee. Like vitamin C. Vitamin C is what helps your immune system and people back in the 60's decided that taking Vitamin C tablets will make them healthier. Your body can only hold so much of it, so when your body is full of it's vitamin C, you just pee out the rest of it that your body didn't need.


okay so i have a chocolate but i can't get the pictures i take to fill up the whole screen when i set it as my wallpaper. it worked on my old chocolate but i dont know what's wrong with this one. any help?

I too have heard about the "bug" thing and that it can't be fixed... But what you can try doing is when you open up your camera on your phone go to 'Options' then to 'Resolution' and select 1280x960 or 640x480. This changes the size of the picture taken, the smaller the number, the smaller the picture. But you cannot use this option on pictures that have already been taken, it only works when you go to take one.


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