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I'm Em.

I'm a 20 year old English/History student living in Sydney.

I dig art, music and books.

I'll take questions on relationships, friendships, high school, uni, or whatever else.

I try to give the best advice I can, usually drawing on my own personal experience. But I'm not perfect, and sometimes when I look back on some of my advice it's far from it (especially when I was 15 and writing LiKe THiS). It's just advice, though. It's not an answer or a solution, it's simply a potentially helpful perspective. And that's all I can offer you.


Yayoi Kusama

"Infinity Mirror Room"

Performance art.

Mirrors, soft sculptures.

Castellane Gallery, New York.


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I have been giving my boyfriend handjobs, but he never cums. No matter what i do or how i do it, he just says it feels good. Sometimes if i've been doing it for quite sometime, he'd just say it's time (for him) to rest, then he just goes back to kissing me. Is there something wrong here? What does this mean? (link)
Theres nothing wrong, not every guy has an orgasm from hand stimulation. You could try doing it harder or faster or with some kind of lubrication. If it still doesnt work you could try a blow job. Alot of guys only get orgasms from actual sex not oral. So dont think theres anything wrong im sure hes enjoying it he just cant climax from it. Hope i helped =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I want to start talking to my ex boyfriend again. We were a really great couple, and loved each other very much. We never broke up because something was wrong with us, it was for other personal reasons. So I don't think it's too much of a problem, but here is the problem (or what may be a problem), I found out he's engaged. And please, do not think I'm trying to break them up or even get back together. I just want to talk as friends, what do you think about this? Please, any and all answers would be appreciated! Also, I want your honest opinions, there is no need to sugarcoat anything. Thanks in advance! (link)
Its alyways awkward to talk to an ex again but its better to have them as a friend than nothing at all. If you havent spoken to them in a while you could try askin them if they want to catch up over drinks or just give them a call. it might be awkward and uneasy at first but start of with simple conversation like "Hey how have you been, missed talkin to you i heard your engaged OMG! thats so awsome etc." The more you talk the easier it will get. i think its great you want to be friends again and i hope it all works out =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx P.S when your talking and the conversation starts to get slow and theres long silences try to bring up funny moments from the past about mutual friends of both of yours.

I like this guy, he has a girlfriend, and I think she would hurt me if she knew. I am not friends with his girlfriend and we don't get along but I still feel guilty. He cheats on her all the time. I don't want to be the girl he cheats with, but he is so cute. My friends don't like him, but they support me. They tell me all the time, "he likes you", I want to believe them, but they tell me stuff like that a lot. He has this charm that just makes you feel so special. He can be really perverted, but I think he is just insecure on the inside. I really like him, and I know he is all wrong, but it feels right. Should I tell him?
From, Chelsea (Female, 14) (link)
Its really good of you to not just judge him by how he acts and to think that theres some other reason for his sleezy actions. The girlfriend though seems to be a bit of a problem. If she doesnt already know hes cheating on her i think you should tell her. it doesnt have to be direct like you could send an anonymous letter or something but i really think she should know. Or she could be acting mean and aggresive to people who like him because she knows hes cheating and cant accept it. If you really like this guy i think you should tell him, or just be a really good friend with him if its hard with his girlfriend and all. Just because he cheats on his current girlfriend doesnt mean he'll cheat on you. A person can change, Believe me. Maybe he just needs the love and affection of a good girlfriend which im sure you could give him. I really hope everything turns out alright =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

Whenever I'm talking to a guy and they say matter what it is that I say back, it sounds mean. The tone of my voice does, not the words. With girls though, I sound normal and stuff. So, I don't get this. Gah, is there some way that I can stop sounding like that? (link)
Hmmm maybe you get nervous around guys and become sarcastic or defensive around them. its ok its normal. i used to act like that around guys i really liked so they wouldnt guess i liked them. its kind of a habit. Before you speak think about what your going to say and think about how your going to say it. Make your voice higher or nicer. Girls are usually more comfortable around other girls because we have more in common to talk about and its just easier thats why you dont act mean around them. Just think about what your going to say to a guy if you dont know what to say just laugh or if its a question just nod or shake your head. Hope i helped =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

stupid question..

how do you know you like someone..i know i'm stupid but i'm just curious how someone may tell if they like someone as like bf material. (link)
Lol its not really a stupid question its hard to know when you like someone or love them or if its just lust. Theres the most obvious symptoms like you get sweaty and your heart beats faster when you talk to them, you cant take your eyes off them, they make your stomach feel warm or funny when your near them or think about them and so forth. If you like someone you usually get jelous when they talk to other girls and you want to hold their hand and kiss them and hug them etc. When you start to feel these things for someone it usually means you like them Hope i helped ya =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

can i be pregnunt if i get my period the next day after i have sex? (link)
When you say you got your period the next day after you had sex was it just bloody or was it actually your period? Because if this was the first time you've had sex then your hymen would have broken and that would have been blood from that but if its that time of the month then its your period. Im not an expert on pregnancies but i dont think that you are pregnant. Did you use protection? if your worried use a pregnancy test. Hope i helped =] love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

okay well theres this guy.
he sits in front of me in italian class.
we talk sometimes and he works with me when we work in partners [partly because im good in that class]
and like i like him.
and i dont know if hes joking but hes like why are you alwasy stareing at me! stop stairing.
its happened 2 times.

then he was talking to my friend and he was like i think she likes me and she knows i like him and she was like idk and shes like do you like her and hes like uhh uhm..

i wanna know like do i have a chance?
like he didnt flat out say no, but was he just being like polite.
pls help. thanks (link)
Ok foR OnE EvEryOnE HaS A ChAnCE WiTh EvEryoNe. No ONe iS ToO GoOd Or NoT GoOd EnOuGh FoR SoMeOne ElsE AnD i WaNt YoU tO ReMeMbEr ThAt. As MuCH As i LoVe GuYs, EsPeCiAllY My BoY, GuYs ArE VERY ConFuSin. iF He DiDnT SaY No Hes PrObAblY ThiNkin AboUt iT. TrY To AcT Like YoU DonT NoTiCe HiM. DoNt STaRe! LoL. WaiT FoR Him to TaLk To YoU FiRst. iF He LoOks At YoU PreTeNd YoU iNtErEsTed iN SomEthiNg ElsE LikE wHat ThE TeaChErS sAyiN. WhEn YoUr WoRkiNg ToGeThEr LoOk hiM iN ThE EyE wEn YoU TAlK. iF YoU WaNtEd Do LiTTlE ThiNgs LikE WeAr A nicE PeRfUmE Wen YoU HaVe That ClAsS oR PuT oN SoMe LiPgLoSs Or Do SoMeThinG DiFf To YoUr HaiR. MaYbE gEt a FrieNd To AsK OnE oF hIs FriENdS iF hEs iNtErEstEd in yoU Or Ask YoUr FriEnd tO RandOmLy Ask iF hE WoulD EvEr DatE YoU. iF YoU ReAlLy WaNa No iF He LikEs You ThEn Ask. ReMeMbEr No OnE iS ToO GoOd Or NoT GoOd EnOugH FoR YoU HoPe EvEryThiNg WoRkS OUt WItH ThIs GuY =] LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

Hi, I am going to dress like a BIG TIME girly girl. I need to know what to wear! And plese tell me the truth about what to wear because all I wear is baggy shirts with jeans!
Ok FoR OnE aRe YoU SuRe YoU WaNt To Do ThiS? iF YoUr CoMFoRtAbLe AnD HaPpY iN BaGgY ShiRtS ANd JeAnS ThEn WeAr ThEm. BuT iF YoU ReAllY WaNt To DrEsS MoRe FeMiNiNe TheN i SuGgEsT iF iTs HoT WeAtHeR ThEn a SuMmEr DrEsS. NOT soMeThiNg WiTh BiG FloWeRs ThAt MaKeS YoU LoOk LiKe A GiAnt SunFlOweR BuT MaYbE a NiCe LiGhT ColOuReD DrEsS ThAt EnDs JuSt UnDeR YoUr KnEe. Or A LoNg SkiRT *NoT TOO LoNg So CuT iT oFf At JuSt UnDeR ThE KnEe* WitH a NiCe ToP LiKe a TanK ToP. ShoW Off YoUr LeGs ANd ArMs. FoR ShoEs WeAr ThoNgS/FliP FloPs oR SoMeThiNg WiTh LoW HeElS iF YoUr NeW To thE WhoLe GiRlY GiRl LoOk. iF iTs CoLd WeAthEr WeAr TiGhT JeAnS AnD a TuRtLe NeCk Or SkiVie. PerRsOnAlLy iVe NeVeR LiKeD EiThEr SO i WoUlD WeAr a LoNg TaNk ToP WiTh a TiGht JaCkEt To MaTch thE JeANs. FoR sHoEs EiTheR SoMe NiCe LeAthEr oR LoNg BoOtS Or FlAtS. DoNt Go CrAzY oN MaKeUp MaYbE SomE EyEliNeR aNd mAsCaRa AnD SoMe LiPGloSs LeAvE YoUr HaiR OuT oR MaYbE CliP BaCk ThE ToP HaLf. lol ThAtS PrOb ToO mUcH BuT i HoPe i HeLpEd =] LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I've been dating this guy for two months and he's always making me upset and then happy and then upset. It's always an emotional rollercoaster because I end up getting disappointed most of the time. We're both gay by the way. Anyway, for his birthday I bought him massage oil and bubble bath liquid from Bath and Body works and he turned it down telling me he should've told me what he wanted and been more specific. Lame right? So I kept the gift X_X. Now Christmas comes around and I ask for a wallet from Fossil since he doesn't "do suprises" he said that, "he would feel better knowing exactly what I wanted that way he wouldn't feel bad spending money on me." Lame again eh? So anyway, he texts me telling me he's at the mall at fossil so I call him and tell him what color I want. 2 days come along and he tells me that he actually didn't buy me the wallet because I sounded unsure on the phone. Truth be told I didn't really care THAT much but I still need a wallet since mine is getting stuffed... Lame again anyone? This is what he said me regarding his new gift to me. "Since neither of us know what we want for christmas how about we just spend time together?" Now I don't feel so bad about this since we hardly spend time together and since it's christmas break we haven't spent any time together for about a month. He goes, "I don't want to sound cheap since you already got me a gift but this is probably the best that I can do." Now hahah this just doesn't seem right... Anyway... I need help honestly. I've asked a ton of questions regarding whether or not I should keep him and most of them come to the conclusion as "no." But I do like him, and everytime that we ARE together it's fantastic but recently it just seems that he's not paying any attention to me and always playing games over me and we never talk since he's always playing World of Warcraft and his absence of attention is starting to make me lose interest in whatever it is that we have. We're not exclusively in a relationship since he's still in the closet but seriously... if he wants a relationship with me he needs to know how to have one... I've had many talks with him regarding "us" and all the questions that I ask him are answered with "I don't know =/" and now I just don't know if he's worth the stress and nights where I stay awake just wondering what I should do with him. I hate having to be angry about him and I ALWAYS have to comfort myself by saying to myself, "we're just friends" since we're obviously nothing more... This statement also confuses me since he keeps telling me to tell people that are interested in me that i'm "currently dating someone." Blah... Please help!@! and sorry it was so long I just needed to get all of this out... (link)
OK. FiNaLLy ReAd ThRoUgh All ThAT. WeLL i TiNk YoUr MaN iS jUsT AfRaiD To SaY HeS HoMosExUaL [[ObVioUsLy BuT ThOuGht iD PoiNt iT oUt]] He DoEsNt WaNt u To Be WiTh AnyOne ElSe BecAuSe He TrUlY ReAlLy DoeS LoVe YoU BuT HaS A HaRd TiMe SaYinG AnD AcTiNg Like iT. MaYbe Hes LiKe ThiS With EvEryOne He DaTeS? As FoR ThE GiFtS iT ReAlLy iS RuDe To ReJeCt A PreSeNt WHeN iTs ThE ThOuGhT ThAt CoUnTs ThaT You AcTuAllY BoThErEd WiTh A GiFt. TrY CoMfoRtiNg HiM MorE AnD TrY To GeT hIm To OpEn Up AboUt HoW HeS fEeLiNg, Why WoNt He SaY YoU TwO aRe A cOuPlE EtC. iF HeS StiLl ThE sAme i ThiNk YoU NeEd To LaY it OuT StRaiGht. TeLL hIm YoU LoVe Him BuT yOu'Ve HaD EnOugH oF BeiNg a ShAdOw iN HiS LiFe And iF He DoEsNt AcT MoRe LiKe a BoYfRiEnD ThAT YoUr GoInG To FiNd SoMeOnE BeTtEr BeCaUsE YoU DeSerVe SoMeOnE BettER. BuT DeFiNaTlEy TALK FiRSt. TrY To GeT hIs AttEnTioN MorE to liKe MayBe HuGgiNg oR KiSsiNg HiM LikE With My Man i LiKe To KiSs HiS NeCk oR MaSsAgE hIs ShoUldErS. HoPe i HeLpEd OuT =] LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I know my boyfriend is sick right now. but im really upset. i havnt talked to him in a while. i mean, if i was sick i'd still come online and talk to him. but he doesnt. its like he doesnt care. he tells me all the time he does. but then hes always out with his friends. also one day he came to my house, but said he had to go eat dinner at 6 and he'd be on the computer, but he went to his friends after, and wasnt home until 9. another thing like this happend also. he said he wasnt allowed over because his parents wanted him home. but he was allowed at his friends house all day. and not to mention i live 10 minutes away. i got all these mixed feelings. it hurts. i love him alot though.. (link)
Ok YoU ObViOuSlY LoVe ThiS GuY AloT iF YoUr StiLL WiTh HiM. i ThiNk YoU ShOulD TaLk To Him abOuT iT. CoNFRoNt hIm AbOuT NoT SpEndiNg EnOuGh TiMe WitH YoU. iF YoU nEeD mOrE aTTeNtiOn TeLL HiM! iTs GoOd To LeT hiM SpEnD TiMe WIth HiS FriEnDs BuT YoU NeEd SoMe LovE To So JuSt CaLL hIm ovEr Or Go SeE HiM aNd TeLL HiM HoW YoU fEeL AnD ThAt iTs UpSeTtiNg YoU. iF He LovEs yOu He'LL UndErStAnd AnD Try To HeLp [[i SuGGeSt MaYbE MaKin OnE NiGhT a WeEk YouR NiGhT WherE YoU JuST SPeNd iT WiTh EaCh OthEr, Go BiKe RidIng oR WaTcH a MoViE oR a PicniC]] BuT iF He StiLL DoEsNt Do AnyThiNg ABoUt iT, HuNNy, YoU DeSeRvE BEtTeR. i HoPe EvErYtHiNg WoRks oUt =] xXxLuV PuNki-PiXiExXx

right know im single...i want a boyfriend...but i dont know what to do,how to act,or what to say to them. i was hoping i would be a perfect girlfriend for my last 3 boyfriends, but i guess i was wrong because they didnt last very long. i think its because i freeze up and just backfire when im with them. im always so shy with them and i dont know how to act...i want a boyfriend bad but i dont know whats wrong with me please help me out!!! I want guys to see me as a beautiful confident girlfriend.

how do i keep a good relationship while not being so shady with the boys? (link)
OtAy WeLL GuYs UsUaLLy LiKe GiRlS WHo ArE VeRy ConFiDeNt LikE yoU SaiD you WaNt To Be SeEn As A BeAuTiFuL CoNfiDeNt GiRlFriEnd. TrY To ShoW SoMe AtTiTuDe Wen YoUr TaLkiN tO A GuY YoUr iNtErEsTeD iN. Be FliRtY LikE SmiLe AloT ToUch HiS ArM Wen You SpEaK LaUgH AnD SmiLe BuT DoNt bE To SluTtY. iF iTs HaRd To TaLk To ThEm TrY SaYin Hi WeN YoU WaLk PaSt ThEm AnD WoRk Up To A "hOw ArE YoU" Or "diD YoU cAtCh ThE GaMe oN ThE WeEkNeD??" TrY To FiNd SoMeThiNg HeS iNtErEsTed iN LikE SpoRtS EtC. WeN YoU FiNaLLy Get To TaLkiNg To Him YoUr ConFidEncE BuIlDs And You'LL Be ABlE To CaSuAlY Ask iF He MayBe WanTs tO go To ThE mOviEs oR a ParTy With A Few FriEndS oF YoUrS. JuSt TrY To aCt liKe your NoT iNtErEsTed iN HiM aNd ThAT your JuST BeiN NiCe ThEn Get MorE FliRty As The ConVerSaTiOn GrOwS. HuG GuYs Wen u SeE ThEm Or a PeCk On ThE ChEeK...HoPe i HelPed!! LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

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