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I'm Em.

I'm a 20 year old English/History student living in Sydney.

I dig art, music and books.

I'll take questions on relationships, friendships, high school, uni, or whatever else.

I try to give the best advice I can, usually drawing on my own personal experience. But I'm not perfect, and sometimes when I look back on some of my advice it's far from it (especially when I was 15 and writing LiKe THiS). It's just advice, though. It's not an answer or a solution, it's simply a potentially helpful perspective. And that's all I can offer you.


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what are some songs that have good lyrics about saying goodbye, moving on, or being confused?
thanks (link)
Goodbye my lover - James Blunt
Oh! ellin - Gob
Stop crying your heart out - Oasis
It ends tonight - All American Rejects
Move along - All American Rejects
Welcome to the black parade - My Chemical Romance
Complicated - Avril Lavigne
Walking away - Craig Davis
Call me when your sober - Evanesence
Goodbye - Rufio
My immortal - Evanecense
hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (i just like this song alot.)
My wolrd - sick puppies

If your lookin for sad songs, try 'cancer - My chemical romance' Or 'hum hallelujah - fall out boy'. And a feel good song is 'The middle - Jimmy eat world.'

Well thats all i can think of right now, ill edit later with anything i think of.

I play violin by the way.

I am really interested in playing the guitar. But we only have an acoustic and no electric, and the music I want to play is mostly played on an electric and it sounds awkward. My mom doesn't like me playing the guitar b/c it will "mess" up my violin skills and it's not "lady like" Yeah, stupid. So there's basically 90% chance that I won't be able to get an electric/amp. Anywhos, I know all the strings, the notes, and everything. And I can always start learning on the acoustic I have at home. But the problem is that I can't get my fingers to stretch to all the notes I need to play at once. My hands are pretty small so it's hard to get to all the notes without interfereing with the other strings too. Any help there? And could anyone give me good sites that I can learn basics from?

Also, piano. I can play..with one hand. I can't play different notes simultaneously. Any tips on that? (link)
I wanted to play guitar since year 6 and didnt end up getting a guitar until year 9 so count yourself lucky you have an acoustic. Im into rock music so i wanted to play all that punk electric stuff but i found it better to learn on acoustic first. Try some acoustic songs you might be interested in and show your mum how good your getting at it. If she knows your getting into it and your good at it, then it could better your chances of getting an electric. It takes time and practise to learn piano 2 handed when i started it was hard but if you keep at it you'll get better. If you have any friends who can play piano get them to help you at school or if your school has an electric ask a music teacher if you can practice during lunchtime. Acoustic is a good starting point for playing guitar because is it alot easier. Goodluck! If you need anymore help or advice just ask =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

Oh and when i started playing guitar i went to a local music store and got a beginners booklet with a chords chart in it, that helped me alot. They usually have CD's or DVD's in them to. has alot of song tabs on it but some of the chords sometimes on it are a bit off, thats why i suggest you have a chords chart. Dont worry about your fingers being to small, it was hard for me two when i started playing but if you keep practicing it'll get easier.

Hey. I'm 13/f, he's 12/m. This kid has had a crush on me, a really bad one, since the beginning of this school year. [It's two weeks until the end.. :D!] But he really likes me, and he flirts with me A LOT and he's nice to me and everything but it gets really annoying. I don't like him, I just like the attention that I get from him. But as for his actualy personality, there's nothing besides a friendship there. I told him like 6 times that I don't like him, never have, and never will. (in nicer ways than that obviously). And my friends have told him. He just won't quit.

What should I do!? PLEASE HELP ME! (link)
He must be noticing that you like the attention and is thinking you like him back for it. Alot of girls have guys that have crushes on them and act flirty back to them because they like feeling special and the attention, then they'll bitch about him to their friends saying "omg hes so annoying". Even though you enjoy the attention, try and get it from someone you want to show it, not just a guy who becomes annoying after a while. The point is he probably thinks your playing hard to get or thinks he has a chance because of the way you might act towards him. Has he actually asked you out and is he continuing to? Just keep saying you would only like him as a friend and you want to keep it that way. Sooner or later hes going to get over you so dont worry. By the time you get a boyfriend, he will have moved on. if hes not listening and keeps bugging you say he is annoying you, not in a mean way though. Anyways if you need anymore help just ask! love xXxPunki-PixiexXx

what are some sexy seductive stuff to say to your bf other then sexy/hot/hotstuff and just how to turn them on
ps. f/16

thanx (link)
Lol ok i have a boyfriend and he gets turned on SOOOO easily. As lame as it sounds, just say things randomly like "This new thong i bought is really annoying" or "i think i need a new bra, See look they're almost falling out." If you want to be more seductive, try to do things rather than say. Rubbing up against him, kissing his neck, whispering things like "i want you" or "you smell nice" lol anything slightly sexy is gonna turn your boyfriend on, believe me. most ways to turn on your boyfriend are sexy/hot/hotstuff. Sometimes weird things can turn them on, like my boyfriend has a thing about me moaning so sometimes when we're mucking around i might kissie him or rub his chest and just make moaning noises then giggle, he gets pretty worked up. Different things turn on different guys. Im sure whatever you say will turn him on. If you needs any more help just ask! love xXxPunki-PixiexXx

ok so im 15 & iv been with this girl for a little over a month & i still havent seen her. she pisses me off tho cuz lk iv gone to movies with ppl & iv invited her & shes always doing sumthin with someone else. everytime i call her "im on the otherline with Ray" or i IM her "nm on the phone with Ray" & its fucking annoying... please help. (link)
confront her about it. Tell her you want to spend some time together and that she should make time for you. When i was a bit younger with my first few boyfriends, i was so scared about going out places with him that id make up reasons like "Oh im busy with family" or something. Try asking her out just you and her without other people or just invite her over to watch dvds. and who is this Ray?? Male or female?? Id be pretty peeved to, but you just need to talk about it with her. Hope it all goes well! Love xXxPunki-PixiexXx

I know i've seen a few other girls with this.. but right in between my boobs it's a little brown.. I HATE it! I have no idea how to get rid of it.. any ideas? (link)
That would be your clevage honey. Dont hate it love it! If you have always had it, it could be a birth mark. You could try fake tan if its really bothering you but i dont think you can really get rid of it. Ask your parents about it maybe? If afew other girls have it, its most likely clevage, mine goes darker inbetween to, nothing to worry about TOTALLY NORMAL! If you need anymore help then just ask! love xXxPunki-PixiexXx

So basically I had the worst birthday last year and this year I decided to celebrate my birthday alone. I'm not sad anyways, I'm pretty much a hermit.

Anyways I'm just asking what would be some indoor activities to do to celebrate my birthday?

It's in two weeks and I'm turning fifteen.

I already have a DVD marathon planned because I'm getting 2 DVDs of my favourite tv show for my birthday.

Thanks guys =] (link)
It depends what kind of a personality you have. Having a birthday by yourself can seem kind of lonely, and you could get bored, but it can actually be a great time to just be yourself and do whatever you want.

Its your birthday dammit have fun! If you want something quiet for your birthday then dvd marathon seems cool but you could even do something (and as lame as it sounds) with one of your parents. Like booking into a spa retreat or rock climbing, hiking, camping, paintball, something you will remember. For my birthday i went shopping with just me and my mum and i actually had a pretty awsome time. i thought it would be horrible but we had coffee and looked around, had some laughs and i enjoyed myself. If you have a boyfriend or bestfriend you could even just chill out with them doing anything (you dont have to be alone.)

If you start feeling you want to not be so alone on your birthday, ask your parents if you and afew friends maybe one or two could go to an amusement park for the day.

If you do just want to be by yourself, then do things to make you feel good. Buy all your favourite munchies and drinks, stock up on your fav dvds or the ones your getting, snuggle up in a blanket in your fav pjs and just enjoy.

I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy it! Love xXxPunki-PixiexXx

i've been really close friends with this group of 5 girls since pre-school. now we are all 13 and in middle school, and even though we all have other friends, and different interests, we still hang out together a lot. the problem is with one of the girls, cyndi. she has always been very over-sensitive. she's always imagining that someone doesn't like her, and she gets really upset if, say, two of us do something together and dont invite her. every time we're together she will find something to get mad about, and start pouting, and pretty much spoil everyone's fun. actually, we (and even our parents) dread having to invite her to stuff, because we know she's gonna start pouting, but we always include her anyway because she's part of our group and we don't want to her to feel left out. so we're always sooo nice to her and try to keep her from pouting. now at our new school, most people don't like her because of how she acts. and she gets really mad at us for being friends with any of those people (which is basically the whole school). she accuses us of not being a true friend. i really feel like saying something to her, like "if you'd stop being mad at people for not liking you, maybe they WOULD like you!" but i know that will just make her even madder. is there any good way to handle this? she's pretty much like my sister, but its really getting hard to handle. (link)
Okay your friend is being very selfish. She obviously wants attention and she thinks being this way is going to get her it, which it seems to be doing. Sit down with her and tell her that the way she is acting is getting pretty immature and explain to her that you shouldnt have to spend every waking minute with her. Tell her positive stuff to like that she is a good friend and that you like spending time together but being so difficult is influencing negative attitudes from the people around her. If she accuses you of not being true friends tell her that the way she is acting is nowhere near being a friend. She should accept that you dont have to spend ALL the time together. But she could be feeling alone with having no friends outside your group so try introducing her to new people, or get her a boyfriend! Maybe asking her if she has any problems she wants to talk about or something with you. If she gets upset and says you dont like her or something just say "look ive tried to talk this out with you and other people feel the same im trying to be honest and be a good friend but the way your acting is really immature, if you dont think we're true friends then go find some who you think are." You deserve a friend whos as good as you, but dont bitch about her or talk about her behind her back, because she could end up with having a serious issue of loneliness or depression or maybe somethings going on at home thats making her act like this. Hope i helped if you have anymore questions just ask me! =D Hope it all goes well with your friend and if it does go wrong, atleast you tried and thats all that matters. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

i really need help!
i need advice from BOTH girls and guys
my nipples are hugee!
like im a size 36D
and my nips take up like 3/4's of my boob!
i have 2 question...

1) Do guys like that!!??

2) im kind of heavy so if i lose a little weight will it shrink along with the boob?? (link)
Awww be proud of your boobs! im proud of mine! Who cares if guys like that? (by the way, guys love boobs so they prob would) But as long as u like them thats all that matters. Geeze women be proud of your bodies, We all should be!

when you are on your period do you gain or lose weight?
thanks (link)
Actually i heard that sometimes people can gain weight during their period. Whether or not its true i have no idea lol. I dont know how someone one would gain weight i probably would if i got PMS and became very emotional and eat chocolate lol. But most of the time im gettin stomach cramps and lose my appetite. I guess it depends on the person. If you did gain weight, it probably wouldnt be alot.

okay me and my friends are friends for 2 years.i told my friend that im moving to china this year and i dont think im gonna come back , last month we were doing good but this month she's acting weird because im leaving in 3 or 2 weeks and she doesnt really talk to me all of the sudden shes quite, and feels like shes ignoring me she looked pretty sad and all i asked her whats wrong she just said nothing and just kept walking is she sad because im leaving or she doesnt like me at all? (link)
Okay i think your friends just really sad. Imagine if she was leaving you? Shes probably very upset because your such a great friend and she doesnt want to lose you. Just tell her that even though your moving you'll still be friends and you'll stay in touch and hopefully visit, that might cheer her up. She'll be okay in a while just tell her your friendship wont change and you cant wait to see her again. Hope your friends okay.

How do I lead on to one of my guy friends that I like him? I dont wanna be to obvious but idk I just i want to flirt with him more or show that I like him. He give me mixed feelings and I dont know if this means anything but one time in class i was talking with a friend so my teacher made me sit behind him and while i was getting my stuff he was smiling and him and his friend kept looking at me and his friend like told him something about me and said oooooh and the guy just smiled. does that mean anything?
help please.thanks in advance. (link)
in my opinion, i think he has a crush on you. Just tell him! the easiest way to do it is just spit it out otherwise you might take to long and sooner or later hes going to think you dont like him and give up so hurry woman! tell him! Goodluck and think "Hey, why wouldnt he like me!"

hes reallly hot but alittle older than me.we have the same taste but he doesnt no that I like himm.cuz I never talked to him but I saw him when my friend got picked up. I told my friend that his brother is so hot but how can I tell his brother that I never talk to him and he doesnt go to my school? should I write him a note and tell his friend to give it to him with my picture or something or should I just tell my friend to tell him a like him? or you can just give me ideas1! thanks alot.
TL4PL (link)
How much older is he? If its like one or two years then fair enough but be careful cuz some older guys can just be interested in something more than just talking Not saying this guy is but it happens. Well you have to like him more than just his looks but maybe you should try to TALK to him and get to KNOW him. He could end up bein a great guy or he could just be a hot-loser. Try to go to your friends house and subtly talk to their brother lol just try and grab their attention. Then work your way up from there!

I dont know if this is in the right category but here it goes. there is a really hot guy at my school. and we sit right next to each other in english. and i dont know if he likes me or not. he is always poking at my sides and he plays the nervous game with me and he is always playing with my leg fat. but its cute and i like it but i dont know if he likes me or is he just trying to get something from me because i told him that i wasnt a virgin.please help. i really like this guy and i want to know. (link)
Oooo ok well if your not a virgin i dont no why you'd be freely telling people that but anyways maybe you should tell him your not that easy to get or something but i do think hes into you. If you like him tell him! but if something does happen between you 2 dont just have sex with him because he is your boyfriend cuz that might be all he wants. Just be careful ok. Hope it all works out =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I am 29 yrs old. I dont have any friends.I have a wonderful boyfriend who is very outgoing and confident.Every now and then he says I need to make some friends. I cant. What do I do, call some girl up and say will you be my friend?? How cheesy. I go out with him where his friends hang out but no one engages conversation with me.They do for a minute then go. I am an attractive person that is not the problem. But how does someone who was abused as a child, not allowed to have friends, phonecalls or sleepovers, and a 10 year marriage where I was not allowed to work or have friends, change and get friendships. It seems so out of reach for me.Help!!! (link)
Woah damn ur one strong woman. Everything you've been through you should be proud of yourself. You seem like a very nice confident person but you might not trust people that much after what you've been through. When people talk to you, try to continue the conversation with something interesting. You could ask questions about what they do for a living or anything. A party is a good idea to get to know people better and for them to get to know you better. Laugh and smile and enjoy yourself when you talk to people. invite people out to places like out clubbing or whatever you do for fun. You dont have to just call up someone and ask for them to be your friend you could call them just to say hi and talk to them then invite them out for lunch or dinner. Just get to know people better. You could just meet anyone at a random place and you might end up getting along with them really well. im so sorry about what happened in your past but it looks like you have a good future ahead of you. i wish you all the luck =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

So I was with someone and it didn't quite work out. Because I'm in high school and they were in middle school. I just ... didn't think it could work for a number of reasons and I was getting close to this new guy. [friend close] It felt so wrong because I enjoyed talking to him.

So I ended my relationship after a while. He is kind of clingy and into my business.

What should I do about this person without hurting them?

I can't say... "I don't want a relationship right now"

That relates to my next problem.


the new guy.. I have only been talking to him for maybe 3 weeks. We knew each other in middle school.. like 2 years ago. We talk on Myspace..

He seems to like me? He also wants to hug/kiss me. Apparently if I asked him out, he would say yes.

I'm not sure if I like him. Everyone keeps saying : "Just admit that you like him."
but i don't?

How do I know if I like someone? I don't want to rush into a relationship, yea know? :[

We are.. kinda going on a date this weekend and I don't know how to act. If I were to act like myself.. I would end up cuddling up on him in the movies [because I'm weird like that] and I might give the wrong signs?

I'm just so nervous.

People say he likes me.. I think he does but for what reason? We haven't talked in a long time. A couple of years.

I don't want to get into something that's based off looks. I guess not knowing each other.. gives you something to talk about and do in a relationship

For some reason... I'm scared.

Any advice? :[ (link)
ok You've just met this guy so you should get to know him better before you get into a relationship. If you need time before you get into another relationship then try not to be so close and cuddly with the guy. Think about if you do love this guy or not. Think if you could live without him. If your on your date and you WANT to cuddle up to him then do it. If you do end up in a relationship just take it slow and if it works out great! and if it doesn't then thats ok. Maybe your scared because you do like this guy but dont want to move on so quickly because you still like your ex? If your ex is being clingy tell him you need some space. Dont worry just have fun and enjoy the date! if your still unsure about him then just take it slow and give it some time. Hope it all works out love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx


god where do i start..

well my best guy friend is going out with someone right now. at first i was like omg good for you & i was all happy for him. well he has liked me for a long time & even told me he loved me. well he told me he still likes me. i'm like ew um gross? i don't like him. kay well i was looking at his girlfriend's myspace & i see a picture of them on there kissing. i saw it & i seriously about cried. after a while, i went to my media player & played the song your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus & cried for a long time. i really don't know why. do i like him or something? because when i think about it, i don't like him at all. but then i find myself wishing for him at 11:11!! & i always dream about him being my boyfriend. help me!!!!!

Well hes ur best guy friend and if uve been friends for ages thats what you see him as. But maybe you do like him alot more than just friends and your jelous that hes found someone else he might love. If you cry over a guy that much and dream about him odds are you like him. You can either accept it and move on or, you could tell him that you like him. Its hard because he does have a girlfriend but who knows. I hope everything works out =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

AHH OMG OK SO I HAVE THIS SONG STUCKKK IN MY HEAD! its like, "let me know that you need me, let that be enough" sorry i dont no the lyrics that good but pleaseee its by a male singer if you could just give the name and artist it would be amazin!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
is it switchfoot - "let that be enough"? Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

okay so i like this guy and im pretty sure he likes me too, but the problem is my friend used to like him. she is now involved with another guy and she told me before that she didn't like him anymore. would it be wrong if i started to go out with him? (link)
Definatly not. Just because your friend liked him doesnt mean you cant date him. Shes in another relationship so she shouldnt have feelings for him anymore. Ask her if its ok with her if its bothering you. If you like this guy and he likes you back then ask him out! Hope it all works out =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I'm 14 and I go to a combined middle school and high school. In the middle school, we aren't allowed to listen to our iPods, so I always go to the high school during lunches and breaks to listen to my music.

Now, recently for the past two days, this guy has been sitting next to me on the bench every lunch hour and talking to me. It all started when I left my stuff on the bench, and I had to go. He wanted me to stay and talk, but I was in a hurry to leave. I'm 14, and this guy is probably about 15-17 at the most.

I'm getting very worried here. I've been previously been a target many, many times for jokes and attempts to make me look stupid, but fortunately I've never fallen for it. I'm having trouble telling whether this guy is really interested in me, or if it's part of a clever joke that someone else has already planned out.

What should I do?
Hmm if your not interested in this guy then just dont worry about him. Maybe you could just be friends with him. Just be nice and talk as friends. if its been 2 days and this continues its prob not a joke. If your worried then just dont hang around him. Anyways hope i helped =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

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