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I'm Em.

I'm a 20 year old English/History student living in Sydney.

I dig art, music and books.

I'll take questions on relationships, friendships, high school, uni, or whatever else.

I try to give the best advice I can, usually drawing on my own personal experience. But I'm not perfect, and sometimes when I look back on some of my advice it's far from it (especially when I was 15 and writing LiKe THiS). It's just advice, though. It's not an answer or a solution, it's simply a potentially helpful perspective. And that's all I can offer you.


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ok my puppy is i think 7 months now and when she was little we would put er in her cage at nights and she would whimper for like a few minutes bafore going to sleep. now shes older and my sister has slept with the dog on her bed a couple of times and when we put her in her cage she does this wierd howling thing where it sounds like shes talking ro crying or something. what is she doing?! and she has terrrible seperation anxiety. like if her family member of choice that day leaves the house for like 5 minutes she barks and does that howling thing by the door untill they come back. any ideas on how to stop this? its annoying and it happens everymorning when my parents leave for work.
thx (link)
When i first got my dog we tried to get her to stay in the bathtub but she HATED it so i gave up and kept her in my bed. Now she sleeps with my mum lol. No dog likes to be alone and because she knows she can get on a bed with someone, she wants it and shes now wanting to get out of her cage. Find her a larger area to lock up at night with lots of blankets and toys she loves with maybe something of yours to make her feel better. We put my dog in the bathroom when my family goes out and she has practically shredded the door from scratching at it so much. When you go out during the day maybe put her outside. Make sure everythings sealed up so she cant get out, that she has lots of water and somewhere dry and comfy to sleep with lots of shade. Or you could do what my friend does and install a doggy door so she can go in and out of the house as she pleases. At night, put her in a small room in the house that she cant escape from with once again lots of water and comfy area with some toys or something personal she likes. Leaving something with your scent on it like an old peice of clothing you don't wear anymore or an old toy of yours, let her sleep with it or have it when your parents go to work so if she gets lonely she has something to comfort her.

ok the people involved here are me and my bf (we've been going out a long time), and tom and cindy (who've been going out like 4 weeks).

well tom and my bf just went on a vacation together. my bf called me like 5 times a day and said how much he loved me and missed me, etc. (he's sooo sweet!).

well halfway though the vacation, i talked to cindy. she was all sad because she hadn't heard from tom at all. so i told my bf, and he told tom that he should call cindy. so tom started calling her, and i think he was trying to act like my bf, saying all this nice stuff to her.

well as soon as they got back, cindy dumped tom. he was really heartbroken and asked me find out why. she told me it was because he was being too clingy and saying that he loved her when they'd only been going out a few weeks.

now i feel terrible!! like its my fault. and i dont know what to tell tom. hes sooo upset hes like crying and everything. he was just trying to do what he thought she wanted, and taking the example of me and my bf. im dreading talking to him cuz i dont know what to say that wont make him feel worse. plus, i just found out that cindy started going out with another guy like 3 hours after she dumped tom. i dont want to have to tell him that either!!

what can i tell him that wont make him feel terrible? (link)
Your friend is probably saying he was to full on as a reason for dumping him. If she really liked him then why would she have dumped him and why would she date someone so soon afterwards? This guy deserves better anyways no offence to your friend. Its not your fault, she was upset he wasnt calling her so he calls her and she dumps him. You have to be honest with him and say that she said he was being to clingy and is now dating another guy. Its not your fault ok its hers. He will get better sooner or later and move on.

people are always saying that at our age, we can't really be in love, or that we're too young to know what love is. like when a couple starts going out, and they put "i love matt" and "i love alyssa" on their myspace, a lot of people say its stupid. ok maybe its not like "true love", the kind where you marry someone... but if you really, really like someone a lot, isnt that sort of a type of love? and what if youve been with someone for a really long time, even though youre only 13? me and my bf have been together for almost 2 years and i think what we have is a lot more than just "liking each other a lot." we've been through a lot together, and we've had problems, but we've always worked them out. we're like best friends and cant stand to be apart. if thats not love, then what is? and if its not, then how old do you have to be to really be in love? (link)
Im 15 years old and i am totally in love with my boyfriend. I don't think it matters how old you are, anyone can fall inlove. When people say your to young to be inlove they just think that because having a developed relationship in our modern society only happens when you grow up. Love is whatever you think it is and whoever you want it to be with. There isn't an age for love, it just happens. I think its when you find that kindrid spirit, that person who makes you complete. Love is whatever you want to make it and everyone has different opinions of it. If you think your inlove with your boyfriend then you are! Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

well, i have a boyfriend and lately it seems we cant talk about anything. even when i try to talk about something it's like it doesnt matter to him.such as, i'll start talking about this "talking problem" and he'll be like, "oh, i didn't hear a word you said, but one of my friends is on the line with us". i just dont understand him anymore. like in the begining of our relationship he was really serious about everything; he would talk about all of our problems with me. ask me if i was okay with something. and i'm scared because he's been talking to a lot of girls lately and it bothers me because a lot of them he seems to be really good friends with and i'm just worried. maybe he's getting bored with me...a lot of guys seem to do that with me, or that's how it seems. are we in a block?...i dont know who to talk about with this stuff, i cant go to my mother, she doesnt take anything i say seriously and all my friends don't even really support me in anything right now. i dont even know if i have any real friends any more. i dont even know if you can help me with my problem, but i just dont know what to do anymore. i dont know what to say to him or anything. im scared we are going to fall apart and i dont want that to happen because i love him with all my heart. i would die for him, but i dont know if i can trust him to do the same. i dont know if i can trust him with anything. i just got out of a really bad relationship about 9 months ago and i have a lot of trust issues and i told my guy that and he said he understood but at the times when i say i trust him, i mean it and then later on, like with the girl stuff, when i say i dont agree or appriciate that, he says he doesnt understand why i cant trust him. he doesnt even say i love you that much anymore and its scaring me. i care about him so badly, will you please help me?

thank you so much (link)
Aww well your very insecure about the people in your life. He's not paying alot of attention to you or really listening to you and thats a big problem in relationships. You need to talk to him in person and tell him what you just typed up. You need to get your point across to him. If he continues to act like he is, then he's not good enough for you. In person is the best way to figure things out cuz theres not really a way he can avoid it. Are you spending alot of time together? Or not enough? Im sorry i can't help you much more but if he can't try to listen to you or if he doesn't really care for your insecurities then seriously honey, he isn't worth it. I hope it all works out! Just talk to him! Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I have a friend and we used 2 go out. He now has a new gf but keeps asking me to go to te movies with him. Would it b wrong to go 2 the movies with him? would it b better 2 ask his gf first? (link)
Well it depends how he's asking you. You guys are friends so there isn't a problem with it but it might be a bit better if you ask his girlfriend if its alright with her if you guys go JUST AS FRIENDS. Its not wrong i mean i have guy friends i go out with and i have a boyfriend, no drama. Just as long as he knows it's as friends and not like a date.

my boyfriend and I are going to be cuddling up to a few movies tomorrow night and I just realized, I don't have popcorn. I don't have the money at this point to go buy a whole box for one night, does anyone know any good alternatives to eat during the movies?

i think i have some of the popcorn kernals, like, uncooked do you cook that right? it never works for me. (link)
Well i have this large hard plastic container thing and it has holes in the lid. You put the popcorn in that and cook it for about 4 mins then take it out, take out the popcorn and re cook the kernals for about a minute or two and do that till you think no more are going to pop. You can really eat anything. If you have chips or dip or lollies anythings good. You could make something like buiscuits to. If you really have no idea what to get why don't you ask your boyfriend to bring some popcorn over? When i have a dvd night with my friends we usually have chips and lollies and soft drink or peanuts whatever is in the cupboard.

I need help. I am 16 year old, 5'8 female who weighs in at 365 pounds. That's right. THREE HUNDRED And Sixty-Five Pounds. Now please, this is serious so don't comment about how fat I am and all that other bull because believe me, I know already. So I need to lose weight (obviously) not only because it is extremely unhealthy but also because I let my weight run my life. I am sick of worrying about wether or not my gut is hanging out or if my shirt will cover it. I am sick of worrying about wether or not I will fit into a desk at school. This is not a joke people. READ WHAT I'M WRITING I SOUND LIKE A FREAK!!!! :( I need motivation. I am completely unmotivated. I hate being what I am but that isn't enough to make me want to change. I don't know what to do anymore. It's gotten to the point where I think I look gross all the time. And I do!
I look so disgusting I could vomit. And it's all because I am FAT. Personally I think I have a gorgeous face but you can't see it or who I really am because I'm in this fat suit. :( I've been big all my life but I can't go on like this or I'll be in my 30's and weigh 600 pounds. That isn't even a human being anymore...It's an animal. :( Any thoughts or advice to get me motivated or, anything. Please, I am desperate. (link)
Aww sweetie you ARE beautiful! EVERYONE is beautiful in there own way! What you need to do is tell your parents you want to lose weight. They can moniter what you eat and not buy anything to tempting. Because your 16, you should be alowd to go to a gym by yourself but it would help if you could find someone who wants to do it with you to make the experience a little more fun. Getting a personal trainer is definatly a good option. They make you do the exercise and force you to burn those calories! A nutritionist is advised to, to help with what you can and can't eat. It will take time but don't be discouraged if your not losing weight fast enough. Just keep telling yourself that you CAN do it! The point of having someone with you is to motivate you to excel. When i was losing weight, i would get so upset if i didn't lose any weight at all and even times when i would gain weight. It made me want to give up, but i kept going and as soon as you start to see a difference and notice you feel so fantastic! There is so many overweight people and they just need that push to help them to find the healthy person they deserve to be. Don't be afraid to do things because of your weight, just do it! As soon as you start losing weight and seeing a difference im telling you that you WILL be motivated and i felt alot happier that i was becoming physically the person i wanted. Good luck! and you will always be beautiful no matter what! Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx


This is a long, somewhat confusing question. I realize that it is a lot of work to figure this out so any serious answers will definately be rated appropriately. I really appreciate any advice.

For the last couple of months, I have had several 'downs' and few 'ups' with this situation. I am being harassed by girls from my school, some are "ex-friends" and others are just people who don't know me. I am wondering what is the most beneficial next step to take.

Involved People (females aged 15 to 17+):

Myself - Usually in a good mood, polite, kind to others, strongly opinionated, willing to stand up for causes which I believe in. Straight A's (with very few exceptions) and a dedicated student. Last summer I went to many parties. Strong willed, self confident and "always dressed up" describes me.

Tracey - One of my best friends, ex-best friends with Annie, used to be good friends with Danielle and Kaya.

Danielle - Last summer we were best friends, she is a "party animal," low grades, jealous of her best friend, Kaya.

Kaya - Danielle's new best friend, many insecurities, low grades, treats people badly to make herself feel better (laughing at overweight people), acts like she is amazing.

Annie - Used to be best friends with Tracey. Follows Danielle and Kaya with whatever they do.

Here is a basic timeline of the sitation for reference, I have all of the recent activity documented carefully on my computer:

November - Danielle and I got in an argument. I was talking to people at our lunch table about how I was worried about her. I also said she is friends with people then just ditches them and that I was thinking I should talk to her about it. It got back to her before I talked to her about it, she got mad and I apologized. She said tons of mean stuff to me so I ended up not talking to her for weeks. I was excluded from everything and always ended up at home doing nothing.

December - Things were great, Annie always told Tracey how much she disliked me (behind my back) but we started to become friends. At the end of the month I was excluded from "secret santa" because of my dispute with Danielle, and everyone (lunch table people) said they didn't want ME making conflict.

January - Conflicts were slightly resolved but Tracey and I noticed we were being excluded from all events and birthday parties. We started to become closer and hang out a lot.

February - Some "tough/druggie" girls attacked me, saying I "dress like a / am a tramp" and I was hit in the back of the head. I walked away from them but everyone was talking about how I "ran away crying." I still do not see why they did this and it is completely unfair. I do not dress out of the ordinary, usually - when I wear a skirt I have long legs so it looks short, but who cares anyways. I always avoid walking that way now.

March - Annie began to get mad because Tracey and I were so close. She started talking behind my back again and to Danielle and Kaya (Annie did not like Kaya at the time). Danielle, Kaya and Annie began to grow closer due to their hate of me. The 3 of them would always make plans infront of Tracey and I and purposely not invite us.

April - Danielle wrote a blog about people she hated, and I said "Honestly, do you consider me one of those people?" In reply, she went crazy and said a ton of mean things about me. She said I shouldn't bother replying because she did not want to start a "bitch fight." I was outraged, and told her to say it to my face. At school she couldn't look at me and was afraid.

April Cont - Kaya stood up for Danielle and said I was "attacking" her. I was just not letting Danielle walk all over me, I no longer wished to be friends with her and immediately stopped talking to them. I told Kaya that it was not her business. One day at lunch, Kaya and I got in a big arguement and she ended up leaving the table.

April Cont - Kaya, Danielle and Annie went to the "tough/druggie" group of girls and told them what was happening. I started to be harassed by these new girls (I will call them the hawks) and they threatened to beat me up. I backed off, feeling overwhelmed. I completely stopped talking to all of those people.

April Cont - At the same time, Tracey told Annie that she felt excluded, so Annie went against her. It was now Danielle/Kaya/Annie against Tracey and I.

May - Danielle tried to start a fight with Tracey over the computer over nothing. Pointless things continued to happen even though we weren't speaking to Danielle. I started talking to Annie and Kaya again (I regret this now) and we were fine together. I tried to be nice and work things out since the whole fight was over very little. I tried to resolve things with the "hawks" but I was still constantly stared at by them at school.

June - Tracey, myself and two of our other friends made a funny video and posted it on facebook. It wasn't about anyone it was just a pointless music video dancing around in big coats. Danielle, Kaya and Annie "copied" our video but tried to "copy our make-up, clothes and moves." They exaggerated everything and acted like completely sluts (I can honestly say that) then told everyone to "say whose is better." It was obnoxious.

June Cont - They began to harass me on MSN but I said "haha yeah you're great at being us. bye!" and blocked them. Kaya was me, Annie was Tracey and Danielle was my other best friend from the video. One day walking along the street after our friend's birthday lunch, Danielle and Kaya rode by on a bike and yelled "ugly ass sluts!" to us. We ignored them. Later on, Annie and Danielle apologized to Tracey and included me in the apology (it was never sent to me) and Tracey "accepted" their apology.

June Cont - Annie and Danielle left for a month long student exchange trip in Europe. Kaya found a new "best friend" (Ellen), whom I used to be friends with last summer but we rarely saw eachother. Kaya and Ellen posted pictures in short skirts and tanktops saying "oh ya.. this is how (my name) stands and dresses" and posted them on facebook. Kaya, Ellen, Danielle and Annie have all been put on "limited profile" for my facebook and cannot see anything except my name and a nearly blank page.

Ellen lives on my street, like a two minute walk away. She has been in many fights and now I am feeling threatened because in my honesty box on facebook, Kaya threatened that if I went to any bonfires or parties this summer that she would fight me or get other people to. Annie and Danielle are gone for three more weeks, but Ellen and Kaya are so close. In addition, they have all of the "hawks" on their side.

I have just been staying home/inside to avoid conflict and I am sick of this harassment. Please help. =( (link)
Reading this i am absolutely disgusted at these girls behaviour. Seriously im like getting mad. Anyways, being serious now. Ok You NEED to find new friends. Ditch these people that are so-called friends or were and find people who treate you like you deserve to be treated. Your alowd to go to any parties you want its none of Kaya's buisness. This is getting out of hand and i think you should tell someone. It's getting to the point where you could end up getting a restraining order against some of these girls. Your being threatened against and fear for your own safety. PLEASE tell an adult, parent, teacher, older brothers or sisters, anyone! Just ignore those girls completely. They can have their opinions of you it doesn't matter what they think. Your a gorgeous smart girl and they're jelous of that so they try to make themselves feel better by making you feel horrible. Find new friends who treat you properly because you will be so much happier. You need people who are willing to stick up for you and accept you, not act like they did. I had a "friend" who acted like them and she was like 3 times my size! I stood up to her and told her off when i did nothing wrong and she is totally scared of me now lol. Don't be afraid of them. Eventually they're gonna get whats coming to them and probably end up as pregnant teens with no life expectations living in a trailor park with 20 cats. Just get away from them and you do what YOU want to do don't let them bully you around. But PLEAAAAASE tell someone of authority or someone you trust to help you out! If they call you names or threaten you then ignore them. They just want to scare you and get attention. If thats how they get their kicks then they're pathetic. If i was there i would like so hug you right now and then tell them off lol. I hope it all works out!! Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

ok well i have this friend named jen and she is generally really annoying. ive known her since 2nd grade and shes always been like this. people pretend to like her and stuff and a lot of her friends think that she is really annoying and wish she would shut up. shes nice tho and people dont wanna be mean to her. problem is we're starting high school soon and she will not have any friends the way this is going. shes an only child, kinda rich, really spoiled, and a wannabe prep. she brings up the stupidest jokes that are not funny, she has an obsession with school-as in if there is a test its all she talks about, laughs too much, and is very stalkerish. she wants to be my bff but im like the total opposite. guess you could say ima tomboy, i dont like shopping much-[shes obsessed with name brands] and i like hanging out with guys mostly. my friends think shes so annoying and so do i but how can she change this. she knows that she has a problem and wants me to help her with it. uhh i dont want her to be like a loner or anything cuz shes nice and stuff. thanx =]
One of my 'close' friends is exactly like that expect shes the baby of the family so she gets whatever she wants. You need to sit down and talk to her about how annoying she gets. Tell her some things she can change. She probably likes attention alot because her parents have given her so much of it so the reason why she does all those things is to get people to notice her. Tell her people will pay attention to her and like her if she just calms down a bit and acts a little less clingy. Tell her straight out the kind of things she can improve on. In highschool if she doesn't change, she'll find people who are exactly like her to be friends with. But she has gone to you for help so try your best to help her out. She probably looks up to you thats why she's asked you to help her. She can be interested in brand names and shopping but the stalkerish part is just a bit much. If you don't want to be Bff's then tell her she's just to full on and needs to just relax a little. Just be honest with her about whats annoying people but give her some positives to like that she is a nice person and stuff. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

what are some songs that start singing like right off the bat? so i can get people interested in my song.

and no rap or country or gwen stefani shit. (link)
Right off the bat? Im assuming you mean the vocalist starts singing as soon as the instruments begin.
1.'Oh! Ellin - GOB'
2.'Teenagers - My chemical romance'
3.'Famous last words - My chemical romance'
4.'The only difference between matrydome and suicide is press coverage - Panic at the disco'
5.'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic at the disco'
6.'Im like a lawyer the way im always trying to get you off - fall out boy'
7.'Basket case - Greenday'
8.'We are the champions - queen' lol that songs awesome.

You don't need singing at the start to get people interested in a song. If you have a good guitar entrance or drums people are going to be interested like in 'Dead! - My chemical romance' It depends on the music you like.

Anyways thats all i can think of right now. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

how long after a guy pre cums does he actually ejaculate? because i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and i know he didnt ejaculate in me because he pulled out and jacked himself off for like 20 seconds before he actually came so im just kinda worried about pre cum. (link)
There's not actually a particular time after he pre-cums when he ejaculates it's pretty much whenever he's reached the maximum pleasure and stimulation he can take that he climaxes. Pre cum doesn't DO anything, so don't worry. But i am worried about your age. I mean your 15 and havign unprotected sex. One, there could be the possibility that one of you could have inherited an STD or disease and you've just left yourself vulnerable to catching it. And two, you are still young. I don't mean to sound like a parent but it's safer to wait till your atleast over 16 to start having sex, but it's your choice. Be careful. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

randomgrl- i was talking to the guy that used to be my best friend then we loved eachother and it fell apert and got outa control. i talked for the first time to him in a very very long time atleast the whole summer and he wasnt talking much so i would start random convos then it would go good then bad then good ect. then i had to switch to my other s/n. i told him he said ok. like 5 min later i got on it then he went away then i said im back then he signed can i fix it. there will be alot of parties after 4 of july like 1 every 3 days and in a way i bet he will ignor me or not even go...or might not be able to go their my best friends hosting them. his family is VERY INTO STEREOTYPING and for a long time he do i fix this? (link)
You've already made the first step in trying to talk to him. It's always hard trying to re connect a torn friendship but in this case, i think you should let go. Thats probably not what you wanted to hear but i think he's become uncomfortable talking to you because of what happened and you should just accept that and move on. You can try to talk to him more or at the parties but don't become persistant, he'll just end up being annoyed. It was a good friendship while it lasted but it's time to move on. If he doesn't want to try to be friends again, it's his loss, and later down the track he's gonna realise what a great friend you were. It's upsetting to lose a friend but you should move on. Im sorry about your friend though. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

Hi. Im 16 year old girl and i've been "in love" with my best friend for ages. we hang out all the time. i know everything about him, and he knows everything about me. we have so much in common and we have so much fun together.. but he recently asked out this girl and well.. now their a couple. now i dnt know this girl.. but i dnt like her haha. nah not really but im really jealous. Now i saw some other columns and they say that i shud be supportive.. but i need advice on how to be that for him. every time her name comes up i feel like crying.. i try to be supportive and be happy for him but when i get home.. i cant help but cry. he's such an awesome person and he deserves someone so great.. but i want it to be me. we've talked about our "feelings" for each other heaps (before he was going out with her)and he kept sayin how it would be awkward if we went out BUT IT WOULDNT BE! He always flirts with me, and hugs me, and holds my hand when we watch movies. All my friends say that he is using me and that he isnt worth my time, but he is. he is really sweet, caring, sensitive and funny and i cant help thinking about him at every waking moment.. i cant tell him how i feel because he likes this girl, and i dnt wanna hurt him by telling him and ruining our friendship.. so i need advice on how to slowly get over him and stop pretending that "fate will bring us together eventually" because ive been believing that for too long, and the disappointment is hurting too much.. and i dnt wanna have to completely shut him out of my life forever because i cant be a good friend to him. Please help me the best u can. (btw im really sorry that this question was so long and by typin this im makin it longer but i didnt know how to write it any other way) (link)
Lol its okay if its long i dont mind. I had a problem with this guy who i was really good friends with once but one of my besties liked him and i ended up never telling him how i felt and i regreted that for a long time.

You might feel bad because you never really got the chance to be with him and now hes with someone else and you don't really want to be the bad person and break that up. You might just need to tell this guy you like him, even though he is with someone right now. Sometimes people will date other people because they don't think that the person they like, likes them back.

He probably doesn't want to lose the friendship you have because he treasures you alot. If you love this guy then give it one last shot. Tell him how you feel and say you like him and you wanted to tell him for so long.

I think your a great friend and you'd probably be a great girlfriend. If you have a gut feeling that he likes you then tell him you love him! It's better to atleast try then to regret it. If your supposed to be with him then it's going to happen. I believe in fate to ^^ lol. Even if it doesn't work out, it will take some time to get over him but you can still maintain that close friendship you have. If you just want to get over him then it will take time. You need to just cry your heart out, let all those feelings out, then think positive. Have a girls night in with some of your close girlfriends just watching movies and eating junk food to help you cheer up. There is a million guys out there and the perfect one is waiting for you so don't get upset over one guy even if it seems like he is your one and only because odds are your going to meet other guys who you could have a greater connection with.

Your friends are just looking out for you and i guess in a way trying to get you to stop liking him so you can move on. I hope it works out with this guy and if you love him just tell him! Your not being a bad person your just saying how you feel!

I hope that wasn't confusing lol and just think positive on those days where you feel like crawling into a hole and crying. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

I am having daily "cumlike" smelling discharge from my vagina, should I be worried? and what may be causing this? I am 49, no kids, do not dink, but used to, and smoke about 1/2 pack a day......... (link)
You could have a vaginal infection or thrush. This is more of a thing you should consult your doctor about. Its probably something small and not to worry about and can be fixed by some sort of medicine. Im guessing it is an infection and that is usually fixed with tablets and cream if there is any skin irritations. Nothing to worry about i dont think but see a doctor just in case =] Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

AHH i've been trying to get this song, some of the lyrics
"so if you see me coming you better back down cause i've been waiting to smack you around."
"well you should have stayed home, you should have known better"
it's a girl kind of a hardcore techno going on.

Its a song by 'porcelain and the tramps' called 'My left overs' Their song 'Coin operated boy' is pretty good to, you should check it out!

Oops lol on the site it said it was by them so i assumed lol my bad.

do you think that we dont realize how much a person meant to you until they are gone?
we dont realize how much a person meant to you until they are gone like for example when your friend is moving while your avoiding them because you dont wanna get hurt but next thing you know you getting hurt anyways? i mean i think if you distance yourself from that person or spend time with them hurts the same...dont you think? sorry im not good at english so its all mixed up
I think you don't realise how much a person means to you until they're gone. One time me and my boyfriend were going to breakup and it wasn't until then that i realised that i could not live without him. Its okay not we worked it out lol. Someone being in your life all the time you don't think about them leaving then when they're gone, it makes you think how much they meant to you and how much you cared for them. Why do you ask? Lol

I'm 17 (female), My boyfriend is 18. The problem i'm having is things are starting to get boring and our love is falling apart. We don't fight, but it gets boring and I feel that our love is weakening. He's lived with me for the last 5 months because his mom had to move and...long story lol. But he'll be living with me here till I turn 18 then we're getting a place together. We have internet at the house again and ever since we got it back, he plays games, I get on myspace and yahoo and talk to people and that's how the day goes, then we go up to my room and go to sleep. I don't know if it's that we need time apart, or time together. We still laugh and have fun when we're together, but we barely go places together, when he wants to walk, i'm tired of sick and when i wanna walk, he's tired or sick. What can we do to make things right again? (link)
Try to get him to take you out on a date or to dinner or anywhere! When hes playing at the computer what i do to my boyfriend if i get bored is start cuddling him and kissing him. Make him a romantic dinner or rent some movies to watch. Everyone gets a bit bored during their relationships so just think of new ways to spend time together. Your lives have become a bit routine so try to spend as much time outside the house rather than inside playing on the computer. If you have a dog then its a reason for both of you to become more active and walk it regularly. This will give you time to spend with each other and to get out of the house. Anything to make you more active will make you want to spend more time outside. Maybe you should be more affectionate to him. You both love each other you just need to spend some more time together. i hope it all works out! Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

Well, ok. I'm 16 and I've been dating an AMAZING guy for 6 months. I am so in love. Well my mom knows this and she knows we want to have sex so she bought us condoms and stuff and then when we told her we did it, she got pissed off and hid the rest of them...

We talked to her about safe and responsible sex (yes I know there is no such thing as 100% safe sex i dont want to hear it.) and she seemed to be open about the idea and then all the sudden she went psycho and wont let me stay at my boyfriends house anymore. He spends weeks at a time over here and she doesnt mind us sleeping in the same room, but I cant stay over there. It is upsetting for me and my boyfriend because I used to stay the night over there all the time. Can anyone tell me why my mom is like this all the sudden? She used to be so cool and then she just changed in the blink of an eye... (link)
Oo. Well shes probably a little worried about it because as the previous advice said she wasn't expecting it to happen so fast. She's probably worried that your going to have it to much and end up having unsafe sex while your caught up in the moment or possibly getting pregnant. I think the fact that her daughter is growing up so fast has hit her and shes worried about you. Shes just being a mum. Shes worried and confused about all of this. I mean thats pretty amazing she let you in the first place! but she's probably just worried about you. She might calm down after a while but for the time being you should try and sit down and talk to her about all of this, ask her if theres something wrong and if she wants to talk about it. Hope i helped! Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

yes actual bugs! they like swarm my computer screen at night. theyre little gnats or something.
i dont have any food next to my computer its all clean. what are they and how do i get rid of them? ive sqished like 30 of themin like the last 20 minutes! my screen is a gross bug graveyard!! (link)
Lol eww i had those they are soo gross. I looked at my window fly screens and looked for any openings or torn areas then i made sure my window was shut properly at night. I got some mortein (bug spray) and sprayed it around my computer and window then sealed my room for afews hours. That seemed to kill them off lol. Get some good quality bug spray and do that it should get rid of them.

ok so when ever i eat something or drink something sugary like ice cream or coffee from starbucks i get like shaky. not like hyper or anything but my body literally has tremors. what is this? it would be nice if you had any medical information on what might happening to me. cause it sfreaking me out and i just stopped eating anything with sugar in it.
thankyou any advice is wanted! (link)
Usually when i don't have any sugar half way through the day my hands will get a little shaky. In your case it's when you consume sugar you get shaky. I googled some stuff on it but nothing really came up. I think your bodys just having a reaction to the amount of sugar entering your body and through your blood stream. Try to eat things with low sugar levels. I suggest seeing a doctor about it or telling your parents. Id love to tell you more but the only thing im thinking of is could you be possibly diabetic? Don't worry or get stressed out or anything, its just my friend is a diabetic and she needs sugar and she gets shaky like all the time. Don't stress over it, see a doctor and find out whats going on. Love xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

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