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Q: heey.. this isn't a question, just something to tell you, when that girl asked you about that shirt, it means 'shit out of luck' not 'so out of luck'.. shit out of luck is a saying and yeah, just letting you know incase you wanna edit your answerrr
Oh, shyt out of luck pal doesn`t even make sence. But thnx.

Q: on a hollister shirt it sais: ur SOL pal. ------ what does SOL mean??
So out of luck.

Q: Hi im 17 and i got my period when i was 15 but it hasnt been regular there are times when i dont get for 4-6 months whats wrong with me ?? i havent gone to the doctor... is this normal??
There probebly isn`t anything wrong but I`m not sure. I think you should just go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Q: oh yea, and what does 'hit that' or 'tap that' mean
To have sex with someone.

Q: what does SHORTY mean (like lil shorty or something)

does it mean like literally short, or something else..
It`s jus what guys like to call girls because usualy they are shorter then them. But also people just use it to say toher people are short because they are taller then them.

Q: i get jealous of all the girls my boyfriend talks to... how do i keep myself from feeling bad.
I`m the same way. This what I do. I tell my self that he`s with me for a reason & that he loves me not them & i have nothing to worry about because he is all mine.

Q: Last night my boyfriend got mad at me and said he was mad because he doesn't think I care about him. I love him with all of my heart and he loves me too. I just don't know how to show it. Please help.
Tell him you love him. & if he still thinks your lieing be like, "why would I lie about somthing like that, & I wouldn`t be with you right now telling you this if I didn`t."

Q: 16f
my mom caught me mastubating and watching porn and now i'm crying and i'm mad and i don't know what to do.... i feel awful... i cant stop crying i think i'm gonna cut myself... dammit i dont know what else to do!!! please help me i'm not some emo kid but im considering killing myself...
Don`t kill yourself did you even get in trouble for that? If you did tell them your sorry, & they will forgive you. Don`t trip about it really, just talk to your mom about it and everything will be okay. :)

Q: Hey what is spooning?
It`s like cuddleing.

Q: Oh goodness do I need help! I have a myspace, and I've been trying to find a music video, or song anything at all, but cant find it. If you can find "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World. Please tell me were i can get the url for the music for my myspace. Thanks so much! Anyone who helps will get a 5 :)

Here you go. :)

Q: if i started to shave my arms, would the hair grow darker and longer?

ps. my arm hairs are black
Sadly yes they would. But then you can always shave it when they grow a little.

Q: Will pure bleach used on clothes damage hair if I was to bleach my whole head?
Yes it can damage your hair really badly, all of your hair can fall out.

Q: how do i put the backgrounds that advicenators has to offer onto my column?
When you go here:

It tells you everything you need to do.

Q: i weigh 107 about and im 5 foot . my frie4nds are TALLER than me and weigh about 90 i feel so fat and nasty in a bikini . but ik i weigh a luittle of that because of my boobs lool
You are not fat. Your friends are skinny so you think your fat but really your not.

Q: i'm 15/f i've had sex with my boyfriend who was diagnosed with HIV AID's. i'm not sure if i have it but i'm very scared should i go to a docter soon? please help thank you. i really need your help
Go to the doctor as soon as posible. That is really serious!

Q: does a memory card come with a playstation 2?
No it usually doesn`t.

Q: is it normal for you to not have your period on time? normaly my period is always on time. what's wrong with me?

p.s i haven't had sex
Don`t worry about it`s normal. You wont always have your period on time and sometimes you might not even have it some month.

Q: This isn't a job search, but a question about a job. How old do you have to be to become a bartender in the state of PA? thanks
18. But if you want to drink too then you have to be 21 for that.

Q: ok. well i was wondering if it's true that you miss chances to grow if you wear a bra at night. like a bra with an underwire and such as you would wear during the daytime. answers are very much appreciated, and thanks ahead of time!

Not true at all.

Q: I keep making plans for dieting. I try and give up im 13 yrs old 5'2 and 117 pounds.I need some inspiration. Please help!
Well you could just exercise and eat right that would help alot. Like the other two people said you can also try doing it with a friend it would be a whole lot easier! :]



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