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Q: why does everyone always say "this one time,at band camp.." i dont get it. is it from a movie or something?
Heheheh, yes it is it`s from American Pie. Funny movie you should watch it you allready haven`t!

Q: Whats the code to change the font size on myspace to make the letters it smaller or bigger?
< big > TEXT < / big >
< small > TEXT < / small >
Take all the spaces out.

< font size=" SIZE " > TEXT < / font >
Take spaces out too, except from between font & size.

Q: I'm going to be swimming with my crush every day this summer. What do I wear to hint I like him, or how do I act so we can be touching. I really want to end up making out so what games can we play or what we can do so we're touching or something. Also, about what I wear, what do I wear to show a lot of cleavage? I really want to be awesome.
Some guys don`t actually like when girls show too much. Sure they like to see it but they don`t want their girlfriends doing it though. So just wear a cute tank and some cute shorts nothing too showy really it sometimes is a turn off. Well when your in the water play around with him drown him and stuff it`s fun and flirtty! You guys could play truth or dare usualy guys love that game.

Q: ok so recently i encountered one of my good guy friends that i havent talked to in like 2 years, because he moved away.
we liked eachother alot then.
my question is if he gave me his number is he still interested in me?
i didnt ask for it or anything.
also when i talked to him he was being a big flirt.
Tha really means somthing. He could still like you just go along with it and flirt too. That`s only if you want!

Q: i am a really shy person and i dont have any guy friends. like in school they sometimes talk to me but they arent friends with me at all. im going into high school so i guess i can change somewhat but what should i do? all of my friends have more guy friends than girls but im the only one with all girls as friends. if you were me, what things should i do and not do? thankss in advanceee.
- too shy
The most important part is to be your self. Guys hate if girls act like anything other then their selves. weather it`s a girlfriend or a friend doesn`t really matter. It isn`t really hard to talk to them just start talking to them and then try doing that everyday. Then you guys will become cool and start hagning out or somthing. Or you could have some of your friend introduce you their friends that would be an easier way to become friends with a guy. So just be nice & be yourself it`s what everyone wants!

Q: I want to get highlights for my hair. I'm female 13 blue eyes amd light brown hair. I want to get a lot of medium brown streaks, and then also a few blonde streaks. I'm not sure if this will look good so I need opinions if thats a good combination for highlights?
Sounds cute to me. Jsust make sure you go to someone that does it good because you don`t want them to mess up your hair!

Q: Hey! I'm not shure if this goes in this category but - does anyone know how to get good karma?

Thank yoU!
Do good things and be nice to others.

Q: Ok. how do you make out? cause i have no idea how to or what it is! can someone tell me what it is and how you do it? I REALLY NEED HELP! and if the person your doing it with knows how will you look like an idiot or can they not even tell?
There isn`t a way to make out. You just do it. Don`t be nerves or anything you could be really good at it. So just go with it. & you could also tell the person you are making out with that you haven`t done it yet and they can show you how. Trust me you aren`t the only one that hasn`t kissed a person so don`t worry about it. Don`t rush just wate till it happens.

Q: Why has my parents got baby oil next to their friends keep saying all this stuff and its just floating around in my brain. I need straight answer its not like i can ask my parents
Maybe they massage each other at night because of work and stuff. You never really know. Maybe next time your in the room with your mom ask her why is there baby oil don`t worry it`s not wrong to ask about that.

Q: Ok please help me im young and i've had sex seven times and all of them i've been forsed into i just dont know how to say NO! because the one guy i first did it with always hit me and i dont want to be hit again by a guy and im not a slut please help
Do not let him push you around. And you shouldn`t even be with a guy that does that in the first place.

Q: my best friend gets rly jealous when guys think im hott. sometimes, she even tries to stop me from evr talking to them cuz shes jealous that they dont think shes hott, and she gets mad at me. One time online we were talkin to this guy we saw that day, and he thought i was hott, and my friend got mad and was like wouldnt let me see what she was sayin to him, and then she got kinda mad when he asked for my sn. wat should i do? i hate when shes mad at me, its really annoying.
Talk to her about it, you guys are friends so it wont be a big problem talking to her.

Q: well me and my boyfriend broke up and now i like this other guy. we have been hanging out alot and everything but i dont know if he likes me or not. he said he wants to make sure me and my ex are completely over with before anything happens then maybe. but now he acts totally different. like nothing could EVER happen. i asked him and he was like well we barely know each other we have to hang out more. what does this mean? should i give up or keep trying? thanks
If you really like him then keep trying. At least you still get to talk to him and hangout it`s better to get to know him before anything happens. So just give it a try again.

Q: okay..this guy i like and he liked me moving far away like to another state and we were gunna date but now that he's moving we're not going to obviously..what can i do to make myself get over him leaving?
Just don`t thinking about it too much. Go out with your friends and have fun! It`s okay, I mean you will meet someone else.

Q: I like G. for one month...He is really nice to me...And we always hug each other kiss each other and we act like we are together...My friends and his friends think that we are together..I think i am beautiful because boys think that..Yesterday was like every day..We were hugging each other and we were on his motorcycle...We were "touching" each other A LOT..Like only couples do...And then he would drive me home..We were on his motorcycle when he turned and we were so close and we kissed each other...It happened and i was happy about that..I am...But we are not together..He didn't ask me to be with him or something like this...Today everything fine..Without touching and kiss(lips)..I really want to be with him..It is the first time i like a boy THAT much...What should i do to be with him???He is a really good guy...We know each other 1 year but only this last months things are that "good"..What should i do to be with him apart from asking him out???P.S.(When he were hugging each other i heard his heart which was beating really quickly...)
Well be like you and me act like we go out are we by any chance? You guys seem to be really cool so I don`t think you will have a problem about talking to him. Just trust you will feel a whole lot better if you talk to him about it.

Q: I do not like shaving, and am looking for an alternate solution. Do the "Nair" products work, and if so, which ones?
Yeah it does work. (Like xOx_LoOvE_xOx said it really smells.) I would recomend veet it works great!

Q: I just watched Justin Timberlaike's new music video and I don't, for the life of me, understand it. COuld someone please explain it to me?
'Sexy back'
He`s juse saying that he is bringing sexy back.

Q: i'm normal, i have some love handles and a little belly, but i'm not fat. does that mean im not "hott" ?
No way that does not mean yo`re not hot! Yor just fine.

Q: how do you make a guy like you give me some pointers!!!

guys what makes u like a girl?
You can`t make a guy like you. Just be yourself and if he dosn`t like you for that there is nothing you can do really. =/

Q: Is the hole the tampon goes in the same one the penis goes in during sex?
Yeahh. Lol.

Q: Is it possible for your first ever period to last only 1 or 2 days??
Yes it is. When you first start it`s not always gonna be the same length and it doesn`t come when you think it will but just don`t worry about it too much.



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