the bruuunettte.. i am 18 years old. i have been through plenty for my age, so i know what pretty much everything is like. i don't care about ratings, i will answer your question completely honest, and if you don't like it && rate me a 1, i will laugh. it does not phase me. if you're not serious, please do not waste my time. if my advice is not something you like to hear, well too bad, you asked me and that's what i had to say. i am a really [[nice]] girl. i promise. i can give really good advice or really stupid advice if you give me a stupid question. but i guarantee i can help you. just ask! =]

likes: orange juice, otterpops, clothes, hollister, roses, laughing, friends, family, hugs, kisses, del taco, singing, cell phone, music, summer, fashion, movies, pictures, MAC, shopping, big sunglasses, polka dots, perfume, money, purses, coloring books, roller coasters, cartoons, LiFE

dislikes: mustard, sluts/whores, liars, cheaters, ex-girlfriends, ignorance, fake people, copiersss, shady/sketchy people, followers, being alone, cockyness, annoying people, periods, unorganization, people who are in love with themselves, perverts, disrespectful people


ok me and my bf are planning to have sex the thing is we are both virgins and i was wondering wat it was like the first you have sex... mostly on the girls part.. like does it hurt and all that i want to no bc i want to be sure im really ready we already have everything else planned out and all but i still wanna be sure ne good advice and no loser advice is apreciated ill rate good laters

yeah, it hurts, just be ready for it. XO bi


(Rating: 5) thnx

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