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I told my friend that i loved him. I wrote him a letter and basicly told him that I loved him and that even though we can't be together now I hope in the future we can be more than friends. (he moved to NC) Well he wrote me back and said cool. and then he's been ignoring me for the past two weeks. Well tonight I had a new sn on aim. and I IMed his sister..obviously thinking it was her lol. and he was like this is justin. and all I could say was "oh" and so he was like "oh. that's what i am to you!" he really confuses me. I mean if he liked me the same as I like him why won't he say it?! when i had a bf and it old him he said "we can't have a long distant relationship?" and when he lived up here by me. we would be close and hug and sometimes kiss each other on the cheek. i just don't know what's happening with this. I'm fine with us being close friends but I can't stand him acting like that. what should I do? we never really talk anymore. and it seems like he doesn't want me to every talk to him. and it makes me sad to know I'll never talk to him agian.

maybe he`s n0t ready f0r "l0ve" right n0w. just take things sl0w and just talk t0 him as y0u w0uld if y0u never said u l0ve him. just as friends.. and if there is signs that hes starting t0 like y0u.. then y0u kn0w see if he tells y0u. but l0ng distant relati0nships are n0t fun. y0u never see him, y0u d0nt kn0w if hes cheating 0n y0u, at least if he lived by y0u, tnen y0u w0uld at least get t0 see him.. ♥


(Rating: 3) thanks for the advice I appreciate it! I don't want a long distance relationship I just want some clarity...you know?

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