the bruuunettte.. i am 18 years old. i have been through plenty for my age, so i know what pretty much everything is like. i don't care about ratings, i will answer your question completely honest, and if you don't like it && rate me a 1, i will laugh. it does not phase me. if you're not serious, please do not waste my time. if my advice is not something you like to hear, well too bad, you asked me and that's what i had to say. i am a really [[nice]] girl. i promise. i can give really good advice or really stupid advice if you give me a stupid question. but i guarantee i can help you. just ask! =]

likes: orange juice, otterpops, clothes, hollister, roses, laughing, friends, family, hugs, kisses, del taco, singing, cell phone, music, summer, fashion, movies, pictures, MAC, shopping, big sunglasses, polka dots, perfume, money, purses, coloring books, roller coasters, cartoons, LiFE

dislikes: mustard, sluts/whores, liars, cheaters, ex-girlfriends, ignorance, fake people, copiersss, shady/sketchy people, followers, being alone, cockyness, annoying people, periods, unorganization, people who are in love with themselves, perverts, disrespectful people


Hi, let me start by saying I'm young. 13f and my best friend died. Her brother was hurt really bad and i feel like it was my fault, cuz they were on their way to pic me up when a drunk driver ran into them. My friend died instantly and her brother is expected to die in the next seven-twelve days. I want to say something to him, but I don't know what and if I don't hurry, it might be too late. You can e-mail me at prettymoonbug@hotmail.com

sorry t0 hear ab0ut that. it`s n0t y0ur fault. 0ne 0f my friends died t0o. it`s a h0rrible feeling. just say s0mething t0 him. it may be t0o late. ♥


(Rating: 1) You don't think I know that. Why do you think I lay in my bed every night crying my eyes out. It's always sad when somebody dies, but this girl was only 13, she never even really got to live. And now she's dead because of me, and all I had to do was say that I didn't want to go a kylie would still be alive. I still don't have anything to say to her brother and he's doing really bad. My family doesnt care and no one else but me seems to realize what's happened. It's hard.

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