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Hey my name is Leah, and im a 14 year old Freshman. I realyl enjoy playing softball and dancing, and i love listening to music. My friends say im really good at giving advice, so feel free to ask me anything. And its totally anonomous unless you want to include your name. =)

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how do u learn how to whistle? (link)
haha im pretty bad at whistling but ill give this one a shot. First, make a little o with your lips. It helps if they are wet. Then (this part is important!) place your tongue so that its pressing up against your bottom teeth and its kind of on the back of your top teeth too. Now blow =)

hope this works!!!

Yall I really need help. Okay well I did track last year and then over the summer I tried to work with a really hard running team but it just didn't work out. I was good at track and it was soooo much fun and now I'm doing track for my school and I find myself skipping conditioning or not wanting to go or something of that sort.
What I'm asking is I really need motivation or a reward or something!! I have the potential to be really good but I have to get started then I'll stick with it but its just the "getting back in shape" and getting started up again since I haven't seriously ran since May. Please any ideas would be great!! I'll rate. (link)
That same thing happened to me. When you dont run for a long time, your endurance level goes down. You simply need to build it back up. Take a short run every day, then make the runs longer and longer. Youll find that after a while you can run twice as much as you could before! It also helps to eat a lot of nutritional foods. (like fruits or veggies) And dont forget to stretch ;)

is there anyway to make my eyelashes grow longer or thicker? (link)
i dont think there is any way to make them GROW any longer or thicker. But they do have lengthening and thickening mascaras. Just go to the drug store and pick out one that you like. Then simply apply, and BAM! Longer, thicker lashes. lol hope i helped!

okay, so this boy that i went out with like about 2 different times told his friend he wants to go to prom with me (yes, i do realize its only september) .. does that mean he likes me?? because its weird. Everytime i come back from away he Im's me right away.. and he talks about me a lot his friend told me. so whats the deal? and i dont even know if i would like him back either...? (link)
Well, it certainly seems like this boy likes you =)

Maybe you should talk to him about it...that is if you like him back. If you would rather just be friends then dont let him think that you like him. That will only hurt him. But if you decide that you do like him, let him know!

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