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Hey im jessica and if anyone has any questions just lemme know im here to help:)
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i really like this guy! and he knows i like him too..but he said he doesnt like me back..sometimes i catch him looking at me..i dont know if ats me or someone behind can i get him to like me?
hey theres really no way to get someone to like you... you just gotta act like your self and if he doesnt respect you for you then hes not worth it just try to talk to him more and get to know alot about each other well i hope i hlpeed:) rate me if you can!!


Hi i dont want to sound in to myself but my nipples are point.. but i dont have really big boobies.. there like this kinda >> i just dont understand..pelase help me PLEASE (link)
hye.. maybe its just the way you are.. try to get more paded bras and maybe it wont show as mcuh hope i could help rate me!!!


Hi jess,
I love the way you are so nice to people no matter what the question is.. i just love it.. i just really want to meet you some time.. im a female.. Blonde Hair Green EYes.. 210 pounds.. if u want to know more.. just advice me back and we can give information together.. bye
Kelly Fisher (link)
hey.. um when you mean liek meet like as in friends right?

what do u do if u like ur EX-girlfriend and u know u cant get her back but yet u cant get over her or stop thinkib bout her?
hey maybe you should try telling her how you feel.. if that doesnt work maybe you should try to go out with the guys and have a good time and try meeting new ppl! hope i helped! rate me!!!


i need help really bad i was just masturbating with a tooth brush and is stuckk.. please help me ASAP.. with 411 .. if i move it it hurts.. do i tell my parents?.. or no?.. please help xox* Tanya (link)
hey... the best thing to do is to just try and pull it out it may hurt but it saves you embarassment if you still cant get it out then you should tell your parents hope i helped rate me!!


Hi.. im molly and i think im a lesbian.. but i still like dicks?... but i like boobs2 .. but i dont like.. girls.. please help me.. (link)
hey molly,
you could be liek guys and girls you could also just like boobs but really liek guys thats the best i can do hope i helped! rate me please


hey there!.. are blowjobs fun to do? (link)
Hey! yeah actully if your in the mood there fun and it gives a guy pleasure and proves that your not scared well hope i helped! rate me please


i always flirt with all the guys at school or where ever i go. does that make me a slut bc everyone calls me one
hey.. that does NOT make you a slut at all.. you just like to be like that around guys alot of girls are like that. maybe some girls are just jealoius that the boys actually give you attention cuz you flirt with them back. its nothing to worry bout!! rate me:) hope i helped


How do you break up or, tell a guy you dont want to be thier gf without hurting them?? (link)
a good way of breakin up with someone... isnt saying "I just wanna be friends" cuz everyone says that and that will hurt him and good way to say it would be just to say that maybe you need a break but wanna keep a friendship with him but would rather see you guys going out as friends instead of a realtionship
hope i helped:) rate me if u can


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