Hey everyone I'm just an avarage girl living my life. I love to talk to people, and I love hanging out with my family and friends.....and definetly love to have a good time.....I laugh way too much and have way too much to say, but I'm alwyas smiling and happy! I'm here to help. So ask away, and ill do the best i can :)


my bf had sex with me and he didnt wear a condom and it was so good

could i be pregnant?

If you dont use protection, theres is always a possibility that you could be. but even condoms arn't 100% sure. i suggest, get birth control, just to be safe. and see if your periods are normal. hope this helped, oh some more advice, use protection next time!


i am horney all the time and i fingure my own self... what is wrong with me?

um yeah, i dont think that's normal. for all the people, saying girls do that. yeah i dun think so. maybe try a doctor, or get a boyfriend :)


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