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Hello Sunshine!
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I'm not here to judge, just to help people with their problems.
I love helping people out, it's one of the most satisfying feelings.
When you rate me, I'd prefer if you put a reasoning behind the rating, just so I know how I'm doing/how I can improve.

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How do you get rid of anoying friends?

I agree with the person below me, though I will also try to help you as best I can.

I basically summed up what this website said:

-Hang out with the annoying friends a bit less and spend time with your other friends..preferably friends that the annoying friends don't like!

-Speak about stuff that they don't really care about or don't like, if you're lucky they might get rid of you instead. You will look like the idiot, but you will be rid of your annoying friends.

-Leave quickly when they appear. If they try to hang out with you just go away and say 'oh sorry I have to go' but don't say 'see you tomorrow' or 'catch you later' otherwise they will think you want to hang out.

-Try to get another friend to join you and bring up a topic that the friend you want to talk to knows about, but that the annoying friend doesn't know anything about so they feel left out of the conversation.

-When talking to them, just keep it simple...yes/no answers, etc.

But be careful! If you are mean to the annoying friends, your other friends may not want to hang out with you..


I was wondering if I could make a suggestion for a friend in need. She has terminal cancer and the doctor says there is no hope for her. Her and her husband have lost everything they own. He can not work for having to stay with her 24/7. She loves having family and friends over and the place they live in now they can't do that. She loves having her watnots out and love seeing them. I wish I could give her a wish of having a place of their own and being able to have all of her favorite things that she loves out to look at in her last days. Wish that you could do something for her.

Aww i'm soo sorry. This is soo sad, I don't know what other advice to give you, except to stay strong. I saw my grandfather battle with cancer- and it was so difficult.

All I can do for her is wish her the best-
and if you ever need to talk about this, let me know. Send me a question on my inbox.


I have this friend, ok, lets call her x. And her boyfriend, J. X and J have been going out for a month. They are both 14. X is very primiscous and likes to make out and stuff, which is fine with me. Like, they kissed the first day they were going out. They go over to eachothers houses all the time. And x (my best friend) said she would never lie to me. She knows how conservative i am. I think having sex at 14 is disgusting. I told her that and she said, dont worry im still a virgin. Then, j's best friend told me that they have had sex like, four times since they started dating. I havent told her yet, cuz she'll get mad. I havent talked to her since i heard about it, i wanna tell her, but i dont wanna loose my bff. WHat should i do? HELP!!!

I know you're not going to like my answer, but you have to talk to her. Friends talk. Tell her what you've heard, and that you understand that it's her life, but you care about her.

If you need any more help, Inbox me. :]


ok well yesterday i graduate middle school. and my best friend and i are going to different high schools. people all assume we're a couple because we're practically glued at the hip but he told me he didnt like me like that but ive always liked him. problem with him is he gives a lot of mixed signals. so i was talking to him on msn and he had to go. i said "wow im not gonna see you at school tomorrow anymore. its so weird.." then he said "i know...i love you" and i said "i love you too". the he said "we sure say a lot for not a couple...some major questioning is to be done." what does that mean? i really have no idea what he meant. and i told him i dont like him anymore. so he doesnt think i still do. and i know its time to move on and just be friends but what did he mean by that? thanx

Well, first, congratulations on graduating!
Hmm, alright, so i would definitely say that he likes you..his feelings could have changed from when he told people that he didn't like you, OR, he could've lied to them.
I can safely inference that he likes you, not only because he said I love you--but especially when eh said "We sure say a lot for not a couple..."
Maybe he was getting at asking you out.
I don't know if it's worth it to like him, because you said he's going to a different high school.
But if you really like him, GO FOR IT! Talk to him. Call him on the phone or something..

Wishing you the best of luck!


I have a lot of problems with my friends, and my family right now. I seem to gravitate to food to make me feel better. I eat like ice cream chips and bad stuff like that. I was wondering if anyone knew anything that i can do instead of eat to relive stress?

Take baths, go for walks, listen to music, or just work out.

It kinda depends on what you like.



I'm a boy, and I'm 15

I have a best friend whose really cool. Me and him met in marching band and eventually became really good friends.
But there's this girl who is obsessed with him and is always hanging on to him. She pretty much treats me like dirt and acts like I'm getting in the way.
One time I told my friend that if he liked her and she liked him they should just go out with each other, and they both acted like I was crazy. Maybe it was because my best friend had a girlfriend before and had bad experiences? idk.
Anyway, I usually don't care when they hang out, even if I am left behind, but the other day, my best friend decided to skip school to go snowtubing with this girl. It wouldn't usually make me mad, but that felt like kinda the last straw. I was so mad at that girl, because she sort of "took" my best friend. I don't have a lot of friends and I sorta felt like I was being left out.

I am extremely familiar with this situation.

You have to talk to your so-called "best friend". He might not realize what he's doing. Tell him that it's starting to hurt you because you feel left out. If he's your friend, he'll understand & try to stop this. He might like this girl, but doesn't want to admit it, so he doesn't hurt you. What he doesn't realize is this is hurting you more.

And if things don't work out between you & him, you'll find someone else.--In marching band, around school, etc. :)

Best Wishes!


I wasn't really sure what to put this under, bu there is a dance this coming friday and I don't have anyone to go with and I''m not sure whether I should go or not. My friends are going just with friends, but I don't really look good in a dress and can't stand wearing high heels. It sounds like fun, but I don't want to look awkward in front of everyone. Plus I don't have a dress or shoes. What should I do?

Don't be so self-conscious! I'm sure there will be plenty of girls that look WORSE in a dress than you. Besides, you can also wear dressy pants (as the person below me said lol) Don't miss out on something that'll be fun just because of what you look like!


Ok, so I have two best friends that I have known since about third grade. I love them both to death. The only problem is when we are together, I feel like I get picked on/made fun of. I try not to be sensitive and take it seriously, but sometimes they go too far. They have names for each other (call each other twins) and I feel so left out. But I feel like if I talk to them then I'll look stupid and jealous. I have talked to one of them and she understands how I feel and said that she is going to try and avoid that so I wouldn't feel that way. Also, when I am alone with one of them, it is so great, we could not be closer, its just when we are all together. Any suggestions on help? Don't say talk to them because I have and the situation only has changed a little bit.

Also, I feel like I'm what's keeping us together. One of my friends has other really close friends I feel like she likes more than us. And the other has a guy she really is into. Anyway, I feel like I'm the one always keeping the plans between us three. What happens when I don't take the responsibitlies and stop? Will we lose touch? Will it be my fault? I love these friends and I don't know what my life would be without them. Thanks

I've been through the same situation. It's pretty rough. =\

It seems like whenever there's 3 in a group, there's always one that gets left out. It may not mean to be that way, it isn't always the people in the relationship's fault, it's just the way things happen.

I know, you may not want to do this, but try to see what else is out there. You may have been too close to these people to realize that there are better and more trustworthy people out there that won't let you down and leave you out.

Try the silent treatment. You said you've talked to one of the friends, but the situation only changed slightly. It really works, at least in my situation. Pretend like you already have plans..and your friends will come crawling back to you. :)

I wish the best for you!
Let me know how everything goes. :)



alright me and my friend, dustin, have been friends forever. and like yeah we fool around.. we're kinda each others rebound.

well long story short.. tonight he came over.. and i figured he wanted something.. boy was i right.

at first he said he didnt want anything... and then night went on, we watched a movie and fooled around.. well.. then things started getting hot and heavy and he asked if i had condoms.. i said yea. well yeah i may have wanted it for a long time but it felt wrong because i was cheated on and didnt wanna get screwed over.

also i think that sex shouldnt be the only thing involved in a relationship.. it shouldnt matter. to me its the most distant thing in a relationship.. i guess what im trying to say is that i have morals.

but like did i make the right decision or was that his way of telling me he wants to be with me or something?
i need serious answers.. please and thanks =]

If you didn't actually sleep with him, then I'm sure it wasn't so bad. However, where you went wrong was when you said you DID have condoms. I know, you were probably all caught up in the moment-but, you shouldn't have said it. At least you had your morals, otherwise you would probably have regretted this. (In other words, if you did sleep with him, you probably would've regretted it.)

Hope I helped


I find myself sitting at home waiting for my three friends to come over while everyone else is at the movies. No joke like EVERYONE is going to the movies tonight. I am the "leader" of the group and all I want to do is have fun. It's like my main goal in life is to have fun. I want to have a bunch of friends.. and more guy friends (I have some but just a few) How can I get more friends and not find myself sitting at home on friday nights?

Be more social. Join clubs, sports, etc. Start being friends with your friend's friends. Just randomly start up a conversation with someone. Everything will be okay, just keep your head high! (:


I have this friend, and I've known her for... my whole life, however I'm not sure how much I can trust her with things, because I don't feel like her friend sometimes. I feel as if I'm second best; a last resort. If I'm there, I'm always there: reliable as always. It's like she considers me around to serve a purpose, and once that purpose is gone she doesn't want me any more. I need to know how to communicate this to her, and not make her angry/annoyed with me, and make her think I'm just being harsh and overly sensitive. I'm not going to just drop her, because I really do care about her, I just need to know how to speak with her about it.

I'd tell her straight up. Say how you feel. If it makes you sound like a biatch then so be it-she's been a biatch to you this whole time.

Good luck


I need some good teen friendship quotes.

not like by ben franklin or from the bible.


Try any buddy4u shared profiles OR


Have fun!


i dont know how to just have fun!! i cant think of anything,im just like a doll,or a shell. I don't have anything to do at sleepovers,that is if i have any ! I mean,i have friends,but they're only school friends,and i dont think they find me interesting. I wish i could just scream and not be afraid to yell and have fun,but i can't! i feel like there is nothing i can do about this,and i fell like im just a lost hopeless person with no reason,i just feel...mediocore[sp?] and boring.i seriously dont have a life. and i really want one. So i guess my question is;how do i make a name for myself,how can i make friends who care about me and want to hang out? Its just so weird for me... :(. Anyways to those who actually answer,thanks.


Awww I'm sorry!
If you're "friends" don't find you interesting, then they're not even worth calling your friends.
You can find NEW friends by doing sports, clubs, etc.
You're just a shy person. It's not anything to be ashamed about.

Just scream if you feel the urge. I mean, you only live life once, right? :]

As for ideas to do at sleepovers..play DDR, (everyone loves that), Twister, play manhunt (hide & seek in groups) ... etc. Have your friends suggest something.

Before your friends come over, though, have an energy drink so you're nice & hyper :)

Keep your chin high!!!
Good luck



Aright I have this friend and we get in aruments ALOT were fine by ourselfs but not around our other friends i dont know why it's so gay... and people tell us and i know its gonna get worse in our middle teens... please helpā™„


This is how one of my friends were...it's becasue you're both pretty much the same, so you're going to butt heads a lot.

If you're about to get mad over something silly, ask yourself: "Am I going to care about this in 5 years from now?"

If you answered NO, then it's obviously not worth getting worked up about!

Just be careful.

:) Hope this helps.


Do people define others upon their social status more so in middle school or high school? I know that there are so many more kids where i am going to go to high school next year, so wouldn't it be difficult to get to know everyone? thanks =]


Social status actually is more enforced in MS than HS.

People finally grow up & realize that cliques don't really matter much.

Make sure you join a lot of clubs & hang out with a lot of different people-it'll get you off on the right track. =]


I have mass friends at school, but recently I come to find out, several of them are getting pregnant, and having kids. It's not like they are twenty or something. Otherwise, I wouldn't care because they're old enough (I think). They are ranging from 14 to 17 years old.

I find it seriously ridiculous that my friends are just having sex like it's nothing, and end up getting pregnant. In fact, a few of those people are Christians, and told me so many times they would never do that and it's pathetic. Months later, they find a guy, have sex with them, and they leave my friends. Later on coming to find out they are pregnant and have the kid.

If it was like 1 or 2 people, I would understand. But it's becoming an epidemic almost at my school. Approximately 10 girls are pregnant (whom are my friends), and another 5 had their kid within the last year.

Don't criticize me of my opinion though because I really can't help it. I am a Christian, I love my friends, I still pray for them, and support them. But I just get so mad thinking about it, like they basically ruined what was going for them. A friend of mine wanted to leave her house (family problems) and become a Vet. Now she got pregnant, and she is stuck there in poverty. Can't even afford a decent meal for her and her child, since her family is stuck on welfare and social security for paying for other things. Her boyfriend like left her, so there is very little for her and her son. She is battling for the father to pay for child support.

Please don't get me wrong to whoever has been in that situation of getting pregnant at an early age. I can see the struggle in it, and the effects, but seeing my friends make bad choices just angers me because I want them to have self-respect, and do something successful. I am quite prude, so don't judge me on that, and you can't blame me at some extent. I feel guilty for basically not trying to understand the reasons why it happened, and the circumstances. It's hard to understand.

So, my question is, how can I get over this?? I've been trying for a long time to get over it, but more people getting pregnant, so my anger comes back.

Please remember I am not here to judge, criticize, or offend anyone here, so don't take it personally. I just need advice, please. Thanks!



I totally agree with you, it's disgusting.

That's how it is in my school-except there aren't many Christians.

I've learned to not let it bother me so much. They're totally screwing up their own lives, and will learn that after the birth of their child.

You'll learn to get used to it, I know-"been there, done that".

Don't fret, hang in there, everything will be OK!!

Hope this helps



well i've been friends with this girl name elizabeth since kindergarten after alittle while i got mixed up classes and had a new friend name victoria we play basketball together football we go to the movies and all the bff stuff victoria is also friends with elizabeth me and her dont want to hang with her because she dosent want to do what we want to do what should me amd victoria do


If you're all friends, just try to agree on something. Negotiate with one another. Evenutally you'll find smething to do!

Things you could do are:
-Play a sport together
-Go out to dinner
-Go to a movie
-Go to the mall
-Go to someone's house

You get the picture :)

Maybe Elizabeth doesn't want to hang out with Victoria AND you? Ask her. That could be it...

If you need any help, leave me something in my Inbox

Hope this helped, though :)


I have a friend thats a guy and I think I might like him as more than a friend. Sometimes I want to get that idea of my head and try and get rid of the feeling, is that possible? Honestly, not to be mean, but this guy isn't cute at all, but his personality is. I've never been attracted to someone based on the personality though and its weird. If I do decide to like him, then what's some ways to flirt with him, but not make it obvious that I like him ?


"Getting rid of the feeling" isn't really possible, unless you look at all the bad things about him. I don't suggest to do that, however, because thyen you probably wouldn't even want to be firends. You can't control your heart really when it comes to this, *UNFORTUNATELY*.

I'ts a good thing that you're not shallow & go for guys with looks. Usually guys with the looks are cocky.

Anywhoooo. you can't "decide" to like him,
But to flirt with him, you can laugh a lot...always want to talk to him...hug him when you see him...etc.

Best of luck to yaaa! ;]


IM REALLY NOT SURE if I like my guy friend as a close friend as in a brother or as a boyfriend. What are some signs/clues that I probably like a guy as a more than a friend and as just a friend?

Well my questions are:
Do your palms get sweaty when you're with him? Do you get butterflies when you're with him? Do you try flirting with him? do you ever picture him as "MORE than a friend"?

If you answered YES to more than 1 of those questions, then my guess is, YES you do like him.

Hope I helped, good luck...


I cant stand my friend, but sometimes I still like her. How do I ignore her without letting her know that I'm purposely ignoring her? Or how can I tell her that I dont want to talk to her really without actually telling her ?


If you're feeling these mixed emotions about her, I wouldn't even call her a "friend".

Anywhooo...Just don't talk to her. She'll get the point.

And as for telling her that you don't really want to talk to her, just be straight up about it. I'd personally tell her online or over the phone--anything but in person. Tell her "Hey (Name), I don't really want to be freinds anymore. This isn't working out"
* Preferrably do it on AIM, & then block her.

One question though: Are you sure you want to do this to her? ... Make sure it's a good reason, you might regret it later. Make sure you don't hurt her either..

Hope this helps,


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