God gave us two ears and one mouth
so we could listen twice and speak once.

Hello Sunshine!
My name's Jamie..call me what you prefer.
I'm not here to judge, just to help people with their problems.
I love helping people out, it's one of the most satisfying feelings.
When you rate me, I'd prefer if you put a reasoning behind the rating, just so I know how I'm doing/how I can improve.

Feel free to leave me questions!

>> PS. If you plan on asking me a question, please, type grammatically correct and put punctuation marks where necessary...instead of like this: "muh boyfran lefff meh nD eye dunno waddado. halp?" (haha okay maybe that's a little exaggerated.. but you get my point!)


I really want to volunteer. I want to change the world and I need to start somewhere so I want to start now by volunteering (or any other way you can think of). I am a 14 year old girl in PA. Where could I volunteer?

Well, like the person below me said, you can volunteer at an animal shelter. You can also pick up trash on the side of the road. (I suggest doing it with a group of people so you don't look like a homeless hobo, lol)

If you haven't already, join Student Council. If your school is like mine, we do blood drives, and I volunteer at those. You don't draw the blood or anything like that. :)

Work at a food pantry, or something like that.

Thank you for helping this needy world out! We need more people like you to help our society. :)

Hope this helps


If you have black hair, are you considered a brunette, or just a black-haired person? I have some people telling me that they are in fact brunette, and others tell me otherwise.


Some people disagree over whether light brown or black hair counts as brunette, though the use of the term to cover a wide range of non-blond(e) and non-red shades of hair is fairly widespread. (According to Wikipedia).

So yes, you are a brunette. :)


OK so i downloaded aim 6.0, and i HATE it. its really confusing and wayy to bussy i liked the 5.900.0blahhhblahh w/e it is soo much better. Thankfully i am able to still get on that one and use it. So my question is i would like to delete the 6.0 (just to save room or w/e) but i was just wondering if i did would my other one still work, i think it would but just making sure. and how do i delete it complely?

Yes, it will still work, so don't fret it! :)


I have a few questions about Myspace:
1)What is Myspace
2)What's so bad about it ? (some people's parents won't let them have one)
3)Where do you get one ?

Any help would be apreciatted and rate & feedback for good answers

1)MySpace is a web site where members can meet friends, find and listen to new bands/music, blog, plan events, play games, and participate in user forums and create positive social change. MySpace has revolutionized the way today’s youth communicate and interact online.
2) Parent's don't like it because a lot of pedophiles find this as an opportunity to stalk kids. It's been in connection with so many rape cases. However, if you don't post 'revealing' pictures, put personal information on there, or talk to people you don't know, everything will be fine.
3) http://collect.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Join
^to Join!&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5&gl=us&client=firefox-a


does coffee stunt your growth?h

There has been no conclusive study showing that coffee stunts your growth. However, excessive coffee consumption can have a negative impact on your health.



Ok so, im going out with this guy right? Ive realized that i basically cant stand him anymore!I mean sure, he's sweet,nice,and there for me but i dont know, its getting old. I have another guy in mind who i really like, and i cant get off of my mind! but...this guy is mad at me right now for going out with this guy in the first place...anyway i can convince him to not be mad? and if so, how am i supposed to break up with this guy as well?HELP!!

If you don't like him any more, then break it off with him. There's no point in leading him on; you're going to break his heart eventually. While breaking up with him, make sure you include the fact that he is a smart, sweet, and nice. Just tell him the truth. Preferably, you should say "I'm really sorry [name], I can't lead you on any more. I like this other kid. It's really not something that I want you to be upset about, I didn't want to hurt you. I still really want to be friends with you... You were a great boyfriend"-etc., etc. Obviously you don't have to write that word for word, but I'd include the details in it.

If you need any more help, feel free to Inbox


i just finished this book called "dreadlocks"
by neal shusterman & i really liked it. i
read it pretty thoroughly & i am eventually
going to have to do a book report on it. so
i wanted to take a quiz on it online to make
sure i understood it properly.

when i googled it, i couldn't find any on-
line quizzes.

can someone help me out :] thanks in

Try going to http://www.bookadventure.com/

(You have to register for an account-it's free, don't sweat it- then go to "Quiz-O-Matic" & search for it on there. It usually has all the books I search for)


on the hills episode when whitney models there was a song that i loved! it was when all the models were getting fitted. does anybody know what its called? thanks in advance =D

I'm not so sure if any of these are it ...


...but I tried :)


can sum1 plz help me? i need a new sn
-green eyes
-black hair
-play piano & violin
-luv kittens

thanks soooo much!

- Pretty Kitty x0
-GreEn EyEd GoDdeSs 4
-Brunettes x d0 it better



well this happened a long time ago, but it suddenly came to my mind the other night.

i was in school and the teacher was doing some stuff, and so everybody was talking to their friends. well i wasn't and i was just in my desk when the group of popular guys came to my desk and so they started chatting amongst themselves. then when some of the guys went to their seat, it was just Mark (the popular guy) and his 2 buddies. well all of a sudden Mark says to me "what's up?" and nodds at me. (nodd is when he takes his head and kind lifts it up in the sky and then brings his head back down)

well you're probably wondering what my quesiton is.. well my quesiton is what was i supposed to say in return??? he's popular and well... i'm not. I'm not saying that i'm in the nerdy crowd, i'm more in the middle of popular.

I think i said something like "good." and then i looked away.

well yeah what was i supposed to say? i get really shy around guys, so how do i get more comfortable around them? oh and was he flirting with me?? i highly doubt it but i just wanna make sure.

thanks to those who answer!!

I agree with the columnist under me; he was probably just trying to start up a conversation.

(It talks about GUYS getting nervous. Just think of YOU getting nervous. - It should help.)


okay yeah. im flat. like speed bumps. im 13 f and like... 30 A or what ever. im thinking about getting like.. those like gel things that you put in your bra to give you like. . . bigger looking boobs.
do you think i should?
like... are they natural and like.. idk like would they fall out or anything..?
please help.! any info on them let me know.!
like price etc.

They don't look natural when you were flat the day before and then all of a sudden you grew a chest. No, they don't fall out-there's a special bra you get with them that have pockets specifically made for the gel inserts. They cost about $50.

I wouldn't do it. You'll hit puberty sooner or later. Don't sweat it! :)



Can someone list some colleges in San Francisco? Thanks!



how do i show my boyfriend that i really care about him, like if we're talking what can i do or say that lets him know that he means alot to me?

We can show this through our actions. Lending a ear when they wish to speak, a shoulder to cry on, offering them assistance when you see that they need help, hold them close, cook something special, lots of affirmation by smiling at them to show them your approval when they do something nice for you.

Bake him cookies (or his favorite food) every now & then. All guys love food!



how do you get a higher metabolism?

You can't completely rewrite your metabolism, but you can help boost it. Exercise! When you exercise, you burn more calories. When you build muscle, you burn more calories-it isn't a huge difference but it will help.

Here are some links to info on boosting, maintaining, and measuring your resting metabolic rate.


hey. does anyone know any sites that can give you tips on skateboard tricks?

only search advicenators.com


on The-n.com i was playing the game 'The hookup' and and i didn't end being with dylan it was matthew. now everybody i go to it's the same random line. theres nothing else to do. what do i do at this point?

Find another game :)

Here's some websites.
- www.pogo.com
- www.kiddonet.com
- http://www.games.com/

[google]Games" /> only search advicenators.com


my little sister {like a sister} is 11 and said she wants to have sex with a guy who is sixteen and is willing to pay her i told her no but she did anyway she is no pregnet and still is having sex she is always been very pretty and a sweet girl but then she started doing drugs like oxy cotten, midol{doesn't need it yet}coke, weed ect. when is enough enough

You seriously need to tell a trusted adult IMMEDIATELY. You never know, one day she might have sex with some guy who has an STD- and she might not know it- and she'll have it for the rest of her life. And about those drugs-she could die from those, as could anybody- but she has a higher risk.



the top of my hair where my scalp is it starting to feel real gross, like gressy or like i have gel in it and i dont! after i take a shower i blow dry and straighten it and then it feels all gross at the top while the bottom is soft and silky, its been doing this for 3 days and its pissing me off! what do i do?

If you use conditioner, stop. It may be causing your hair to be greasy. Try to avoid daily washing. The more you wash, the greasier it'll become.

Also,if you are in a bit of a rush, but your hair looks really oily, you can always sprinkle a little baby powder into it, leave it to stand for around five minutes, and then simply comb it through. This, in theory, should soak up any excess oil in the scalp.


This is the first time our spring dance is a "fling" rather than a "formal". So this time the attire is casual. I know I'm gonna wear jean capris, but I don't know what to wear on top. I have a lot of tee shirts and stuff, but i dont know. My mom wants me to be kinda dressy, but then they wont let me in. So im madd lost. Any suggestions?


Basically any shirts from there. :)

You should use some accessories, like beads for example.

Have fun! :)


I want to tan this summer. I want try not get burnt and yet wear sunsreen. I have very very ight skin and burn easy. but thing is i put aloe on if i get burnt then next day my skin same color. anyway I was wondering. how long should stay out in the sun and how many mins. plus what time of day be better.

Don't burn yourself in order to make yourself tan! -- The results can be extremely painful (e.g. skin cancer, blisters, etc.).

Instead, use the suntan lotion that WoahThereBabe suggested (It definitely works.)

Go outside about 15-20 minutes at a time-and go inside after 15-20 minutes is up. Then, about an hour later, go out for another 15-20 minutes. Sounds tedious, but it really worked for me.

If this option doesn't work out for you, then spray tanning is the way to go. In some states, there are places where there's machines that spray on the "tan", essentially. It looks extremely natural and it's no where near as bad for you as sunbathing.

And I wanted to make one more thing clear to you. "Runawaylove" said that an alternative would be bed tanning. I STRONGLY suggest that you don't do this. Once you start, you really can't stop, and you'll probably burn.


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