God gave us two ears and one mouth
so we could listen twice and speak once.

Hello Sunshine!
My name's Jamie..call me what you prefer.
I'm not here to judge, just to help people with their problems.
I love helping people out, it's one of the most satisfying feelings.
When you rate me, I'd prefer if you put a reasoning behind the rating, just so I know how I'm doing/how I can improve.

Feel free to leave me questions!

>> PS. If you plan on asking me a question, please, type grammatically correct and put punctuation marks where necessary...instead of like this: "muh boyfran lefff meh nD eye dunno waddado. halp?" (haha okay maybe that's a little exaggerated.. but you get my point!)


i need a final answer and PROOF.
is lindsy lohan a lesbian or not?

I can't believe it...I think she is.


^ That website was just updated on August 4th


I posted a question about a month ago wondering if I was pregnant or not. I was close to missing my period and had taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative. But two days later my period came. It switched back and forth being heavy and light for 4 days which is pretty normal for me. I took another test after my period and it was also negative. It is now coming time for another period and I am still feeling like its possible that I'm pregnant. Are my nerves just getting to me? or is it possible at all?

If you got your period and took 3 pregnancy tests that were negative, then no, you're not pregnant. It's probably just nerves. :)


hey everyone,
my hair is recently frizzy and i dont think its the shampoo im using because ive been using the same one for a while now even before my hair started to get frizzy and i tried washing it more often and washing it less often but its not working my hair is still frizzy.What should i do!!??if you have ANY ideas plz tell me what they are!!
PS i also tried using anti frizz conditioner and shampoo(it didnt work)

I don't know if you've tried them, but I've heard Leave in Conditioners work very well. Try Garnier Fructis.

To touch up your hair in the afternoon, moisten your fingers with water and a small amount of conditioner. Run your fingers through your hair and smooth out the frizz.


i was thinking about getting a purity ring so ..

can you buy any ring at all and have it be a purity ring?

or are there rings that are actually made for purity rings?


There's one that I like, and it says "love waits", and the price starts at $35.



during the schoolyear, i would always feel very tired and exhausted when i'd get back from school. i'd usually go to bed around 11 and wake up at 6, getting back from school around 2:30 - 2:40.

i had a lot of books to carry around this year (couldn't really stop at my locker) so that might have contributed to my lack of energy. by the beginning of 8th period, i'd be pooped, cranky, and exhausted.

i know you can buy energy bars and get more sleep (most days, i'd end up napping for 3-4 hours after i finished my homework) anyway, but what else can i do?

1.) i'll stop at my locker more often this year
2.) go to bed at a reasonable time & wake up as late as possible without being late for school
3.) what about eating? what foods should i eat to help boost up my energy? like, fruit and stuff? especially for breakfast, lunch, and when i get back from school? what vitamins help with energy boosts?

i do not want to take pills / go to my doctor.


Try to add more fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and proteins into your diet. Protein can give you more energy as can complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates include whole grain breads, crackers, cereals, etc. Simple carbohydrates simply generate sugar in your system which can give a short burst of energy but then leaves you lower than you started. Think of your body as a car and the food you put in it as fuel. If you add rocket fuel, you’ll get a short fast burst and then plummet into space. Feed your body healthy foods and do it in small amounts at a time, like adding wood to the fire. You wouldn’t want to put all your logs on at once, keep the fire burning at an even pace and it will last all day.

Exercise is a great way to increase your energy level and fight off feelings of fatigue. Just a few minutes a day of exercise can really transform how you feel and how much energy you have to put toward getting through your day.


I was considering this diet, but some people said it's really bad for you, so now I'm asking you for the cons and pros if you've tried it.

Any help?

Thanks :)

I haven't tried it, but people that have say that they experience constipation, halitosis, and sometimes, dehydration. Also, low-carb diets like the Atkins can adversely affect calcium levels in the body.

These kinds of "Lower carb" diets can also be very difficult to stick to as they are so restrictive. Other people report low energy levels and headaches. Some low-carb diets are not nutritionally balanced enough to be followed for the long term.


i know but is it good quality if makeup we use is tested on animals so WE KNOW that there is no side effect whne WEEE use it?

That's a good question,
I think that's why most people (including me) use makeup that ISN'T tested on animals.

-I'm sorry if I misunderstood your questions, but I'm trying to help you as best I can.


if lancome own loreal cosmetics, how come lancome is so much more expensive than loreal?

The more expensive it is, usually the more concentrated the formula of the makeup is. It tends to be finer and applies more easily than more inexpensive makeup.

It's kind of like how Toyota owns Lexus cars--Toyota cars are a lot less luxurious (though are very nice) than Lexus cars are...it's basically the same principle.


yeah yeah i know thatt it IS PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY.
they test it on the animal and see if there is any side effect or whatever reactions to the make up.

but why is it a BAD THING!? this girl said she would rather not get makeup that IS etsted on animals.... WTH?

isnt it a good thing that they test it on animals so you know if it can harm you!? AS A PERSON!??

someone give me a better explanation.

p.s. yes i know it sucks for the animal but im talking on behalf of my knowledge on that term.

It can harm them, and often dogs or cats (even rats and mice) are left blind and sometimes have wounds that do not heal. Once the ASPCA and SPCA got word of this many of the make-up products were boycotted by the public and now most people will look on the labels to be sure it says "not tested on animals."

Actually, at worst, this is what happens: The animals are kept in hugely cramped quarters, often about three rabbits in a half foot by one foot cage, living in piles of their own excrement. These animals, (the most commonly used testing animals are rabbits and small rodents, not, I don't believe, ever dogs), are then partly shaved, and have chemicals rubbed on their skin, chemicals often burn, blister, or otherwise painfully skin irritations or open wounds. After this horrific torture, they are roughly transported and then usually killed. I know this is a lot to take in, and not all animal testers are quite this brutal, but I feel this is something everyone should know about when buying make up, shampoo, or really any other such substance including deodorant or talc powder. Not all companies use this abominable practice. To tell them apart, read the back of what ever substance your buying. There is a symbol that means it is not animal tested, or it will say that it is not animal tested. If it does not say, it most likely is tested on animals.


Ok, my family all have the same design of cell phone and it's kinda ugly. i want to get a new one but i don't know how to ask. we have enough money so i don't see why my mom says no. i also want texting and my parents know but they won't give it to me. any advice about how to persuade them? 14/f

Just ask her if you can get a new phone.

Offer to pay for it.
-Most cell phone plans renew after 2 years, and when that happens, you get a free phone, or a rebate on a phone that you want. This will make the phone cheaper.

If you don't have that much money, pay half! Or even, as the person below me said, do extra chores around the house --maybe even without your parents asking! I know my mom and dad love that! :)

I had the same problem with my mom- she wouldn't give me texting. Most texting plans are only $5-10 extra, so pay for that.


Ok, well i straighten my hair everyday because if i don't then it will be poofy and thick and really ugly. But since i straighten my hair everyday it breaks off and gets split ends. Is there anything i can do or use that will make my hair not frizzy from all the breakage from the straightner? Not using the straightner is not an option. Thanks!

If you blow dry your hair before you straighten,

1) Put mousse throughout your hair (pay specific attention to your ends).
2) Blow dry
3) There's a product called "Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum". It works really well; it keeps your hair from becoming frizzy, as well as conditions and protects it. This product is pretty expensive (for a 5.1 oz. bottle, it's about $16.), but totally worth your money. Sure, there are other products, but I find that this works the best.
4) Straighten.

If you don't blow dry, skip steps 1&2.

Of course, you should get a trim every 2 mos. to keep your hair healthy. :)


i know people come in all deifferent shapes and sizes

but i was wondering what the average weight of a 5'3'' 13 year old is?



my mom doesnt want me laying in the sun that much b/c she is afraid of me catching skin cancer. Im irish and italian just to let u know...b/c i know that irish people are pale; which i am. my face gets burnt very easy and i don't like it so its hard for me to lay in the sun. does anyone know any suntan lotion that i can use that will be good for my skin that wont make me get burned but i get a tan? if so thanks in advanced!

You can use a sunblock lotion that has a lower SPF, such as 30 SPF- 40 SPF.

Personally, I have olive skin, so I use sunblock with 8 SPF..but I wouldn't suggest it for you, because you have pale skin.

Good luck!

For more information...:




well...my friends sometimes dont use conditoner and i do. and i was just wondering what does the shampo do for your hair and what does the conditioner do to your hair?

Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. The goal is to remove the unwanted build-up without stripping out so much as to make hair unmanageable.

Shampoo, when lathered with water, is a surfactant, which, while cleaning the hair and scalp, can remove the natural oils (sebum) which lubricate the hair shaft.

Conditioner is a hair care product that alters the texture and appearance of human hair. It usually makes it softer and easier to manage.



I'm 14 years old and a girl and i'm having so much trouble deciding whether or not i should tell this guy that i like him. i'm very afraid of rejection and even though i dont like to admit i know that i will care what people think about him and I being together. What should I do?

I've caught myself in the same situation.

What I would do is hang out with him more. Get to know each other a lot, flirt with him CONSTANTLY. Sometimes that's easier than bluntly telling him that you like him. If you catch him flirting with you too, that's when I'd tell him that you like him. ..especially because you're afraid of rejection.

hope this helps, good luck.


YAY my friend asked me if I wanna hangout sometime! I'm not a looser or anything but my parents are strict about me going outside even with my friends so i've never actually been out. And i have no idea of what we could od or where to go.

And ideas?

You can go bowling, movies, mall-

Or since it's summer now, you can go to a local pool, a park, or even an amusement park.

If none of these ideas work out, then I'm sure your friend might have some ideas. ;]

Have fun!


I was wondering if I could make a suggestion for a friend in need. She has terminal cancer and the doctor says there is no hope for her. Her and her husband have lost everything they own. He can not work for having to stay with her 24/7. She loves having family and friends over and the place they live in now they can't do that. She loves having her watnots out and love seeing them. I wish I could give her a wish of having a place of their own and being able to have all of her favorite things that she loves out to look at in her last days. Wish that you could do something for her.

Aww i'm soo sorry. This is soo sad, I don't know what other advice to give you, except to stay strong. I saw my grandfather battle with cancer- and it was so difficult.

All I can do for her is wish her the best-
and if you ever need to talk about this, let me know. Send me a question on my inbox.


on the show rob and big, where can you get one of those hats that rob has with the monster logo [the energy drink]

websites would be helpful too.




since i was 13 i always shaved my pubes with a razor and soap
i no a lot of people who do and stuff
but my sister has some waxing stuff
and i was wondering which would be better...
and would waxing hurt really bad?

i prefer the easier and faster way to do it so any recommendations or comments?
thanks =]

Honestly, I don't recommend waxing. I'm sure it would hurt like crazy. Shaving with a razor is probably best, and somewhat safer. I know someone who had an allergic reaction to the wax she used, and it was atrocious. However, using the wax on JUST your bikini line probably wouldn't be sooo bad.


I'm 14 and I've always been really shy. When I was little, I hardly ever talked to anyone outside my family until I was 7 or 8 years old. Now it's not as bad but I'm still shy. I know it's because I have really low self esteem and I'm always afraid of what other people will think of me. I don't know what to do. How can I stop being shy?

Yes, self esteem definitely can be a reason you are shy. To help overcome your shyness, you're going to want to overcome your self-esteem issues. You can do this when you're looking in a mirror, make a compliment about yourself, out loud or in your head. Say things you would tell someone you love or deeply care about.

Practice being more social by getting involved in more social activities. Take special interest classes on topics that interest you, or join a bookclub, or dancing lessons... whatever. Just get out more and get involved and make an effort to reach out to other people there. Take baby steps at first, by starting with situations you feel most comfortable with. Then start challenging your self by taking bigger risks.

Good luck! :)


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