God gave us two ears and one mouth
so we could listen twice and speak once.

Hello Sunshine!
My name's Jamie..call me what you prefer.
I'm not here to judge, just to help people with their problems.
I love helping people out, it's one of the most satisfying feelings.
When you rate me, I'd prefer if you put a reasoning behind the rating, just so I know how I'm doing/how I can improve.

Feel free to leave me questions!

>> PS. If you plan on asking me a question, please, type grammatically correct and put punctuation marks where necessary...instead of like this: "muh boyfran lefff meh nD eye dunno waddado. halp?" (haha okay maybe that's a little exaggerated.. but you get my point!)


ok so i jsut redid my room last year. and its all right. it would be alot prettier if i had a different bed. but i jsut bought my bed like a year or two ago i dont know how long ago it was. but i would feel bad if i sk to redo it. so if i did redo it i would pay for it. but where could i get the money? i would need about like 500 to 1000 dollars. what kind of fun and easy jobs could i get at 14 years old that wouldnt be my whole life?

What I do is babysit. I babysit at night on weekends, not all the time, but when people need me. It depends on how long I work for; I can get anywhere from $20-$50 at a time. If you save this up, it piles up before you know it! Also, you can try having a tag sale. This can get you a whole $200. And, if you celebrate, Christmas is coming, that's a good thing-ask for money.




14/f 'nd so is my cousin---we're goin' on vacation s00n wit this boy we both like.........she dont know i like him but i wanna hook up wid him......wut shud i do? he knows that he likes her but he dont care---but he dont know i like him----evry1 says i got a better chance wid him..........what shud i do? help me plz

I would definitely say, don't do anything about it. There are plenty of more fish in the sea. And, obviously, if you're going on vacation with your cousin, you're close to her. You don't want to ruin that relationship over a silly little boy. You'll regret it later in life!

Hope I helped!


k so i have a boyfriend... we have been going out about 3-4 weeks... and while we have been going out i have like held hands with 3 different guys and flirted a whole lot. and i am always saying oh my gosh hes hot, and i always htink about doing stuff with otehr guys... what do i do?

please help


From what it sounds like, I'll assume that you just aren't used to having a boyfriend? What I would do is give it another week. If he hears about you holding hands, or flirting with other guys/calling them hot, it'll probably break his heart if he really loves you. My question is: Do you really love him? If not, & you just have him for the sake of having a boyfriend, then I say dump him. Wait until you're really ready.

I was in this situation too, and I dumped him on my 1 Month anniversary [sadly.] When we first broke up, I know he was sad, but he got over it.

Well, hope I helped!!



what's a good acne solution i can buy in a drugstore that will clear up my blackheads and tiny white pimples in 3-4 weeks?

Personally, I use those Acne Pads by Oxi--they work really good! [They sting sometimes, though..lol]. & If you really want something that works well, PROACTIVE [Even though it's not sold in drugstores]. However, if you use that, it's like you can't stop.




I am a 14 year old female and i have had stretch marks for a few years now. Me and my boyfriend are going to get serious ( more than we alreay have) soon and I want to get rid of them. i am over weight and i am trying to loose but the only thing that will make me happy is getting rid of the stretch marks. can anybody give me some tips on how to get rid of them? I am not goion to pay alot of money for creams and stuff but I still need help.

I agree with the person below me, ebcause I am in the exact same predicament. Although there is no cure for your stretch marks to permanently go away, this is a quick fix. I also heard that pure Cocoa butter works great [I've never tried it though--so if you do, let me know how it works! ;]

GOOD LUCK!!! & hope I helped.


I'm looking for a sweet sixteen dress. I would like a pink one..can anyone tell me where i can find a cute dress?!

DDEEFFIINNIITTEELLLYY Deb's, lol. TONS of cute dresses here. I had to get 3 dresses last year. I bought all 3 from Deb's, and got tons of compliments. Good luck, and happy sweet 16!!

Hope I Helpeddddd.



what can i do to undamaga my hair? dont tell me to stop straightning it bcus i always want straight hair and i have naturally curly and wvy tangly hairr. is there anything i can do/use?

and what other straighteners that cost about 100 dollars are good besides chi straighteners?

As for undamaging your hair, I agree with basically everyone that have already answered this question. What I do is, in the shower, I shampoo, rinse, and then repeat. Then, I use conditioner, leave that in for about 5 minutes, and then rinse it out. Then, I have something called "Citre Shine" Shine mist spray laminator. This both smoothes and shines my hair, and leaves it soo soft. And then, I blow dry/straighten my hair.

The straightener that I use is called Corioliss. It is 100% ceramic & works great.

Hope I helped.


okay, i'm getting a new cell phone and i cant decide between the chocolate, the motokrzr, or just a regular flip phone with a camera and all that good stuff. which one works the best ?

i say a regular flip phone because if you're lke me then the krazr would break easy--and the chocolate isnt the best thing ever in my opinion.

hope i helped =]



I kind of cheated on my bf with my ex. I told him about it and everything..we're kind of okay right now but he wants me to write an essay about it. He wants to know how it happened, why it happened, what exactly happened, etc. I don't know how to write this stupid thing for him..does anyone have any help for me?

If I were you I probably would have ended up breaking up withg him--but I understand why he would want you to do that. I think you should put in it that you really like him and you dont want aynthing to happen between you two. Be careful!!

Good luck,


ok so im invited to my friends costume party but we have to dress in pairs so.. my friend was gonna go with her bf as catwoman and batman but they broke up so now im gonna go with her. but she already bought her catwoman costume and she doesnt wanna waste it so i dont no what to dress as.. i dont want it to be like really stupid so ya...im 13f.. thanks

tell her to save it for next year, then you be salt && have her be pepper.
That would be cutee =]]
Hope i helped.


is it true [[well i heard - could be just one of those stupid fitness rumors. lol]] that if you drank 8 glasses of water a day you could really lose weight? if so, how much? dont worry im not going on any of those crash diets.

thank you =]

In a way it's true. For softball, I Have a coach and he says to drink at least half of your body weight of water each day. For ex., I am 120 lbs. so I drink 60 OZ of water everyday. It sounds like a lot, but in reality, it's only 3 bottles of Dasani water. According to my coach, this is what a lot of athletes, such as Serena/Vanessa Williams do. But, this is the only fluids you can take in everyday-no Gatorade (FILLED WITH SALT)..especially not soda. (I don't do this though :])

Hope I helped, & Good luck.



Sorry im not sure what category this was supposed to go into. Anyways me and my friend want to dress up as cute country girls for halloween. Any ideas on what we could wear and how to do our hair and etc. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated THANKS!

I would say to wear a denim skirt (frayed at the bottom), wear a plaid button down shirt with 3/4 sleeves and tie it above your belly button, and get a cowboy hat and put your hair into ponytails. -That's a cute idea for a Halloween costume
--i might even COPY you! ;]

Hope I helped


I accidentally sent an email to a stranger that had my full name attatched. I'm terrified. It was a long time ago- almost 8 months ago.......but am I at a risk?

If it was 8 mos. ago, and still nothing has happened, I'd say don't sweat it =]

Hope I helped.


How do you feel better when you are crying? I'm kinda going through a really rough time and I'm having some sleeping problems. If it helps, the rough thing I'm going through is a break-up. We were together for about 3 years and he just ended it. So can anyone give me some tips on how to stop crying and feel better?

Try to get your mind off it by doing other things that occupy your brain. For example, try going bowling with your friends, or even shopping [because, EVERY GIRL LOVESSS SHOPPING!] Try not to dwell on it. Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea! =]

Hope I Helped, And Good Luck =]


hi my mom smokes quite alot i havent counted because shes at work most of the day and im really worried and want her to stop but everytime i bring it up she goes "ooooohhh stop nagging me" how can i get her to stop please help meee

Both of my parents are exactly like that.
For Christmas, I'm planning on buying them the Quit Smoking patches :o)

Good Luck.



My best friend, Katie, has liked a guy named Michael for about three or two months. Finally, he asked her out last Saturday. Before that happened, he was flirting with our other friend, Julie. Everyone including me saw that he was flirting with Julie and we all thought we liked her. When I'm with Julie and Katie isn't there, we sometimes see Michael. He flirts with her quite often and it really seems like he likes her. Julie already has a boyfriend and Katie's going out with Michael. Should I wait until it happens again and then talk to Katie about it or do I just try and ignore it?

I say that you wait 'til it happens again,
THEN tell Michael about it, to make sure he knows that he's flirting.




okay, so i HAD a best friend, me and her were friends for almost 4 years she knew everything about me and we were really close. although she was a little fake towards me - such as she dated my ex and would never help me out when i was in a fight with someone she even once used me to get to one of my brothers friends. i always had her back though and let all these things slip by. so this girl who i dont like goes to her and tells her that ive been talking about her behind her back, that did hurt her but it hurt me to, my friend for 4 years cant even trust me? well i guess more then just this one girl told her that i was talking about her, and i must admit i had talked about her on several occasions, but she always ditched me when i needed her the most, and then would expect me to be there for her, i took a lot of crap for and from her and would always clean up after her when she got into trouble. but i had made this friend of mine pretty much my life and didnt realy have too many other friends besides her, and the ones that i did have she was also friends with and turned a lot of them against me. so im trying my hardest to make some new friends, and this weekend i may be hanging out with some new people. i dont really know how to handle this whole situation though, how do i make a good impression on these new people? what should i do while in school? and how should i act around my ex bestfriend? it seems like shes trying to make my life hell. i wish i could go somewheres and start over, a lot of people think im fake and 2 faced now. but in reality i think i had a right to atleast say a few things about her, i mean she laughed at me once for crying and did a lot of things a friend shouldnt do. im in a time in my life when i need a friend the most. what should i do? am i the one at fault?

I know what you're going through because I went through pretty much the same thing. But anyways, if she's going to trea tyou like this, she doesn't deserve sumone like you because apparetnyl YOU weren't the one who was wrong in this situation, SHE was. I say to start getting close to these new people, and be YOURSELF around them--that's how you'll make a good impression, because these new people will know that they can be themselves around you as well.

Hope I helped! =]



ok well my friends house burned down and i was wondering how i could raise money for him or something. anything helps. thanks


Either pailshake or tell like, the principal of your school about the situation and if they're like the principal in my school, they will help you raise money.
Or, just raise money door to door.
My last idea is to put up signs around your school and hold an event after school one day (I.E. a dance..etc) and charge around $5 for the admission fee.

Hope I helped && Good luck!
I Wish your friend luck as well.
-xOx Jam


alright, so first off i'll say i'm 13/f and I'm turning 14 in about 2 weeks. My best friend's birthday is in January, last year she didn't have a birthday party because her mom said she was too old and mature for birthday partys... well, lets say that I still want to be a kid and still throw birthday partys. I just thought about some ideas that I could have for the party. Here they are-

Hollywood theme-
everyone dresses up as a celebrity, then we have a red carpet at home where each person walks down and then they have to do what the celebrity does (example- christina aguilera- that person would have to sing) and then later do a craft project, we take cement and shape it into a star, then have each person put their hand and foot prints in, and also their signature, then let it dry and then they can keep it. Pretty fun huh?

well my question is... does this idea sound too childish? and are 14 year olds still allowed to have birthday partys? I really dont want my friends to go home after this party, saying "Oh my gosh, she threw a party that 7 year olds would!" I want a party that makes my friends say "WOW! That was amazing!" but still think I'm not childish.

oh yeah, and another idea was to split everybody into teams, then tye-dye T-shirts with team names, then play night games that have teams included... then when everybody is cold, we make a bon-fire and make 'smores. Does that seem too childish to you people for a 14 year old??????


LOL, that's amazing. I just turned 14 too, and my mom said that I was too old to have a b-day party too.

ANYWAYS, The hollywood theme seems really coool-except for the craft part. That part is really cool, but I'm not so sure that everyone would really rave about the whole idea.

I personlaly think that the splitting everyone into teams with the tye dye shirts woudl be UBERLY cool. MMMM S'mores =] sounds deliciousss. LOL.

That's my ideas.
Hope I helped! And have fun!

If you have any questions, leave me something in my inbox and I'll be happy to help! :)



What is up with these 13 yr olds and getting pregnant/asking for advice about fingering and sexual things like that. wtf is our world coming too.When I was 13 I was still playing coodies with the guys next door or riding my bike around the neighborhood. Gahsh by the time I turn 30, 5 yr olds will be worried about sex. WTH

I agree, it's gross. They're making a bad name for themselves. I definitely think it's the media, but nonetheless, 13 year olds should still be playing tag ;]

& yeah, 5 year olods are gonna start being pregnant



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