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hey I need help. I'm 13 and my friend likes this guy I like and we were best buds now I hate her. She thinks she should be the only one to have a boyfriend and she thinks i'm to shy to talk to him. HELP!!! ps i'm a girl LOL (link)
boys shouldnt become a friend, and if in her eyes boys do.. then she isnt a good friend. its most likely that you arent going to marry this boy so try not to get so hung up on him talk to her and maybe even tell him that you like him, you never know he could like you instead of your friend. hope i helped =)

Hey yawl i have a question,ok here it in the popular group (not to be conceited)but my friends are too and well they kindof get on my nerves sometimes.they brag alot,and they think they are all that and that they are the best things in the world.and they r really bossy.oh yeah we are all girls.and they are always always annoying me.should i tell them how i feel?or let them keep on? thanx Haley (link)
tell them how you feel. i know how you feel its the same way with my friends. all they talk about is how pretty they are. if you arent comfortable telling all your friends how you feel you could tell your closet friend out of all of them. she could maybe stop or tell them to stop. what i hate that my friends do is they tell each other they are all pretty, but then they go to one of us and she they arent. just make sure you dont do that because that is rude.

Okay I have this friend and she has been my friend for about a year. Anyway she is like always bugging me she never shuts up and she always bugs me and my boyfriend. She is always trying to get us to do things, and she makes us on the sims 2 and made me get pregnant on the game and him have an affair with the maid. I mean she is a really good friend but she is always like butting in to our relationship and it gets on me and my boyfriends nerves. I just wish that she could but out of me and my boyfriends relationship. My boyfriend thinks that she likes to try to make us do stuff because she can't get a boyfriend.
Please Help Me
(*)Haleigh Ann(*) (link)
she might be jealous of you. i mean now that you have a boyfriend do you spend as much time with her as you used to? she could be jealous of your boyfriend (not in that way) but because you spend more time with him than with her. you should even try telling her that you dont like what she does and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

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