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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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i no this is an innocent question but, wat is materbation?

ok so its when a girl masturbates that means she like either fingers herself or takes lets say a brush handle or something like that and acts like its a penis and shoves it in and out of her vangina. and for a guy have you heard or jack off or jerk off? if u have then thats what it is. a guy acts like his penis is goin through the girls vagina my rubbing up and down on his penis, basicaly like krissy said giving themselves their own handjob. usualy people to do this when they haven't had sex in awhile,they want to know what it feels like, or when they are horny. hope i helped!



okay- so heres what I see.

I see all of thse girls, and some guys, asking about Sex. will I get pregnate this way, what about this.

and i always answer saying, you should wait, what if you get pregnate, and a whole bunch of stuff to think about like money parents will he leave you- just to name a few.

then the rest of the questions i see are either:
i think i am pregnat, we used a condom and it broke, i dont want to tell my parents, what should i do.


i got pregnat and my boyriend left me.

its so horrible!!

I dont believe in Sex before marrage or abortion!!

anyone follow me and agree with me on this??

anything else- leave on in my inbox!!


i agree!!just let them be it was their stupid decision...your right do do it until after marrige!right on!


is it normal for females to discharge everday?

yes yes it is it justa way to clean your body!hope i helped!


Okay, I'm 14/f and i love boys to death, but lately i've been very attractive to my best friend and she's 13/f.My friend and i have experimented 3 times and we've both liked it. When we get intimate with each other we never think of guys either it's strange. I'm not attracted to any other girls. I feel that if she doesn't like me back when i tell her how i feel about her i will get over it and go back to guys again. I've never had a liking for woman just my best friend. Does this mean i'm bisexual or i'm confusing my feelings with "FRIENDSHIP LOVE." Help a girl out!!

ummm....your bisexual


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