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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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hey,i was wondering,were do you get the Panasonic EH2511 for blackheads?can you get it at cvs or wallmart? thanks!

I got mine at Ulta.

I'm not sure if it is at CVS or WalMart.

Maybe check on the internet?
Cause it depends on the area that you are in, to know what supplies is in which store.

Hope you find it!


I have acne and whenever I wash my face, it feels tight and starts to get dry and sometimes flakey. What's this mean? Also if it helps I just started using this face wash.

i use olay mousturizer and i have VERY sensitive skin...your face is probably sensitive too, and the wash might be breakign you out. but since we have the same problem, i will tell you my beauty secrets. ok so i use whats called biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. it gets deep in your pores and washes out all the dirt, i saw a reduce in my acne the next day after i used it. but here is the trick after you wash your face put whats called an anstringent on your face and neck(preferebly biore astringent)it makes your pores smaller and helps prevent dirt from getting into them. when you use it, it will stinga little so dont move your face much. but after its dry, put the mosturizer on it and dont touch your face. i did that and now i am acne free! hope i helped



* okay soo.. i want a new sn. heres some info about me. im a girly girl. im a brunette. i like makeup (eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara, etc). im short,lol. i like pink. i love the movie THE NOTEBOOK. and also i love the store aeropostale!!! so include any of those in a sn if ya can or want. thanks so much =)! please help! *

wow they dont know that screen names have to be 16 letters

here is some:

and if you have inside jokes you can make one out of those too.

hope i helped

♥ twstandshout32


anyone know a place to where you can get free ringtones for your cell?


So im making a bet with a friend, and if i win i get to make her do soemthing completely non sexual (and i do mean completely) and im at a loss, cant come up with anything. while your answering feel free to make suggestions for her as well, shes having trouble too.

~call a teacher and tell him hes hott

*make her eat something disgusting

`wear underwear on the outside for a whole day at skool or the mall

!make her ask out the grossest guy in school

@dive into a ditch

#walk up to a stranger and ask them if they want to go to the road ho

scream like bloody murder out on the street

moon some1

vasiline and oatmeal the principlas car


how can I get a bigger butt and boobs??

you can use padding..but i wouldnt want a big butt...but thats me!you can but the stuff at the langerey(sp?)in foleys or sumthing like that!hope i helped!


I want to have kind of a spa - afternoon at my house, maybe with 1 friend over. But I was wondering - what should we do?? I have a hot tub ..anyone have any other ideas that we could do to be pampered? Please help!! =) Thank you ..ill rate high and give feedback! put bubbles in the hot tub(you have to its so fun! :D) then manicure pedicure hair..then like if you have a parrifin spa..(its a big thing full of wax that you plug in and heatup) then you put your hands and feet in before you paint your toes and nails..then you could have an all night movie fest is she stays the night(if)hope i helped!


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