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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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Okay heres where ill start. I'm a pretty girl whos fun to be around and nice to everyone. I asked about a guy named A who was new. So him and me are always looking at each other and I can sense chemistry between and attraction. The thing is today i had straightened my hair and it was getting frizzy so I put it up and than took it down and he smiled and said I like it better down and I just giggled and aww thanx. Than my friends were like ask him out but i didnt. soo he starts talking to this pretty girl named Ceci and I was like confussed.

Does this means he likes her or does he like me or should I hang out with him or what?

And the popular tough pretty girls at my school like him so I'm scared of getting beat up too.
What do I do about that

First off he is probably trying to make you jealous by talking to this other girl. If you really like him then i say you should go for it, i mean you only live once. So what if he says no, it's not like you are gonna die or anything. You should most definately hang out with him and flirt more and more.As for the "popular" girls tell them to fuck off. I mean really they are just a group of girls who put make-up on like a whore and go around hugging people. Haven't you noticed that? lol If you don't want to say fuck off then say "Psh! Your just mad cause your a whore and I'm cute and cuddly!So back off." Although i doubt if you go out with him that they will bother you about it.

Hope i helped!

AIM ScreenName-PiNkGangsta001


(Rating: 5) I'll keep ya posted haha thanx

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