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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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I have a friend who has a pretty hard life.She lives with her dad,grandma and older brother.Today we were all at her house and she said f*** and her grandma walked in and started hitting her in the face.My friend tried to block her but her grandma pulled her arm away and smacked her dead on in the face.My friend got so mad that she threw her cd player and then she said "Im out of her" so of course we followed her and when she opened the door her grandma pull her by the arm and starting hitting her again.My friend pounched the wall and walked out and there was a hole in the wall.She was afraid that her dad was going to beat her when he found out and she was sooo scared.What should I do to help her out??Ill rate high for any answer!!

dont feel safe? call kidchat....1-888-kidchat...thats what schools are always telling us to do....and seriously if her own grandmother hits her that is not right tell her she could also call child protective services, they would take away the abusive parents and if the brother isnt abusive then she may get to live with him. but like all the other answers yes get a counserlor even though sumtimes they arent the best answer, because they are told not to get attached so they really just listen to them and cant really do much...they might as well appear "Dead". but yes you have tot alk to your friend maybe even inform your parents? and maybe help her hide for awhile while she calls for help. but a trusted adult figure should be informed. sorry for the length..

hope i helped


god bless her too


(Rating: 5) Thank you

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