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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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okay- so heres what I see.

I see all of thse girls, and some guys, asking about Sex. will I get pregnate this way, what about this.

and i always answer saying, you should wait, what if you get pregnate, and a whole bunch of stuff to think about like money parents will he leave you- just to name a few.

then the rest of the questions i see are either:
i think i am pregnat, we used a condom and it broke, i dont want to tell my parents, what should i do.


i got pregnat and my boyriend left me.

its so horrible!!

I dont believe in Sex before marrage or abortion!!

anyone follow me and agree with me on this??

anything else- leave on in my inbox!!


i agree!!just let them be it was their stupid decision...your right do do it until after marrige!right on!


(Rating: 5) Thanks! its just so horrible! I feel bad, for the babies really, and for the girls who have their lives changed for ever! the guys- they got what they wanted and left!!! urgh!

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