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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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Gender: Female
Location: Texasss
Occupation: student
Age: 14
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well i need help really fast! Me and This kid (well call him MaX) well we like each other alot.. but his ex girlffriend still lykes him.. and me and his ex are friends.. no one knows we like each other.. but i am not sure what to do.. stay friends with him.. or go out wit him and possibly loose a friendship ( i think she still likes him 2) ErR.. just helLp really fast (and Him and This girl he went out wit only went out for a weEk)
in need of him!

if she is a good friend then she will be cool...and she doesnt know that you know that she might still like i say just ask him out..i mean his ex cant do anything if she didnt know that you know what i mean(sorry kinda cunfuzzling)so ask him out she will be cool if she is a good friend.hope i helped!Good Luck!


(Rating: 5) hey! just 2 let u kno! thanks for the great advice.. i talked 2 her first...and at first she was like umm i'd be sort of mad.. but you two can still go out then "MAX" talked to her and straightened things out.. and now me and "MAX" are goin out! hehe! she wasnt mad! thanx

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