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Hey. I'm Allison. Ask me a question any time :] I'm always glad to help :D

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Gender: Female
Location: Texasss
Occupation: student
Age: 14
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my bf is gone to vegas for a week and i hvaent talked to him 4 2 weeks i dont know what could have happened in vegas. he told me to email him everyday and that he would email me back i emailed like he said and he emailed me back once and on the email he told me a "a hot chick offered him a lap dance" no i know i am supposed to trust him which i do but i dont trust those others girls and when he drunk a lot of stuff can happen. i cant call him because his siter hates me and will yell at me so what should i do? should i worry?

hey sry if this is a little late but if he gets drunk alot and e-mailed u only about a lapdance then he probably got it..sorry to say it but i would totaly dump him unless you can totaly and completely trust him just follow your heart and you will make the right choice.


(Rating: 5) thanks and i will

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