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One thing I LOVE to do is to analyze dreams. Just tell me about a dream you had, and I'll help you understand what it means. :)


hey. i have a bf and im not supposed to. so he leaves me comments and stuff. and my sisters have a myspace and i dnt want them to see the comments hes leaving cus they will tell my mom that i have a bf. is there anyway i can like hide my comments just from certain people but not to all my friends? haha i doubt there is but can u give me some suggestions. thanks

There's no way to hide your comments from just certain people. You could always delete your sister from your friends list and block her. Or you could delete her and then set your profile to private.

If you don't want to delete her, there is a way you can hide all of your comments. But they will not appear to anyone but you. It is a code you copy and paste into the very end of the "Who I'd Like To Meet" section.

Here's the link for the code:



any good sites besides myspace to meet new people?

Xanga.com, VampireFreaks.com, deviantart.com(if you're an artist), blogger.com, livejournal.com.
I sugguest Vampire Freaks, the people are very nice on there, but if you don't like "gothic" people, then it may not be a good idea.


ok if anybody ahs buddy4u tell me this!!!
how do i change my sn. i dont want my real one there. i want the one for my buddy4u sn. so that htey im me there and not on my real one. lol k kthnkx =D

Alright, you just go to "Edit Profile." At the top, there's a section and it says, "Username, AIM Screenname, and Email Adress." You just go to AIM Screenname and backspace out your screenname. I don't really think buddy4u has an Instant Messaging system. You can only talk through AIM or you can talk by leaving messages back and forth in people's guestbook.

If you really feel the need to IM with people on Buddy4U, you can make a seperate AIM screenname just for people on Buddy4U to IM you. I've been on Buddy4U for 3 years, so hope I helped and look me up sometime: NovemberRain.


My myspace bullitens arent showing anymore it says the last one was posted yesterday at 3:30 and i know thats not true why are they not showing will it fix by it self?

That happens to me too. It just takes some time for them to show up. Myspace is under construction right now, I've been getting alot of those "Unexpected error" things. So don't worry about it.


I have to sing the solo "L'ho Perduta, Me Meschina!" from "Le Nozze Di Figaro" by Mozart and the trouble is, I've lost the sheet music! Does anyone here know where you can download sheet music for free? I have to go in a couple of hoooooursssss......

Lâ??ho perduta, me meschina!
Ah chi sa dove sarà?
Non la trovo. Lâ??ho perduta.
Meschinella! Ecc.
E mia cugina? E il padron,
cosa dirà?

is that what you looking for? If not, sorry, you can just google it. I don't think you can download the exact sheet music, you have to buy it. I hope I helped! Have fun at the concert!



I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good backrounds for a vampirefreaks.com profile.



^on fantasy backgrounds, they have some skulls and stuff. You might like that.


how do you add a comment box to your webpage?

try going to http://MyShoutBox.com


Does anyone know of a site that explains "in detail" how to frame on a webpage ??
thanks ..

Hey- uh sorry I posted that thing earlier with the songs...it was for another question someone had asked but you didn't have to get that mad. Last night I was up late at a play and I'm really tired today. Obviously you could tell that my message wasnt intentionally supposed to be for your board so you didn't have to rate me. Wow...your mean..


I have a myspace website, and I want to put music on the webpage, does anyone know a website, where i could get some music to put on it ??






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