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how old do you have to be
in Illinois
to get your nose pierced.
and how bad does it hurt
and for how long after does it hurt?


I was 13 when I got my nose pierced. I think that in most states, you can be 13+ if you have your parent's permission, and they have to be there when you get it pierced. When I had mine done, I had to bring my birth certificate, my yearbook, and my mom's driver license. This is just so they can prove that you are really who you say you are, and that the adult that's with you is really your parent. Depending on where you gte it pierced, they may or may not make you do this.

Other places, you have to be 16+ to have your nose pierced.

It doesn't hurt that bad. But they do use a needle. (It's not like getting your ears pierced with the gun, they have to use a needle.) Basically what they do is, push the needle through your nose, let it hang there for a few seconds, and then slip in the nose ring.

Since your nose is soft, it doesn't hurt that bad, but you are going to want to close your eyes. It's really over in 5 seconds, if you stay still and calm. (You have to stay still or else they could mess up if you move...)

Another thing is that you could possibly feel sick to your stomach after you get your nose pierced. You may feel dizzy, sick to your stomach, or have trouble hearing for a few minutes. This is because when your nose is first pierced, it hits some kind of nerve that is connected with your brain. Sorry if I'm freaking you out, but you should be alright if you drink something sugary (like a Snapple) right after you get it pierced.


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