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So, lately my laptop won't let me click. For ex. I go onto Google and it won't let me click on the links. If I right click though I can 'open in new tab' which doesn't always work.

And this thing called 'sonar' always pops up and says a potential threat has been detected. and I always click block this file/behavior. And if I sign in to like watt pad, I can't. It won't let me create a new chapter b clicking 'new chapter'.

And I can't sign in!!! The place where you put in like the 'www.blababla' stuff is always blocking the sign in. My dad cleaned it with sonar, but apparently it hasn't fixed the clicking problem.

I have a windows 7 I got on august 8th early for my birthday. I have to admit I've been downloading songs PREVIOUSLY!

but haven't done so since. My laptop updated on November 1st or 2nd

. I think it's 2010 or whenever was the latest thing for windows 7.

Please help :( and Im only 13 so saying big words is difficult. lol. but, I really need help!

Btw, whenever I go on extragram this thing 'used' to pop up when I signed in and it said 'email bla bla subscribe.' you know, usual and it won't let me exit or press continue!

I refreshed, reloaded and retried. Only reason why i work's is cuz i used my ipod. Thanks in advance! Please list instructions btw.
theymos's answer:
You should really find someone "in real life" who can look at the computer. It's hard to debug something like this over the Internet.

Try running this anti-malware software:

I'd also try stopping processes from running at startup. One of them might be causing the problem.

It's also possible that your mouse button is just broken.


I'm not sure if this is your kind of area but whatever...

Ever since last night, all Youtube videos that have ads don't load. The ads don't load, I can't skip them. I can choose if I want 1 commercial ad or some specific one, no matter what I choose it does not load the ad and does not continue to the video. Any videos without ads load just dandily. I'm using Google Chrome and I don't have any ad blocking plug-ins or programs.

How do I fix this?
theymos's answer:
Try Ctrl+F5 on the YouTube page.

If that doesn't work, I'd probably try clearing all of my browser data (cookies, cache, etc.). Also clear flash cookies if that doesn't work.


My computer is missing a lot of programs that we used to have. It won't download anything and I can't access any of the programs I have on my computer.Will it work if I wipe out my computer & re-install windows vista?
theymos's answer:
It won't help if your hard drive is broken, as I suspect.



Every time I click on something on my computer a thing pops up saying:"Please choose the program you want to open with this file". It has adobe reader, internet explorer, quicktime & itunes, when I click on any of them, something pops up saying "view your downloads" , we can't download anything. It says that the program I need to download might not be on the computer? I'm using windows xp. Evertime I clock on any program in my computer something pops up saying "choose what program you want to open this with." or I might not have the right program. I can't get on windows media player, control panel, adobe reader, etc. I can't download or anything. What is wrong? How can I fix this?
Please help me!!! I can't download anything on my computer and I don't know why.
theymos's answer:
That sounds like something is seriously wrong. I doubt it's just a problem with the file associations -- it sounds like the programs themselves are also missing. I'd guess massive disk corruption.

Make sure your data is backed up ASAP.

Can you open things like Adobe Reader or Windows Media Player directly, without double-clicking a file? If you can, it might just be a software problem. If not, I think you'll need a new computer or repairs on this one.


I bought a new laptop and it came with a free 1 month Norton Internet Security program and it is about to run out. What program would you recommend to replace it? I'm willing to spend a bit of cash (maybe around $100 at most) because I've had horrible experiences of not protecting my computer.
theymos's answer:
Microsoft Security Essentials:


I want to know how to position your scroll box to the right side of your page. Codes like " and "float:right" do not work. Is there any other code that might suit on positioning your scroll box on a page? Including that the scroll box doesn't show behind an image on your page, but on top of the image.
theymos's answer:
I don't know what scroll box you're talking about, but usually you can just wrap whatever it is in . Like:

Whatever you want to float right.


What is Internet Security software currently in the market today that consume less resources on our PCs?
theymos's answer:
I usually recommend Microsoft Security Essentials:

It's very resource-light. Probably the best free antivirus.

If you want to pay, ESET NOD32 is known for its low resource consumption and excellent detection. I've also heard good things about F-Secure.


last night my desktop icons got big and i had no way of fixing that so can you be kind enough to post me a link to what i can download to make desktop icons smaller please
theymos's answer:
Right click empty space on your desktop and click [View -> Medium Icons].


hey how do i get a video to feed for my webcam image instead of my actual live webcam looking at me? i have many cam but it wont let me play videos?
theymos's answer:
Here are a couple I found via Google:


I have been trying to uninstall UniBlue from my Computer but is keeps saying it can't be uninstalled.
theymos's answer:
Go to [start -> run] (or press WinKey+R) and run this:
In the "services" and "startup" tab, uncheck anything that looks like it might be related to UniBlue. Then restart. It will hopefully not run automatically any more. You don't have to worry too much about leaving it installed -- it won't hurt anything as long as it doesn't ever run.


I have a laptop its an hp runs on windows 7, i do look at porn and i have been for a while but ive always had antivirus because i tried every free trial out there now i'm out of free trails and i still look at porn but i always delete my history but ever since the antivirus was gone my computer always lags i cant watch a video ANY video from youtube ect longer that 5 mintues because my computer starts sounding like a broken record and the video keeps pausing and slowing down and i cant listen to music for a long time either of my computer starts acting up the music starts sounding slow and stuff and i have a free malware(not antivirus) thingy that is called spybot and it scans everything and sometimes i look at the details of whats its scanning and its
"running bot check 2224/1297978-internet"
for example im guessing that means it scanning the internet well the whole point of this explanation is that sometimes it says
"running bot check 1399/1297978-pornhb"
or "running bot check 1398/1297978-PORNxx"
i always delete my history and cookies cache whatever but obviously porn is still somewhere in my computer but the problem is i dont know where because thats all the scan specifies it doesnt say where it is.I am planning to stop looking at porn on my computer because i know its what is making it slow and sometimes it even makes my internet mess up whenever im not even looking at it and says i have no internet and i have to restore the computer at least twice a day and it goes back to normal, so how can i remove this from my computer or where would it be or is an antivirus my only option the only reason i don't go ahead and install one is because im broke right now...Any thing will help guys sorry for the long message just wanting to put as much detail as possible for better understanding hopefully.
theymos's answer:
Don't pay attention to Spybot's text. It lists all the things it's checking for, regardless of whether they're actually on your computer.

Use a Portable Firefox installation to hide your surfing activity:
This also will help isolate the undesired addons/malware you're downloading.

You probably have some malware on your computer. Try running http://www.malwarebytes.org/ . Also make sure you uninstall all of the non-functioning antivirus programs, as well as all other programs you don't actually use. If that doesn't help, post here:


Alright im about to start my own computer business and i need a contract that explains everything i do not want to miss anything well its going to be a computer repair business and do not want to be screwed if i have legal issues so can someone help me it would be greatly appreciated
theymos's answer:
The only safe thing to do is contact a lawyer.


I'm currently using a Macbook Pro and am trying to listen to my friend's radio show, which is throug this link:

From: http://www.wnzd.com

But it says quicktime can't support it and when I click "listen now" I just get a blank black screen.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
theymos's answer:
VLC can play it:
Go to [Media -> Open network stream] and input the isumedia.ilstu.edu/wznd URL.

Quicktime can probably play the actual audio stream, but the site is using "ASF Playlist" format, which is quite obscure. I have created a replacement file, which should work better. Try the first link, and send both links to the publisher if it works:
The publisher should just host this file somewhere on the site and link to it instead of the "isumedia.ilstu.edu/wznd" URL. No special configuration is necessary.

Tell me if they actually use my version...


Ok so my parents are getting me my own computer for school. The computer will be used for homework (writing papers) and the sims 2. How much spac do you think I need? Would 4gb be enough?

Sims 2 games system requirements need thi space..
Ram: 256 mb or more
Hard drive: atleast 5.5gb of free space.

What's a good computer brand at a good price?
theymos's answer:
4GB is almost nothing these days. You will not be able to run The Sims 2, or pretty much any modern game. It's possible a computer with that amount of space is running Linux instead of Windows (look at the specs); this is not a good idea for you.

I would not consider a computer with less than 40GB of storage unless I was truly using it only for web browsing and word processing. (They're called NETbooks for a reason.) Not only will audio/video take up a lot of space, but the computer will probably not be powerful enough to play HD video.

I've heard good things about Lenovo notebooks. I've never owned one, though.


How do I close my unInstallShield? I get a message saying, "Setup has detected that unInstallShield is in use. Please close unInstallShield and restart setup. Error 432"
theymos's answer:
That could be a lot of things. I'd Google "Setup has detected that unInstallShield is in use" and try every solution several pages deep.

If none of that works, you can use this to "force" the removal:
Then delete the program's folder in "C:\Program Files"


I am a victim of internet fraud and i want that website to be banned and to be shut down. to whom i will ask for help?
theymos's answer:
If you can prove that the fraud happened, you can complain to the people providing Internet service to the site. At least two different companies can shut the site down: their host and their domain registrar.

You can find out who is hosting the site here:

Their domain registrar is among the information listed here:
Most of this information is supposed to be about the actual owner of the site, but this info can be easily faked. The company listed next to "registrar" or "registration service provider" is the one you want to complain to.

Additionally, both of those links above will list the site's "name servers". If these name servers are:
- Different from the fraud site itself
- Not one of the services above that you already complained to
Then you can complain to them, also. Just Google them to find their site or some contact information.

When contacting these companies, reference the parts of their terms of service and/or acceptable use policy (TOS/AUP) that the fraud website actually broke. These terms will be linked somewhere on the companies' sites. If the fraud site didn't break any part of the terms of service, then you shouldn't even bother complaining, since there is almost no chance that the companies will do anything in that case.




I have firefox installed into my laptop but lately for the past week or so the browser hasn't been working. (I'm currently using another computer) So basically I can't use the internet at all I also can't go onto the internet to download a different browser. I have wireless connection however when I bought the laptop to my parents house whom have their own connection the browser still didn't work. I've already tried restoring the computer and I have virus protection on it and after 3 scans it said no viruses found.

Any suggestions?
theymos's answer:
You can run Internet Explorer by going to [start -> run] (or press WinKey+R) and typing this:

If Internet Explorer is also broken, you can download another browser (Opera) like this:
- Go to "Run" (as I mentioned before).
- Run "cmd". A command prompt will open.
- Type these commands in sequence (press enter after each one):
ftp -A ftp.opera.com
cd pub/opera/win/1060/en
lcd C:\
get Opera_1060_en_Setup.exe

The installer for Opera will then be downloaded to C:\. This might take a while, and FTP will *not* give you any sort of feedback until it's done downloading.

These types of problems are almost always caused by malware. Run these scans:


I was wondering if it is possible to get free downloads straight from somewhere for your iPod Nano without having to download all of these programs to convert or sign up and pay for downloads.
theymos's answer:
It's possible for a site to do that, but I don't know of any.


hi there.

I have been unable to make a music CD with this software, because every time I move an MP3 into the bottom window, I get an error report saying that files of this type are not supported

In the ***\InfraRecorderPortable\App\InfraRecorder\Codecs folder I have installed the file irLame.irc which is 389,120 bytes, created 04 July 2010, 14:42:31 and modified 14 March 2007, 22:26:24, but this has made no difference. the MP3 file is fine (plays with all my software, and can be written to an audio CD with Nero happily)

Any advice would be gratefully received
theymos's answer:
That is a very old version. Try the newest version:

Did I hotlink to that version somewhere?


hi, i dont have like any money so my plan for my best friends graduation is to a dvd of all the videos we have ever made and put them all into one or two discs, problem is, idk which program to use. Windows DVD maker takes three days to attempt to load a video, then says error, roxio burn doesnt work either. i was hoping someone could tell me of a FREE dvd burning program, thanks in advance :)
theymos's answer:
Use DVD Flick:
If necessary, use Windows Movie Maker to join images and stuff into a video file.

If you don't need to play the DVD in a DVD player, just use ImgBurn in "write files/folders to disk" mode to burn the video file to disk. Because the compression that "playable" DVDs must use is terrible, you will be able to fit a lot more data on the disk if you do it this way.



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