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Hello, I'm theymos (Michael). I specialize in computer questions. I will usually not answer other types of questions.Over 2000 questions answered, for great justice. I am very experienced with Windows XP and Vista, I know enough about Linux to use it well, and I've never used a Mac in my life.

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What would happen to my 1996 chevy tahoe if i took out the fuse for the PRNDL (park, reverse, neutral, drive, low), Automatic Transmission, Speedometer, Check Gauges, and Warning lights. its all on one fuse
theymos's answer:
Everything the fuse is connected to wouldn't work. It might start, it might not, you'd have to check. It won't explode or anything.


Ok, I've heard about the guy who drove his car across America on fryer oil. My question is, what did he have to do to the oil before he put it in his car?

theymos's answer:
You just have to take the waste bits out with a coffee strainer. Nothing else is needed. However, using strained fryer oil will eventually damage the engine unless it's processed further. Take a look at:

This only works in diesel engines.


I'm working on convincing my parents to get me a car. Can anyone tell me a website which tells me the safest cars that are currently on the market (my parents are really big on safty)

Thanks so much!!
theymos's answer:
Here's Consumer Report's April edition, with reports on a bunch of vehicles:
I believe it includes a safety rating. The file is a PDF, so open it with adobe pdf reader:
Send me a private question if the link doesn't work for you, I'll upload it somewhere else.


i like old volkswagen vans
but i have a question
do they have anything to do with hitler?
theymos's answer:


Me and my bf dated for 21 months and then we broke up because we needed to work things out (hes in his first yr of college 45 min. away) and im a jr. we fought alot so we thats what were working on. Anyways i have a formal dance coming up on friday and he told me he'd come but now he's not. I know this for a fact cuz someone told me and he hasnt called me yet to tell me that he isnt coming. How do i react? Im very hurt by this and its in 4 days and he hasnt called yet to tell me this....

i really want him to go

and please dont say well maybe he is going and that person is wrong. cuz i know that person is telling the truth

what do i say? how do i react?
theymos's answer:
You asked this question to me only, and I'm not good at this type of advice. If you want to ask everyone, click "get advice" in the upper left. Also, you clicked "submit" twice, causing your question to be posted twice.

The best thing you can do in this situation is call HIM and ask him about it.



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