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What does the bible say about homosexuality and being sent to H*ll? It just doesn't seem fair that all gays and lesbians can't go to Heaven, especially because God loves EVERYONE. Some people are just born that way and can't help it.
And what about people that are in such an isolated community, that they've never been exposed to God's word or people that don't know Christianity exists? What about them?
And in the old testament, doesn't it say crazy things like, it's okay to rape a woman as long as you marry her afterwards? And if someone hits you, you can chop off their hand, or something like that. That's just...crazy!
Why would God tell someone to put that in the Bible?
What are your thoughts on this? Can someone please clear up the rumors I've heard? Thankyou! Maybe you can recommend some scriptures, too? Thanks, again!
theymos's answer:
"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."
Leviticus 20:13

"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind"
1 Corinthians 6:9

Every word of the Old Testament is the word and intent of God. Jesus said:
"(18)Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
(19)Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
(20)For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 5:18-20

You must believe in the Old Testament to believe in the New Testament: Jesus said that the old laws will always apply. And if you choose to ignore one thing that Jesus said, why should you believe anything he said?


any recommended wicca/witchcraft books i'd like to get back to my roots. people with expierience only please. Thanks!
theymos's answer:
Maiden Moon:


I have to do an interview with somebody that is a Wiccan. The only problem is I do not know anyone and I have nobody to ask.

Are any of you Wiccan, and if so, can you please fill out a list of questions for me?

What does WICCA stand for?

Where and when did the brief in WICCA begin?

Since the Cross in the Catholic church has a symbolic meaning, what is the background of the pentagram?

Do you have things like the Ten Commandments?

What exactly do Wiccans believe in? Who do they follow?

How do go about becoming Wiccan?

Since Wiccans believe in witchcraft, do they believe there is some way they could bring the dead back?

What do Wiccans believe happens to you when you die?

Please leave your first name and state, thank you so much :]
theymos's answer:
Read the Wikipedia article:
And also this book (PDF):
It contains detailed information about the history leading up to modern Wicca, and also information about getting started in it.


How can one really tell when an astral is actually (No rude answers)?
(1) How can one tell if an astral projector is actually communicating with a non-astral when they are visiting the non-astral. People have told me to reach out to the astral, but how. I mean how do I know if it is really the astral speaking to me and it is not my imagination. PLEASE GIVE DETAILS. I AM THE NON-ASTRALOk the problem is that I cannot ask the men who are astralling to me how they are communicating with me and what they said, because I dont think they will admit to me they are astralling to me.

(2) AND can the astral have s*x with the non-astral anytime the astral wants to
theymos's answer:
The claimed properties of astral projection differ depending on whom you ask. Some say that it's only possible to project to an entirely different plane, some say that you can project to this plane but interaction with anything here is impossible, and some say that it is possible to interact with this plane. The latter belief is by far the minority. Having the power to be incorporeal at will makes one nearly omnipotent, and imbalances the universe. Cosmologies must have a balanced universe to be believable.

So you have to figure out which source of astral projection information you believe in, and ask them.


What is your favorite quote?
theymos's answer:
"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." -Mae West

This question has been asked before:


Apparently, some people are offended by Christmas trees in public areas because it is a Christian thing (or so they say). I heard some people talking about this in the WalMart here today. I'm really confused about why someone would be offended by Christmas trees, even if they weren't Christian.

Does the Bible even mention anything about Christmas trees relating to Christianity though?

I, personally, don't see Christmas trees as religious and I just can't understand why someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas would be offended by a Christmas tree. So, this now has me thinking about how the tradition of Christmas trees actually happened. Someone told me that Christmas trees aren't Christian at all and that they came from something called Pagan. What is true about Christmas trees?

Can someone shed some light on this, please?
theymos's answer:
Wikipedia covers this topic extensively:


mmkay well I know that no one really likes to talk about political things because it brings up a lot of contreversy. But I feel like I'm confused with my political party status. So if you could..could you help me by giving me information on all the political parties in the U.S. (like their beliefs and what they live by)? So that way it'll be easier for me to determine which political party I belong to. Thanks so much,

Michelle Monster
theymos's answer:
Take the test here:

Then go here to compare your position on the political compass to candidates from the democratic and republican parties:
Blue dots are democrats. Red dots are republicans. The only green dot is from the Green Party. Libertarian candidates aren't shown, but they would be far center bottom.


I am a Wiccan, and I believe (just not completely). I have I Wiccan spell book, and it says I need to completely believe in it, before it will work. I was taught not to believe in magic, but I have started to believe (but not enough to get the spells to work). Can anyone help me believe completely?
theymos's answer:
I highly recommend you read this book about Wicca:
(download button near the bottom)
It's the best, most unbiased, and most accurate overview of Wicca I know.

Most "spell books" you find in libraries and book stores are entirely fictional. They take the most appealing elements of Wicca, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. and mash it all together. These "new age" Wiccan books are terribly far from what Wicca originally was.


what religion is Obama, Clinton, and McCain?? thank you very much :)
theymos's answer:
Every US president has been Christian. You would know if they weren't; it would be a big deal. Unfortunately, such a candidate would probably not get elected because of it.

As for denomination, Obama is Protestant, Clinton is Methodist, and McCain is Baptist.


All are vegetarian
Reincarnation & rebirth are the same.
Buddha beat himself.
Buddhists worship Buddha.
all Buddhists are monks

what are the truths to these myths?
theymos's answer:
-Yes, but Buddhists prefer the term rebirth
-Yes, for a time. He eventually decided that it was not useful, though.
-Not usually.


what are eveangelical christians? not sure if i spelled it right. how are they different from other divisions of christianity?
theymos's answer:
They believe strongly in Christianity and try to convert others. They can be of any denomination.


I am not Christian, but an answer from Christians or non-christians will work. Why is it that many things in the bible tell you to do and believe things that in America are illegal and also seem VERY immoral and hateful. I thought we were supposed to love our neighbor as ourself? For instance; deuteronomy 21:18-21; it is saying basically to kill teen girls for no reason; and Exodus 35:2; it is saying that if you work on sabbath or sunday then you should be killed; also deuteronomy 22:13-21; it says that girls that are not virgins when they marry are to be killed, what about rape? and plus, just because someone makes a mistake they should be killed? I am so confused. I was once Christian but not anymore...
Thanks for your advice, if you can answer these...
theymos's answer:
Christians are confused, too. I have never met a Christian who has actually read the bible. They take their minister on his word, and the minister only talks about the handful of good things the bible says.

Here is a list of similar things in the bible:
Christians' most prevalent argument is that the old testament doesn't count, but as pointed out on that list, Jesus himself said that it *does* apply.

(Don't visit any other page on the site linked above, or any part of the page other than the section pointed to. You will not find any related articles, and no matter who you are you will be offended. That is the only place where this compilation exists, so I had to link you to it.)

So even if the Christian God does exist, he is evil. His bible is a book of hate.


What would I be called if I believed in God (singular), but didn't recognize any sort of prophet or holy book?

theymos's answer:
If you mean what you said, then the answer would be no religion; every religion has sacred texts, and most have prophets; you will not find a single exception. In that case you would be called Agnostic by most people; the more accurate term would be "Abrahamic monotheist" if you believe in the Christian God, and "Non-Abrahamic monotheist" if you don't.

If, however, you mean to say, "What is a religion that believes in a single God, but is not Jewish, Islamic, or Christian?", then the answer would be:
-Certain kinds of Hinduism
-The Bahá'í Faith

The Bahá'í Faith believes in many prophets, but I think you would be most comfortable with them.

Sikhism is very different than Abrahamic religions, but it is closest to what you describe.


Is it possible to die in your dream? My brother told me that in his psychology class, his teacher said that it's impossible to die in your own dream, and if you do, it means you are dead. My friends are all "No way I've died in my dream before," but I don't believe them because I don't think you can be alive and dream about being dead and actually know what it feels like. Every time that I've had a dream where I was going to die, I would wake up the split second before I died. In one dream, I was in a car, and it went off a cliff, and right before I hit the bottom, I was crying and then I woke up with tears in my eyes. Also, how come I woke up with tears in my eyes from that dream?
theymos's answer:
**This is my 2000th answer!!!**

Yes, I have died in my dreams. Many times. My dreams are usually from a third person perspective(I look down on myself), so when I die I see myself die. The dream usually ends soon after that, but sometimes my perspective starts following a different character in my dream for a while.

I've never died in a first-person perspective, so maybe that is rare. I doubt it's impossible.


is the devinci code fact or fiction? im wondering about the secret societies of the church? also they talk about religious history throughout the movie so i was wondering if any of it was true.
theymos's answer:
Mostly fiction, but based on fact. Some of the very major plot details were true. That's true of both the Da Vinci Code and the Bible. Jesus did not have descendants, but he did have some siblings, born after him.


are there any really good sites to learn about deja vous?

theymos's answer:


I come from a very religious family and go to a christian school.
We talked about God all the time in classes and mostly good things.
God is all about love, forgiving, a way of life.

The thing is, that we were only being tought just chosen quotes and not the hole thing.

I bumped across this site that has all those particular stuff chosen from The Bible, The Old and New Testament and I found out crazy evil stuff inside there.Horrible stuff. Of course I am not gonna argue with my parents, let them think whatever OR my friends.

This has really been a life changing experience for me, something really mind opening and a new way of life free out of human stupidity.

Stupidity that tells you "Dont be evil cause you ll burn in hell", when it should actually be more like "Dont be evil cause you shouldn t be".
Or sayings against premarital sex or "Smoking sends you to hell" and that drinking is evil.
I get drunk like twice a year, and dont feel the need to drink more and more. And by drunk I mean a little bit tipsy.
Or why is oral sex evil and immoral? What harm does it do?Its been a while since I found joy in both giving and receiving it lol...

In case you were wondering, this is the site

It talks about, slavery, in breeds (Lot) and put things in a way new perspective.

I have validated the facts from the bible.All it takes is make a little extra reading from what they tell you to read in school.And you are free to find out for yourself.

Of course I am not going to turn Muslim, the Allah religion is way more obscene and violent.
But I do believe in soul and one true god.
I also do believe in Jesus as an historical figure and share the same philosophy. All the good things he said.

But priests, school, religious people and books written by people, rules build by people (for instance oral sex.drinking,smoking) are violating Jesus work and the real Gods work.

No I dont expect Jesus to be smoking, but he was a human and a God. And there is no need for some being to expect from us to not be doing those stuff if that greater being gave us the present of life in the first place.

Do you suppose there is another sub christian party that works according to my beliefs? Of course I dont mean a church where people get drunk or something, but a church that celebrates life just as God intented instead of looking forward to death.
theymos's answer:
Good decision. If the Christian God is as depicted in the bible, then he is evil. Read this for more info:
and this for criticism of the bible and its teachings:

You can believe whatever you want without worrying about what others think. Here is a complete list of Christian denominations:
If you believe in Christ, then you're looking for a CHRISTian church. If you believe in God, but not Christ, then you're looking for an Abrahamic one. If you can't find a church that fits you, you might like to join a Unitarian Universalist church. They welcome people of all religions. You might also be interested in the Bahá'í Faith. They believe that Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. existed and offered valuable guidance.

Good luck.


What is satanism all about?
What is the point etc.

Can someone explain to me, or give me some GOOD slinks about it?


And something about satanic methods and sacrifices?

theymos's answer:
LaVey satanism(the most common type by far) doesn't involve sacrifices, nor is it associated with Christianity at all. They don't worship the Christian devil. Read this for more info:

I read LaVey's Satanic Bible, and it's very clear that it was made by LaVey to get rich. A lot like Scientology.

If you're looking for a true left-hand path religion, look at Dragon Rouge and the Temple of Set:


I want to become a witch and i just want any one to tell me anything that they actually know about the process, consequences, and benefits of it.
theymos's answer:
Read this free book, it explains everything:

That's a PDF file. If you don't have a PDF reader, download sumatra PDF:


Please. This is so important. I need a wiccan to respond to this. Me and my friend are afraid. Please, I can't describe it through this, i just need to ask a question or two. Please I'm begging you.
theymos's answer:
I know more about Wicca than most Wiccans, so if you have a question about the religion, you can ask me; if you want a "spell" cast, look elsewhere.

Remember than I can't respond to feedback or "additional info".



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