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Hello, I'm theymos (Michael). I specialize in computer questions. I will usually not answer other types of questions.Over 2000 questions answered, for great justice. I am very experienced with Windows XP and Vista, I know enough about Linux to use it well, and I've never used a Mac in my life.

While I am not nearly as active on Advicenators as I once was, feel free to send me private questions or links to interesting public questions.

I currently dual-boot XP and Vista. I use Vista primarily, with XP for games. If your problem is particularly interesting, I am able to boot into XP or even install an operating system on a spare computer.

Feel free to contact me by IM (at right) rather than or in addition to asking me questions on Advicenators. With that method, I am able to better diagnose your problem, and I can also use a special tool to take control of your computer and fix the problem for you.

My computer is nearly always on, so be aware that when my IM status is "away", it could mean "away for 10+ hours".

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Politically, what party/group/affiliation/viewpoint/whatever do I belong to?

Socially, I am a liberal. I support gay marriage, abortion (not partial birth though, they're illegal anyway), stem cell research, etc. (I do however support the death penalty.)

Economically, I am a conservative. I find government intrusion into the economy as wrong and should be kept to a minimum, I support private ownership, and I hate welfare abuse.

Other random things; I support a strict and stringent handling of illegal immigrants (deportation) but also a way to legalize those that are already here. I am anti affirmative action. If any more information is needed, request it and I'll include it in the additional info.
theymos's answer:
You are a Libertarian:

If the social issues are more important to you, vote Democrat. If the economic issues are more important to you, vote Republican. If a Libertarian is running and has a chance of winning, vote for them.


ok so i had tylenol on the schoolbus; i meant to take them in the kitchen but the bus came early. so i took them on the bus, & when my best friend got on, she was crying her back hurt so bad (she fell down the stairs the night before.) and i have to go to the schoolboard tomorrow morning, but at the school, they searched me and put me through total humiliation in front of the whole school with a drug search. (over tylenol. how gay :p) but my mom & i are pretty sure they didnt allow me some of my civil rights as a juvenile. (im 16) can anyone giveme any good virginia juvenile civil rights pages for mobile web? i cant get access to internet. so yea. any and all would be appriciated, as this is happening tomorrow at 9am. thanks!!
theymos's answer:
In a public school, you can be searched at any time for even the slightest thing that could be interpreted as suspicious. As long as they searched you in a reasonable and non-abusive manner, they're fine.

See this for more info:
While the case was based New Jersey, it went up to the Supreme Court, so the ruling applies nation-wide.


Does anyone have a link to a working on-line video of President Bush's State of the union address from tonight, January, 28th 2008?

theymos's answer:
Here is an very low-quality version:
Click "Watch PRES. BUSH SOU ADDRESS", near the top middle picture.

Realplayer or compatible is required. You can download it here:
I recommend you not allow realplayer to become the default application for your media files. It really sucks, even more than Windows Media Player.

As Nova says, you will probably be able to watch this on youtube soon.


Are cities classified in first, second and third worlds? If so, would this map http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/10/150.png look a whole lot different? (If it was based on city, not country, status?)
theymos's answer:
That map is very outdated. Egypt is a second world country, not third. Here is an updated map compiled by the UN in 2005:
(Green=first, yellow=second, red=third, grey=no data)

Cities aren't classified in that way. It wouldn't be accurate.


I just finished The Book Thief (about the holocaust/bombing) and it honestly changed my life. I want to do something about genocide and war, but I don't know what to do- I'm only 16.

I looked up Amnesty International, but they honestly do nothing but complain and write letters/petitions. Does anyone have any ideas for things I can do? Organizations that help places such as Darfur? I feel so helpless and I want to DO something...
theymos's answer:
Here's a list of organizations that help countries like that:

Check out http://www.darfurgenocide.org/ and other results at
only search advicenators.com

You can contact your representatives(you can do that, even though you can't vote yet), and form an organization at your school.

I personally think that capitalism is the root of all these horrible problems, and you might want to research capitalism and anti-capitalism. And, while it's not an activism site, you can visit http://alllla.com , a site proposing peaceful global solutions.

If you aren't happy about the existing organizations, you can create a new one. No one cares that you're 16, you can still make changes if you grab the attention of enough people. I'd be glad to host the site of such an organization(ad-free, even).


i don't understand the george bush thing and i dont want to ask google. real people give better, straightfoward answers

ok so

- he was running against al gore
- he is a republican whose father was pres before him, george bush senior

why did he win? did he get more electoral votes? i though al gore got more popular votes?

what is your personal opinion of him?
theymos's answer:
When you vote for president, you actually are voting for a representative that will cast their electoral votes. They pledge to vote for a certain candidate, and very rarely do they change their mind. Each state gets a certain amount of electoral votes. The candidate with the most electoral votes win. It worked out that Gore got the most votes overall, but less electoral votes in the end. The current system is pretty ridiculous and outdated.


Why are people not concerned with the environment? Why are people more concerned with the costs of saving our planet than the future of it? I don't understand why governments don't just unite [I know it's naive] and face the problems that we have, especially global warming. Because of global warming, the ice caps will melt, water levels will rise, and the poles will become extremely overheated, all while the population continues to increase. And no one takes action, so our children will have to suffer.

Why do people just blow it off? =[
theymos's answer:
because they're greedy capitalist bastards.



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