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Hello, I'm theymos (Michael). I specialize in computer questions. I will usually not answer other types of questions.Over 2000 questions answered, for great justice. I am very experienced with Windows XP and Vista, I know enough about Linux to use it well, and I've never used a Mac in my life.

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Okay, I've been reading a book on the Wiccan religon and have been thinking of converting to it. However, my mom is very Catholic and thinks that Wicca is evil. I don't know how to tell her I want to be wiccan without her getting mad at me. What should I do?

theymos's answer:
Don't tell her. She'll worry about you going to hell. It's best if she doesn't know, for everyone involved.

Also, I've found that the more you learn about a religion, the less you like it. If you later decide that you don't like Wicca, it'll be best if no one ever knew you did.

I highly recommend you read this book about Wicca:
(download link near the bottom)
It's the best, most unbiased, and most accurate overview of Wicca I know.


can you use your US airway dividend miles on expedia for the flight of your trip
theymos's answer:
I don't think so.


okay im sortof freaking out a bit.
my friend alex gave me a condom as a joke.
obviously im not going to use it, i'm too young.
so i hid it in my purse.
i woke up this morning to my mom looking around my room!
i think she was about to read my diary or something.
but now i'm SO scared she'll find the condom.
i didntg know what to do so i opened the condom and threw it into the road.
but now what do i do with the rapper?
wont they find it in the garbage?
aah! please help!
theymos's answer:
Take it out of the road, littering isn't nice :) . Put it in something you're going to throw away, like a box or bag, then put it into the outside garbage container(the one the truck picks up).


my brothers are ruining my computer!

my brothers, play these games, that i know have viruses because my protection stuff, tells me. and i try to tell my mom, and shes like whatever dont worry about it. i dont care if it breaks, then they cant go on it. but HELLO. what about me? i mean i hardly go on, but on rare occassion, i like to. and that tottaly isnt fair that there breaking it, and ruining it for everyone.

what should i do?
theymos's answer:
This is a neat trick that will prevent him from going on those sites. I doubt even a tech support person will be able to identify what's blocking the sites.
-Find which sites these viruses are coming from. Use the web history if you want..
-Go to start, then run. Type:
Then type this(use your drive letter if your windows drive isn't on C:):

notepad "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"

Notepad will open. At the *very bottom, on a new line* of the file that is shown type the website he's getting the viruses from on the right, and on the left. So if you don't want him to go to google, type this: google.com

This will prevent him(and you) from accessing google. It will be hilarious! Don't include http: or www. before the domain you want to block, and make sure you *save* the notepad file when you're done. Then, for this to start working, go to start>run and type:
ipconfig /flushdns
It will now block the sites. Good luck!

(Note that changing the HOSTS file could make your internet stop working, if you make an entry like: com
since eveything with a .com won't work anymore. Also, if you remove the: localhost
entry that is there when you open it, some applications might not work)



omg i went to log onto my account today when the computer starts and i clicked my username and it went right to my username! i have a password and i didnt have to type in the password.. somebody obviously changed my account and made it so i dont need a password. and whoever it was had easy access to my aim, myspace, yahoo, photobucket, and all of my accounts. it was definitely my parents snooping around. but i wanna catch them red handed so they cant deny it. whats proof that they did it besides the fact that my password was deleted? also, whoever it was deleted my history so i cant check if they went on any websites.. computer wizzes please help!
theymos's answer:
Privacy and security is very important, I put a lot of effort into securing my computer. Everyone has something to hide, and life is not meant to be transparent. BL4CKB3L7_F41RY, if you truly have nothing to hide, then I challenge you to publish your browsing history every day. If you're not comfortable with that, secure your computer; with your computer unsecured you're letting anyone see it.

On websites I use random characters as passwords, like:
These are hashed from a master password(which I use for nothing else) and the name of the site. For passwords where I don't have access to a hasher, I've memorized a series of passwords that I use. Some are longer than others, and I use a 20-digit password(composed of uppercase/lowercase, numbers and special characters) on really important things. If you do your passwords the same way I do, even if someone has access to your account, they can't do anything because you have different passwords for everything.

Windows security is very poor. It's crazy easy to break into an account, using the administrator account or a recovery service like this:
Never rely on Windows to secure your account!

If you want to see what they are doing, you can download a keylogger. This has the unfortunate side effect of recording everything you do, too. I recommend "actual keylogger":
Remember to turn it on before you leave the computer, or set it to run on startup.

Good luck!


what does the name lauren mean....or the word lauren in all different languages..
ex: in hawaian lauren the word/name means beautiful man?? any other meanings?
theymos's answer:
The name was first used in Ancient Greece, taken from the Bay Laurel plant. The wreath influential Greek and Roman people wore on their heads were laurel wreaths. You can see the story of the creation of Laurel here:
The name Lauren is associated with that story and the gods involved.


my daughter is 13 is she to young to get caught by me kiss with a guy but hes her best friend. shes never had a boyfriend. also she cusses and flips people off and just talks with her friends about sex humping and rapeing just perverted. shes just turned 13 shes shy and gothic which i hate it what should i do for her and all that stuff should she be doing.
theymos's answer:
That's all normal. Don't worry about it. You have to let her be who she wants to be, or she'll devote her life to being the exact opposite of what you want.


Ok, so my mom installed this internet filter called CyberPatrol. It's really annoying because it won't allow me on way too many sites! It pops up for the most unnecessary reasons!!! usually its for "chat", "glamour and intimate apperal" and "drugs alcohol and tobacco"!!!! I'm a 13 year old girl and this Stupid filter isn't allowing me to Chat with my friends or shop or even allow me on any websites were they even Mention the word cigarettes! Please help me! 1.tell me if you agree with me. 2. I don't want to know how to hack into cyberpatrol, but I want to know how to get my mom to be reasonable with me! Is It because she doesn't trust me? Does she think I'm gonna go on 'adult' websites? PLEASE DO NOT tell me that she just wants to 'protect' me from junk on the internet, because that's not the problem!
In short...I just want my mom to be reasonable!
theymos's answer:
I agree with you, censorship software is ineffective and unethical. Show her http://peacefire.org/censorware/Cyber_Patrol/
It explains why cyberpatrol is bad.


STORY: My friend Tricia has direct deposit for her paycheck into her bank account. Every month she gets a statement (that tells her what she has taken out as cash, what checks she wrote and the deposits) which is mailed to her home every month. Instead of taking out money for the week she takes out $20 to $25 a day. Yesterday when the statement came Tricias mother helped Tricia reconcile her bank statement and saw that Tricia wasnt taking out for the week but taking out $20 $25 every day. Her mother said; Tricia you have to budget. You really should take out for the week. You are spending more than you make; They argued about it a little bit. Later on Tricia said; mom are you telling me not to buy the jewelry I buy; Her mother replied: no I am not saying that. I am telling you to take out for the week; She told her friends the story and her friends said: Tricia your mother is not saying she doesnt want you to buy the jewelry she just doesnt want you to take out $20 - $25 a day, she wants you to take out for the entire week. MY QUESTION: DO YOU AGREE WITH HER FRIENDS?
theymos's answer:
Yes, I agree with her friends. The mother would have said the same thing if the daughter had been buying potatoes, rare coins, or gold dust; the material doesn't matter, only that she's spending too much.


I have a silly problem. It's my mother and her insipid e-mails. She forwards me all of this junk. I don't really care about the cute, cuddly pictures of kitties and bunnies. It's the political stuff that annoys me. We do not have the same political views and she is WELL aware of this. She sends me e-mails (the ones that say if you agree that communists are inviting Castro to take over the Supreme Court, forward this to 500 people immediately and if you don't, you
don't love Jesus and you need to move to France with the whole A.C.L.U.) touting political, social, and religious views I vehemently disagree with and which provoke argumentative feelings in me. I'd really love to reply to them and tell her
why it's just [baloney]. I have tried using it as a start to a serious, but civil discussion. She gets offended. I have repeatedly asked her to stop sending me this stuff. Her reply is that I can just delete them and that I should just do the "Christian" thing and ignore them. Well, it's about a weekly occurrence that I get something from her that sets me on fire, even though I have
told her point-blank that it offends me.

It's to the point where I feel like replying to each with a baudy snippet from a gay sex columnist or an article from The Onion or even a page from NARAL (abortion rights) just so she can see what it's like to be irritated by this stuff. I feel like she doesn't care or doesn't respect who I am when she does this. Another thing I've thought of is just simply blocking her e-mails. Maybe I should just chill out because she's the only mother I'll ever have and I do love her. It's just hard because I've never felt like I belonged in my family (I like to joke that I'm a white sheep in a flock of black ones) and these e-mails seem to emphasize the point.

Any advice? Thanks.
theymos's answer:
I'd start with sending opposing opinions, but don't do it just to annoy her, do it to get her to understand your views(even if she disagrees). If she reacts really bad about that then just block her. If she has something important to say she'll say it to you in person.


Ever since i was born i was always the one in the family that didn't fit in. and it's coming close to a year since my mum and dad split..for the past year, i've stuck with my mum and helped her with everything...her divorce sorting out her finances..i've even skipped school to go see her solicitor with her. And whilst that was going on, my brother was doing drugs, smoking, and drinking.
And i guess i can't cope anymore...i try so hard to please my mum, get top grades and help her out, but all she can do is favour my brother over me..my brother practically rules the house, anythings he doesn't agree with has to change and everything he wants to do he does.
So..I'm on the verge on suicide because no-one in my family can give me the time of day and i spend all my day trying to please them.
P.s no matter what happens i am cutting my brother out of my life totally..i don't care about him at all, he's a mirror image of my dad and trust me that isn't a good thing.
Any ideas on what i can do to try and make me stop feeling like this. and don't bloody recommend counselling :|
theymos's answer:
Your family doesn't matter, don't try to please them or anyone else. If you want good grades, get good grades, if you don't then don't. You should live your life according to your own wants. You'll make mistakes and poor choices, but in the end you'll be able to say that they were your choices, not someone else's; that it's your life.


I am trying to help my best friend find information, since there are so many people on this forum, I hope you might have heard of this. Her 22 year old-post college daughter (Cammy) recently broke off a stable relationship with a nice young man to date another guy who has questionable motives. Cammy saved about $2,000, and just quit her good paying job, and is giving up her apartment.

They say they are going to travel around the country with a group of people. They are giving few details and are very evasive when asked. Supposedly they are going to start in Minnesota, Wisconsin, then go to Colorado and California.They camp the entire time, and maybe get a job here and there. The boyfriend said he is going to make hemp necklaces and sell them for $10.00 to raise money for the group. Cammy recently bought a strange kind of tribal like drum to play with the group.
Supposedly the kids believe that this group is going to feed hungry people with food that they transport on a bus, something about "Yo Mamma's kitchen" It all sounds wrong! Cults try to take advantage of people by fabricating that they do good deeds for humanity.

Have you ever heard of such a group, or where could we find out more since the kids aren't talking?
theymos's answer:
It's probably just a harmless hippie commune type thing. If you want to know if it's a cult give it the cult test:



ok well where do i start. when i was 12 my dad was my gero andi loved him more than anything, then he told me that he had been an alcoholic for many years and all the nights i spent with him he was drunk. my worl came crashing down and i still dont know how to get over it. On last year on thanksgiving week he went to a rehab to get better, and he did. Now i am 13 and still love my ad very much buti t seems like all of a sudden he just doesnt care about how many months he has been sober and just recently i evesdropp on my parents convos (puh lesse who doesnt) andi heard parts were he would say "i dont want her to smell it on my breath." usualy i would talk to my mom about it but she has been lying about thiss sitchuation. i cant trust them. and now today i heard my dad downstairs and i thought he was drinking something so i told my mom and she started talking to him and of corse, i evesdropped again b/c i dont want to not know things that are going on with my dad b/c i love and care about him. well i heard her go "we cant keep lying, they know, our kids know this" I really dont know what to do rite now and please dont say talk to them about it b/c for some reason i cant, and i dont know why i usually tell them everything it is just this sbject that i cant say anything about. PLEASE HELP!
theymos's answer:
First, I think you accidentally asked just me instead of EVERYONE(since these kind of questions are not my specialty). To ask everyone, and get many answers instead of just mine, click "get advice" in the upper left corner.

The only advice I can give you is to talk to your parents. I know you don't want to, but It's the best thing you can do. The only one you can stop your father from drinking is your father. If you're uncomfortable talking to them about it directly, write them a letter or email, they'll understand.


i'm 16 and my family never listens to me when somthing happens to my younger brother(14) and sister(13) that is an accident. the other day my sister and i accidentally ran into eachother is a small hallway and she started to cry and i got grounded because i 'shoved' her into the wall. my parents never belive me because i lied 1 time about my sister having someone in her class to help her put with something that i had no idea about what her teacher wanted her to do. my brother is always beating me up and calling me fat, a hoe, and a bitch in front of my parents and he never gets in trouble even tough they watch him do it. no one in my family treats me fairly and the other day on our way home from the boling alley my parents were telling my how to fix my bowling but i told them that still had to work on throwing the ball properly and and they made me walk halfway to our house which was about 10 miles from where they kicked me out of the car. is there anyway for me to get my family to treat me better and get them to listen to me. i don't want to get taken away from my faily. i know that i'm the oldest but that doesn't mean that my family has to treat me like this. is there any way to get my family to respect me?
theymos's answer:
The government can force your family into counciling, which is the best you can hope for in your situation. Talk to your teacher, or someone else who works for the government about it.



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