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Hello, I'm theymos (Michael). I specialize in computer questions. I will usually not answer other types of questions.Over 2000 questions answered, for great justice. I am very experienced with Windows XP and Vista, I know enough about Linux to use it well, and I've never used a Mac in my life.

While I am not nearly as active on Advicenators as I once was, feel free to send me private questions or links to interesting public questions.

I currently dual-boot XP and Vista. I use Vista primarily, with XP for games. If your problem is particularly interesting, I am able to boot into XP or even install an operating system on a spare computer.

Feel free to contact me by IM (at right) rather than or in addition to asking me questions on Advicenators. With that method, I am able to better diagnose your problem, and I can also use a special tool to take control of your computer and fix the problem for you.

My computer is nearly always on, so be aware that when my IM status is "away", it could mean "away for 10+ hours".

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Here's my forum, where I keep some FAQs; I won't notice your posts on my forum for a long time. If you need something, email me.

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You might like my Free antivirus comparison, free browser comparison, and my free firewall comparison.

The picture at the top of my bio is from Ryan Terry's Portrait machine. It matches my layout well.

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So, my computer likes to crash a lot. Whenever it crashes, we lose everything. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this, though.
I used to play isketch online, but it's not working anymore. I haven't played it in a while, and I'm not sure if my computer crashed since then, or if that matters. But it's saying like click here to download plugins. So I did. Then it was like it failed. But then next to it, there was a link for manual install. I clicked it and it said it successfully installed. I went back to the site and it didn't work. How can I get it to work? Thanks in advance!
theymos's answer:
Contact me by IM:
ICQ: 214850779
AIM: theymos
Yahoo: theymos
MSN: theymos@hotmail.com

2PM or later central time, or whenever I'm online.

The problem could by any number of things, and I need to talk to you "in person" to troubleshoot it.


how do you get gum out of hair
theymos's answer:
I like the ice method.



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